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Survival: Under the crossfire

Still standing after a full frontal assault

Yo minna-san, hisashiburi da na. Ogenki desuka? Ore? Chotto warui da na…demo, shinpai surunda….”nankuruneisa” oboetoke!

It’s been a long time since I last posted something…yeah, yeah…another boring long post (before that here’s a potato)…

So what’s going on these days with my life? Under the political crossfire, the fellow Uniselian barely survived…here’s some truth that you should know about Unisel in the present time, without bias and from the perspective of the student itself (please support me if somehow I got caught due to 114A evidence act)

University of Selangor, Status: Surviving political crossfire


JNSB, a crony of the *ehem* govt. with a tender of 30 years (thanks to corruption) with the mandate from their boss are torturing the student with :-

a. Not doing any maintenance to the hostels over a long period of time

Their argument: Unisel didn’t pay them for over 17 months, workers doesn’t get paid

Counter-argument: 1.They don’t have CF for several buildings, 2.they idiotically share their payment account with Unisel, 3.they asked fees from Unisel even on holidays and also from unoccupied buildings, 4.why on earth does the worker even work for 17 straight month (isn’t it illogical that they work for free when they don’t get paid??). Why on earth do they start to complaint only when it’s near the general election??

b. Starving the students, so that the students blame the state government instead

How they do it: By forcefully closing the food stalls in front of the FCSIT building, near the hostels.

How they benefit from it:1.Students are forced to either eat at the overpriced and unsanitary cafe (which have worms inside their foods) 2.The mini market at the cafe can charge students according to their will for any foodstuffs. 3. Students are forced to go to the Student Centre located as far away from the hostels and faculty, which tires the student out, wasting energy, money and brainpower to go to lectures. 4.Inflation of groceries everywhere.

Foot note: Although unisel is under the state govt. the administrations are  still under the management of ‘individual corporations’ (it should be read as , ‘under syarikat swasta yang juga kroni kepada pihak tertentu’).

There’s a lot more stuff to be exposed, but I’ll save it for later. That’s when I play my ‘saigo no kirifuda’.

P/s: We’re studying and playing just like nothing happened. The mass media just toying with the public, exaggerating facts and playing the same old issues….

Conflicts, Unisel, PTPN, Politics


It’s been a while since I posted something. Today I’m going to discuss an oven fresh topic to open the eyes of the Malaysian youth. Malaysians have a certain kind of mindsets which is, I can’t say much about it with just a few words. We’re born and raised to believe everything that we heard and what our parents believed in or we’re the kind of person labelled as the ‘opposer’. Malaysian youths are exposed to entertainments 24 hours a day, be it video games, drama, musics and etceteras of hedonisms. It’s okay to have fun once in a while to release stress but not in the way that we forgot to do our work, whether if it means studying, researching or finding a bit of wealth to spoon fed ourselves. From entertainment, youths become too obsessed with it and started to overlook or didn’t even pay any attention to the bigger picture in our lives. I’m sorry to say this but Malaysians follow other people like “a baby tied to a blind and deaf man”. Try to imagine that, as most Malaysians doesn’t understand direct, straightforward message and only retaliate when they’re  ridiculed or taunted.

When I went for dinner with a friend a few days back, we started to talk about the current issues in Malaysia. Afterwards, he told me that before this, students in the IPT’s in general had a mindset that politics have nothing to do with students. But as what happened this week, politic does have their implications upon students. When PTPTN was halted for the new Unisel students, many people point their fingers to the State Government, blaming their manifestos and promises. And how does our ministry of higher education and deputy prime minister reacts to it? This is what they have said, with similar words, just like a written script for a drama:

“We only wanted to ensure that the State Government are fulfilling their promises”

        Yeah, right…..but what they had done simply make the federal government looks like their barricading from the opposition using the body of us student as their human shield. Much like the story of” Swordfish attacks Singapore”. That’s simply stupid and show that the government is full of cowards. And what happened after the announcement? We haven’t heard anything about it from any BN related media and news. And after a few days, they decided to lift the ban? But why? It’s because they’re afraid. Afraid of the voters, and the state government fulfilling their promise. The state government decided to help the 1000 new intake students by selling a few lands to accumulate RM 30 Million to support the students. Bad move I said. That only provokes more people and in the process helped their enemies.

Despite all of that, Unisel itself had a certain internal issues and conflicts. Mainly in the administration, and suffered most in the main branch of Bestari Jaya. Who the heck in the world causes all this problems? Well, it’s the previous owner of Unisel of course! And now the new owner takes all the problems, blames, lands full of deserts and old buildings. Bribery and foul play in the past had significant effect to the institution. For instance, the paint that should be used on the IT faculty (FCSIT) are the right colour of course, but the quality of the paint in the paperworks are supposed to be the type of paint used on ships. Yes, you read that right. Paint that is used on ships, that won’t be affected by sea water and rain, lasting longer than house paint. And what did they use to paint the faculty? Normal house paint, that’s what they used. Even the staffs that was forced to quit last year was also…..cough….people who support BN. And this is only a few problems, for more you should ask the students or lecturers who knows a bit about the conflicts, and of course, the student council who knows almost everything, if they’re not reluctant to tell you about it.

Conclusions? Simple. Don’t follow everything aimlessly, don’t think that something small had no impact on you, don’t get mad at people without doing research……and of course, don’t get yourself caught by….well….whatever you think that might caught you first……Oh, and hedonism is bad. Now hit me with sarcasms, and mock me with your best shots, with my hands tied to your neck.

J~Songz: Of Biotech, ACGs, Tokusatsu and jokes

Good day to you ladies and gentleman who’s spending some of their busy or free time to read this blog of mine. As for now I’m thinking of what might be a good topic to discuss on this blog. I noticed half of my blog readers were anticipating updates on ACG….not to mention my biotechnology related articles as well as my simple poetry. Much obliged, that’s all need to be said for now. For your information I can only update my blog on certain  time only as I’m living in a hostel and need to focus my studies….lest we forget that the WiFi speed on my campus was kinda…well….a no no for any long term updates….let alone playing online games nor reading scientific articles as well as animation news and such….So how about this, we update the content based on their respective days….here it is for your reference:

Sun- Animation, comic, games, tokusatsu, japanese song, drama, film, etc.

Mon- Biotechnology/ scientific related articles

Tue- Jokes

Wed- Poetry

Thu- Campus life, Hobbies

Fri- Current Issues (International/ national)

Sat- Something to talk about….anything…

Subject to change at this moment of time….I also need to hone my skills in writing…..and of course….my studies…till next time… D.F.J, “If god willed it, I’ll shape the future of the world with my own hand”.

Testing My Camera

Mufufufufu…using my friends laptop for the updating process…thanks Kartum for lending your laptop.

As I said before I just bought a new BenQ DC E1465, let’s review he picture I’d taken….

Simple test

One of the capture mode, 'soft flowing water'

Sunset outside my window taken with 'smart scene' and edited with vivid red color

Using the capture mode 'landscape'...thank god I got this room....fufufu...(^~^)

Using the mode night potrait...

Using super macro on this coin you can view the congkak beads inside...nice! Please click to zoom. TQ.

That’s all for today….love y’all…(yes, especially you..if you think you’re the one (‘~^)b D.F.J…Lovin ya!!

PC Fair Unisel Mari!!


Wah manyak best arr ini ari. Pihak MPP Unisel dengan jayanya telah menganjurkan Unisel PC fair yang bermula dari 12-15 september. Sungguh jimat, speaker yang biasa kita dapat pada harga RM 79.90 boleh didapati pada harga serendah RM 39.90. Murah! Itulah yang boleh dikatakan tentang produk yang dijual pada hari ini. Saya jugak berkesempatan membeli Headphone jenama E-View dan juga kamera BenQ DC E1465 14.0 megapixel dengan 4x wide optical zoom lens dan 5.0 cm super macro yang memuatkan 36 fungsi ‘capture mode’ termasuklah Fish eye lens dan Lomo dengan harga serendah RM 349 sahaja. Berbaloi…..tapi kalah waktu jualan lelong untuk membida speaker. Ada akak tu dapat bid RM 20 untuk beg laptop HP, Headphone dan RM 7 untuk Notebook cooler pad. Sambung pulak nak ambik gambar.

D.F.J jumping out!

The Hell’s with Unisel WiFi

Ehem…aku tak nak cakap banyak la pasal Unisel coz aku memang sayang Unisel tpi yang bengongnya satu jer….Unisel WiFi. Then korang akan tanya aku, “Psal ngan WiFi, laju jer?”. You might say that but did you realize laju tyme korang tengok apa? Facebook je kan. Bandwith sampai 130 mbps tpi yang dapatnya sekitar 20kb jer pada hari biasa (hari kuliah). Even on weekend the most that you can get is 100kb. Compared ngan sebulan lepas where hari biasa skitar 100kb and 1mb during non busy hours. I lol’d at that you know. Jauh beza tu brader. IP smua kongsi dalam Unisel WiFi. Admin ckap Unisel WiFi block laki….tpi takkan 1 jer server untuk blok laki. I see that gurlz pnyer asrama had a lot of streamyx hotspot so why at the men’s hostel they can’t do the same? Bcoz when shared by a lot of people the bandwith would be high and sorang akan dapat lbih kurang 15mb (pc lama) and 26mb (pc baru) instead of full duplex (130mb). Unisel WiFi coverage smpai kafe so of coz lambakan orang kat cafe causes the internet speed to decrease drastically. From what I know is that Unisel WiFi server use nginx instead of lighttpd so I’ll leave that up to the IT pro’s out there. Aku tak kesah ban porn websites coz aku lagi suka camtu, xdelah housemate duduk kat corner dalam glap tngok blue. Tpi yg x puas hati dia block youtube and file sharing website. Dia block gak Livescore (yg xde kena mengena) dan jgak Online games. Weh, ktorang byar kot WiFi tu. Bgi svice tahap cipan btol. N then dengan bangganya para admin unisel bagitau mereka tlah berjaya hack PC students. Macam ni boleh saman ni, about ratus ribu cam2 aku bleh install streamyx server VIP kat Unisel ni……dan masalah demi masalah mula membelenggu Unisel dan menjadikannya lebih feymes. D.F.J raging out!

Ahaks, joke for my Matrix lecturer. Jangan marah ye....


Selamat Hari……Khamis!! Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan!

Just finished chemistry class…so fast…about 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish two chapters…..don’t have enough good sleep in the past few days….I can’t sleep in the afternoon..and always awaken halfway through my beauty sleep…..I’m so fatigued…someone help me…

Well enough about that stuff….you noticed the title? Yup, I’m gonna talk about the Eid Mubarak….I just surf the net and spied on my friends FB (I don’t have an actual account…just a dummy one) and I noticed most of them are talking about ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ and the memories….as well as listening to the classic Raya songs….COME ON GUYZ!! Ramadhan doesn’t even started yet and you’re already talking about the day of victory??? So lame ar….this type of people doesn’t respect Ramadhan at all……we pray that our live would be long enough for us to see the next Ramadhan month and not the ‘Hari Raya’ festival. Ramadhan is one of the greatest give that the god Allah SWT gave to the followers of prophet Muhammad SAW to harvest the good deeds for the netherworld. Within the month is one night which is told to be better than a thousand months worth, the ‘Lailatul Qadr’. Therefore Ramadhan must be used to it’s full extent for which it is the month where normal sunnah practice and Ibadah rewards increased greatly besides for the fasting practice itself which the Ramadhan is all about. Qiamullail, Tilawatul Quran, Zikr, giving alms, helping one another, Solat Sunah…those are just a few of the examples of it…..but lest we forget to also Fast and to Solat….not just Tarawwih  but also the 5 main prayers. Let’s welcome Ramadhan with an open heart and a new resolve to get forgiveness from the god Allah SWT. Ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan…

P/s: Tonight we would be having a Talk given by Ust. Fathul Rahim in Masjid Umar Abd. Aziz Unisel, entitled Ihya Ramadhan Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan after the Solat Maghrib. But there’s also a ball game between Singapore and Malaysia….which would you choose….anyway, Salam from me….and D.F.J signing out for today.


Keeping life on a steady pace, Im chillin like a villain here in Unisel….life wuz really easy and pleasy ain’t im right. There’s a difference having a class taught by a normal lecturer and a lecturer with PhD. It’s like heaven and earth, you can obviously know it by the way how the Dr. or Professors elaborate and explain the topics to you and also the way how they evaluate their students. No more spoon feeding by our teachers and lecturers. They really get themselves involved in educating the mind of their students to produce a high quality students of the university which also represents it status and fame. With assignments that evolve your mind to a new level and interactions between students and lecturers, who said that university education is a one -way teaching…..they’re wrong!

Weekend at Unisel

So……empty….everyone’s gone…surfing the web at the cafe for a while.

Announcement: The Unisel WiFi service at the men’s hostel should be operational within a few days. The bandwidth had been increased from 2ombps  to 50mbps. Looking forward to test the connection tonight….if there is one…hopefully

The new and complete timetable for FASBIO and engineering faculty already uploaded at, kindly visit the site to get the new timetable.

For those who take Biotechnology course please refer to me if you need some notes regarding biology subjects. I have a Campbell Reece 8th edition Biology textbook that you can refer to. Lot’s of information especially for Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics subject.

—————————–end of announcement

I love my course ya kno. Most of my lectures are 3 hours….meaning only 1 lecture per week….except for Math’s tho….2 class per week…thankfully, even I don’t wanna be in a math’s class for 3 hrs in a row. But the most beautiful thing is that I don’t have any classes at all on Mondays. Mwahaha…..I guess that’s prep time for me eh?? (or a time to play games and etc.)


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