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Testing My Camera

Mufufufufu…using my friends laptop for the updating process…thanks Kartum for lending your laptop.

As I said before I just bought a new BenQ DC E1465, let’s review he picture I’d taken….

Simple test

One of the capture mode, 'soft flowing water'

Sunset outside my window taken with 'smart scene' and edited with vivid red color

Using the capture mode 'landscape'...thank god I got this room....fufufu...(^~^)

Using the mode night potrait...

Using super macro on this coin you can view the congkak beads inside...nice! Please click to zoom. TQ.

That’s all for today….love y’all…(yes, especially you..if you think you’re the one (‘~^)b D.F.J…Lovin ya!!

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