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Spice of Life…..Kurae!!

Finally got some time off my back…life finish itself faster than it used to be don’t you agree with me. Watching the clock had it’s up and down and so does our life as a human being. Unfortunately I’ve caught myself a flu……..I guess in exchange for everything good that we obtained a certain price had to be paid. Enough of such worthless philosophy….but really….no one want to know about what happens in my daily life…..but I guess I’m going to write it down anyway, heck…this blog’s mine. Whatever posted in it that’s my business. It’s been a long time though since I last recommend a few good ‘Otaku’ stuff’s. So, here we go!

U C H U U  K I T A A ! ! (Space Time)

Although I had said that Kamen Rider Fourze is much to my distaste before, a further analysis into the series made me change my mind about it’s aspects and found it as one of a good effort put up by Toei. The series was aimed for a much mature audience preferably the teenagers who grew up watching tokusatsu series as an effort to increase viewers rating. Yeah, I know that this series aired on children’s slot time but really…kid’s this day going to watch some high school drama which have beautiful girls in bikini’s? I think either it’s aimed for teenagers or that Japan is educating their youth to become a pervert later in their adulthood. In order to appear different from it’s previous predecessors, Fourze utilize the usage of gadgets called ‘Astro Switch’ as a substitute for the Kamen Rider multiple form. So you’re not going to stuck watching the rider to change their forms frequently. Storyline is kinda good for me as it’s the first Kamen Rider to introduce High School drama. Besides the good looking cast, gruesome monster, extreme fighting stunts and badass looking costume and weapons. I’m going to give Fourze a score of Fourze out of Fourze (40/40…get it??)

To be continued for Musics and Gaming recommendation, trying to change the style a little as I know most people doesn’t like reading boring long posts….stay tune for more, D.F.J Raging Out!!

Good Morning


Heya fellas, even tho there’s no one reading ma blog there’s still a fluctuation of blog readers daily and that’s really mind baffling. But enough of the perplexing stuff’s. So let’s get on to another boring session of D.F.J’s “something to talk about”.

Ehem….so today’s the 18th of August which means us Muslims have about 12 days left till the Eid-ul-fitr . I’m really excited this year coz I’m gonna celebrate the day of victory in Perlis. Besides meeting my relatives and get to relieve some steam off, I’m really looking forward to….well….you guess it…..the foods. No wonder I got the title the “Black Hole Stomach” in KML….ah…..good days. Anyway, it’s also because I’m gonna trade back my laptop with my dad’s which I’m currently using. You might say that what’s the point exchanging it coz it’s the same model and brand……well, mine’s an I5 w/ 4GB ram while my dad use I3 w/ 2GB ram….but still….mine’s loads slower than his, might be that his are the second release of the model….I’m kinda like using a prototype of some sort….

So one might ask, “hey Fent, did you score any hot chicks in Unisel?” My answer is….ehem….nope….none of em…..owh come on….what kinda chick would hitch me….I’m not that good-looking…I’m short, scrawny and also have a case of nerve injury which make me look like someone with a Parkinson disease….besides, no one wanna be the girl of a nerd taking biotech course….and then one of my friends or homies or whatever they’re would come at me with a lunge and say something like “aww….shut the hell up you moron, like that’s true!”….well…it is true…but some quality in me just deny that….hey it’s not me who said it….I’m just sayin’ what my friends told me….at least……if….they’re just don’t wanna hurt my feeling….then again….maybe because I’m someone who doesn’t like to let go of my past….or crushes….or maybe it’s just that (how many more sentence like this, don’t cha get bored wif this?) I’m not feeling myself….I dunno…I always felt like I’m not being the real me….there’s still this hollow space inside my soul….and no matter how much I feed it with worldly substances…..It even deepens….only the love of god could fill it in…D.F.J signing out

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