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Hisashiburi da na! It’s been a long weekend for me. I came back to Unisel when there’s still 4 days before the lectures………….Argh!! Hayaii, the exams are closing in to. I’ve decided to post about hobby related here but can’t seem to find the topic. So I added 2 of my hobbies together which is Gunpla and photography, I guess……………since I didn’t use a DSLR but sure enough taken to prove my worthiness (to whom? I don’t know either, myself I guess?)

These are HG scales Gunpla, without primer and unpainted just to show the capability of compact camera and also to show the quality of the new line-up of HG scales gunpla models. Pretty good I guess, they’re more like MG’s now. And Mg’s had equalled to PG’s, and we also had RG’s don’t we. Mou, I can only buy HG scales currently as they’re hard to find in east Borneo. And if you bought the large gunpla you can’t seem to fit em’ to your luggages. So sad. Never mind that, here’s the crappy pics:


HG scales line up!

Age-1: (Hesitating) Whose the real Aegis? Aegis: Gimme my head back GenoAce Custom: Can't you tell I'm the real Aegis??

Late 2011 release for Aegis Gundam

You can zoom to see the scratches and nubs


Unpainted, showing the quality of new models without paint.


Look carefully and you find out the hips are damaged.............Badly!!


And there you have it. Unpainted and damaged (a bit, can be undone by painting though) HG scales gunpla’s. Notice that you can zoom in to see the writings on top of the box, scratches on the hips and nubs everywhere on the gunpla. Especially the hips and legs I guess, not to mention Age-1 shield. Guess what, I forgot my hobby knife………..but fortunately dad had some extra scalpel and small scissors that had the same blades as the hobby cutter. Ja, matta ne!

P/s: Camera used, BenQ DCE1465.

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