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Shadow of my heart

In the darkness, I stopped and stared into the curved mirror
I seem to be living in a warped world

A spiral shell crawls on the end of a wave
And it dreams of twinkling in the sky

On that day, my heart crumbled in silence
Even though I screamed... 
At being broken, unutterable memories and
Darkness flow into my eyes
And I sink into tomorrow..... 
Whose colors can't even be seen anymore

If I could have caught that pop-fly that I missed that day,
Then maybe I could lose this regret that I carry
It’s been years and it is still inside me
Life goes on, Life goes on

Riding on faint hope brought in by the night breeze
How far can we go?
As if to repel, the world shakes and snatches all away
I’ve woken from my dreams
But nothing’s been accomplished…..

Such a small voice
Won’t rise up to the surface
Who is it for?
The shell keeps sinking to the bottom

Under that imposible smile hides a growing shadow,
that’s why I pretended to not notice and chose to continue along.

I have a knife in one hand, and despair in the other
And there is a cloud over my head
Nothing should be trapped in one form,
Whatever it is, will be gone
I’m staying here, even if my soul is broken

Where do I face the feeling of the shadow of being close to each other?
I’m chasing ecstasy, but I can’t reach perfection.
The hope and inferiority complex which is running around inside me
Will one day become dismay?

The Breath of sadness, 
I was searching for that to stain it in colors 
Without raising a sound
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed.....
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed 
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people 
Everything that happens in the unseen future has a meaning 

So stay like this, 
There'll come a time when you will realize
Missing the protection of the light you believed in 
You too, want a perfect world, right? 
Like surpassing a lie, 
I'm fighting the reality I felt 
I don't want to let the existence of my humble self 
And everything to be denied.... 
But what should we do with our days?  
Trying to live flawlessly is a big no, no.  
Stop ! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! 
Ignore everything else.......  
No matter what I do, 
it'll probably forever remain a pipe dream 
That will never come true 
But the fire burning in my heart 
Cannot be doused by anyone.  
Even if the black rain falling from the sky 
Drenches me completely and doesn't stop 
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I can still keep going...I pray to lord
Give me the strength to go further....
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