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The extremum theory: Understanding the placebo effect

You must unlearn what you have learned- Yoda, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Good day to you ladies and gentleman. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of a new concept on placebo effects that I’ve just learned recently. Mind you that this is just a theory and not a discovery, as there’s no one out there to carry out an experiment based on my theory. I don’t force you to accept my theory, it’s up to you whether if you wanted to believe it or not. This is just a sudden enlightenment that I have that I hope could furthermore improve our understanding of the human mind.

First and foremost, what does placebo means? From, ” The beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient’s expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself”. Huh, what does that even mean? Now let’s think about it from a different point of view. Imagine that you’re a child; a few minutes ago you’ve just scraped your knee after you hit the edge of the table. You can’t stop crying because of the pain; your mom came to you and started blowing on your wounds, adding some kind of special chants while doing so. Apparently, it worked. You no longer felt any pain, and the next time you ever scraped your knee again, your mom would’ve just repeat the same thing over again. Simple isn’t it?

Some of you might say something like, “Well, it did worked when I was 7; I’m 21 now and if I ever have cut or bruises, those magic chants won’t do anything”. Well, that’s why I wrote about this particular topic in the first place. Ever had one of those moments when you have a severe migraine and you started saying to yourself, “a bottle of aspirin would do the trick”. After taking a bottle, the migraine stopped. When you told your dad that aspirin can be good for relieving migraines; he quipped out “how I wish it could do the same to me. I usually just drink some pickle juice, works like a charm to me”. So, does that means pickle juice may have analgesic effects? Enlightened by your discovery, the next time you suffered from migraine; you started drinking some pickle juice, only to be disappointed that it didn’t worked. So now we started asking, “does it only works with an old man or something?”.

The answer is, yes, but only to a certain groups of people. Wait, does that mean that pickle juice chemicals only worked for a certain person in relieving pain? Maybe, but there’s a better explanation to that, which is the placebo effect. After understanding the analogies given above, let’s move on with the topic. Again, imagine yourself in high school (or equivalent). Today you’re learning algebra. After doing a few exercises on algebra, you easily answered every question that you came across. Over the next few years, whenever you came across it, you solve them within a few minutes. When you graduated from high school, you met an old friend. He’s currently studying literature in college. Whenever you met him, he always tell you how much he despised algebra; he also posted on facebook, saying things like, “it’s not like we’re using it in our daily life”. It’s never been a problem to you, so you started asking about his problem with algebra. It turns out that he was never good at algebra since high school. Fast forward 20 years into the future, you met up with him again. But you’re surprised that he is now a professor who teach calculus in MIT. He told you that he become obsessed with mathematics when helping his niece with some algebra homework a few years ago, and was surprised on how easy it was compared when he was studying it in high school.

I hope you understand a bit of my point in the previous analogies. So here’s my explanation:

A. Sometimes, when doing something new; you succeeded with the task given, and the next time you ever done the same thing again, you succeeded easily or even better at the task.

B. Sometimes, when doing something new; you failed miserably, and the next time you ever done it, you always failed at doing the task.

C. Same as B, but after a long time; you have already forgotten about it, but the next time you did the same task, you find that it is easier compared to your past attempts doing the same task.

You might say that A have a natural talent or that C might be thinking in a different kind of way; compared to when he was younger. There might be some truth in that. You see, when we succeeded at a task for the first time, our mindset changes and we felt that the task was easy and you could perform even better the next time. But, if you failed at the task firsthand, no matter how many times we did the task, we would only failed miserably. This is true until you forget about it at some part in your life, and the moment you did the same task again; your brain thinks that we never did the task before, and you perform better than when you did the task before. So my advice to you, if you’re bad at something, stop saying to yourself “if first you didn’t succeed, try and try again” or the equivalent. Stop focusing on that task and concentrate on doing something else.

Now I would like to explain about the extremum effect. Chances are, you’ve already heard of stories on how a man survived after falling from the 30th floor of an apartment, survived a devastating earthquake unscathed, etc? How about a neighbor which suddenly kills a man in a fight even though that he was known as a man who would never do such a thing? Here’s when the extremum effect applies. During a certain event, say, a life or death situation, or maybe an extremely stressful situation; our brain shuts off the limiting mindset that we have, for example, you always think that you could never survive a jump from the 30th floor, only to woke up a few hours later with only minor injuries. Extremum means the point located farthest from the middle of something or, the most extreme possible amount or value. Looking back at the last paragraph, it turns out that time may also have a connection with the extremum effect. As of how our mindset affect our body in a way that you could survive the impact from falling from extreme heights, or how you’re getting better at doing something after a few years is still a mystery.

In the end, I apologized if you didn’t understand any of my writings, and I hope that I could present it to you in the simplest form as possible. If you have any question or would like to criticize me; please do so in the comments section below in a polite way. Last but not least, let’s imagine what we could achieve by manipulating our mindset at will. See you in the next article. Peace be upon you.

Descent into madness: Threshold theory

Greetings dear netizens to the other side of the internet. Well, not really…since you could stumble upon this blog by chance from using the mother brain (googol, I meant Google. Can someone tell me why there’s a red line under the 1.0 x 10100 ?)

Enough with the introduction, which sounds like a bad attempt to sound like someone with an above average I.Q. Today we are going to discuss a theory which I came up with while exasperatingly yelling in front of my laptop, due to the fact that a creeper killed me in Minecraft (curse you, you little green exploding imbecile).

Why do I write like this you ask? Well, the preexisting style of writing is too mainstream, not that I’m a hipster or something, I simply hate those pretend hobos. No,it’s because a scientific journal bores me to death. I mean, sometimes I just wanted to tell the professors, “You know what?

You keep using these words, but I don’t think you know what it means”. Seriously, I came to read about the methods to study a brain, not about scintillation counter! They didn’t even mention what the hell scintillation counter is. I have to look up and study it’s mechanisms. Oh, so that’s the reason? Only people qualified in the field should read your notes and journals? Screw that, because you’re feeling so high and mighty, I decided to introduce a new style of scientific writing (which you all would call rambling and ranting).

And screw all of you, because you can’t stand reading something long without any pictures in between. I mean, I don’t see any problem reading Reece biology 9th edition (except when you really need to see a diagram). What? It’s counter productive you say? Here’s a reminder, “I don’t care”. There, now you too should experience the feeling of euphoria. Oh, if you need to really enjoy this stupid rambling, you must first be in a shaky state of mind. Okay, maybe I should write that in the first line.

So, this is the line you should really read. Whoops, I did it again. Kinda hard with all this voices in my head. First and foremost, to test this theory, I need to descent into insanity. You might think that I took a drug or something. No, I did not. I use the pure mental ability bestowed upon humanity. Which in this case, watching the weird part of youtube and looping some games midi file over and over. See, you don’t even need drugs to become insane. Well, the internet is a type of electronic drug anyway.

During the first hour of watching “ran ran ru remix of Flandere theme of Touhou Project” (Japanese bullet hell game in case you didn’t know) at first I was thinking “Oh, I’m in that weird part of  youtube again”. But after watching it for the third time, I started to love it. By the time I move on to watch the Hatsune Miku version of the video, I started laughing hysterically (but I did it inside my mind, cause you know, someone might get irritated by the laughing).

And then the second day dawned on me. I started playing Yume Nikki (you can download this gem for free, ask mother brain google) I love how the theme is filled with, how can I say this, imagery which is produced only when you use acid (or maybe a fan of the ancient Cusco arts). A feeling of  euphoria…or maybe dysphoria? It seethes within me (and for the last time wordpress, stop bringing my cursor back to a few paragraphs back, ruining the text and all). Where was I just now? Oh, it seethes within me, causing my inner self to ask me some questions. What is life? What is our purpose in life? God, what have I done all this time? And that was before I maniacally laugh and stared at the wall and ceiling for an hour while thinking about, you got it, absolutely nothing. Must be a man “thing” I guess, I never knew any women who stares at the wall for an hour or so…they would all be like, “I’m fine!” And then proceeds to throwing hateful words at you just because you wouldn’t sweep the floor for the 10th at 3 A.M. Oh wait, that’s just a women on her period. Looking back, maybe I should sweep the floor again, for about 40 times till dawn. I mean, it’s better than staring at an empty wall for an hour. Win-win situation everybody.

So what’s the final result? After lathering, rinsing and repeating the process again and again (hey, we need a control here everyone), I started to have this weird personality, which I can control, but feels extremely weird. Imagine feeling high and mighty, but at the same time down to earth..analyzing things through purpose and reason but at the same time laughing maniacally inside. Oh, and somehow I started talking in japanese…and my english gets better too. It lasted a few minutes until my friend called and asked me about which Yu-gi-Oh card combo is the best. Oh well, it’s time for another hurr hurr, kore ka? Ran ran ruu!! asdfghjkl @#$%^& (computer crashed, luckily there’s autosave…just kidding, I lied!!)

If you read until this line,..No one does…so I didn’t know what to write over here…

University: Of IQ and ignorance

Good evening to whoever reaches this dark and lonely corner of the cyberspace. Today we’re going to talk about something sensitive (as usual) on the mentality of university students (college students if you’re from the US, thanks for the visit by the way) in my country (check my IP, I don’t want to get caught for this, but thanks netizens for not supporting internet censoring).

We start out with a simple question, where is the IQ of a university student? Is it in the name? Or is it in the way they execute action or the way they think? Well, in this country there’s no such  thing as a “thinking” type of students. Brainwashed by the government since primary(elementary) school, students are taught based on a certain syllabus which is pro-government(the current one by date which ruled over a few decades). Yes, you heard that right. The syllabus was created for that sole purpose and instead of learning the essentials, the students are subject to being guinea pigs (being experimented along the way) and becoming a pet….well, let’s imagine this shall we?

You got a new puppy (sorry for muslims, this is just an example) and you want to teach him a new tricks. At the same time you want it to only obeys you and only you. Instead of using scientific methods, you just force your dog to do what you want it to do, ignoring what it really needed at that time. But of course, that is different with cats of course….

Cats, cute and cuddly…but highly independent. Fed em too much and it’ll be to dependant on you. In moderation, the cat’s still loyal to you but act according to his will. This is the type of students which the elitist fear a lot. One who do things according to his free will but still abide the law. Someone who think outside of the box. Instead of believing whatever they see on mass media and textbook, they tend to do a research upon certain matters. But of course, it is highly rare of them to see the glory of their deliverance of the truth due to getting caught by the authorities, without a reasonable excuse.

You still can catch up with this horrible lecture? I admire you for having a large amount of neurons within your brain and not falling apart due to listening to your limbic system and instead trusting your logics.

Back to the topic. Here in my country students, no matter how wealthy or poor they are could enter the university…but here’s the catch. The IPTA (public university, controlled by federal govt.) is really cheap…by “cheap” I also mean the other meaning of cheap. Example:

You’re a post A-level/foundation/etc. graduate and get an offer for a certain course in the IPTA. You got an official offer letter from the university stating that you got….let say….Multimedia Science with the fee of 24k. It is stated that you only need to pay about 8k as you’re being supported by the federal government (a discount, not a scholarship) and was highlighted on a certain point (federal govt., support, highlighted with different font and striking colours/colors). Get it? A pathetic attempt to scare away students if they’re against the govt. Kinda like a blackmail with sweets inside them filled with morphine.

Really? The federal is controlling the students? That’s preposterous! Well….that’s what I said anyway when I first entered the University(corporatized one by the way). I mean, there’s no proof of it. Of course if you don’t look up on it you’ll never know. Student’s who’re against the govt. are usually prosecuted in some kind of humiliation over the media (net or mass) and of course….abolished from the University grounds. Hey, we’d already experience it anyway. Because our university is owned (not wholly) by the opposition state govt. they prosecuted us by:

1. Denying the national education loan to us (yes, only the students in my university)

2. Humiliating us by giving the University a bad name across the media

3. Cooperating with the insiders in our university institution to sabotage the opposition which also results in damaging the students along the way.

Here’s the deal, why did the federal only attacked our university? Well, maybe because it’s the only one which is owned (not wholly) by the opposition govt. But why the students need to suffer along the way? Isn’t it already enough to fight outside of the university compound? Why bring it inside?

Only we (the student of the establishment) know of the feelings….before this we’re being ignorant on how politics would affect everything…but by now…we all know, it’s all lies….paradise lost….bringing pain and suffering…but because of that, we’ve seen the truth…and we grow up, one step at a time. DF, signing out. The truth exists within the darkness….

Survival: Under the crossfire

Still standing after a full frontal assault

Yo minna-san, hisashiburi da na. Ogenki desuka? Ore? Chotto warui da na…demo, shinpai surunda….”nankuruneisa” oboetoke!

It’s been a long time since I last posted something…yeah, yeah…another boring long post (before that here’s a potato)…

So what’s going on these days with my life? Under the political crossfire, the fellow Uniselian barely survived…here’s some truth that you should know about Unisel in the present time, without bias and from the perspective of the student itself (please support me if somehow I got caught due to 114A evidence act)

University of Selangor, Status: Surviving political crossfire


JNSB, a crony of the *ehem* govt. with a tender of 30 years (thanks to corruption) with the mandate from their boss are torturing the student with :-

a. Not doing any maintenance to the hostels over a long period of time

Their argument: Unisel didn’t pay them for over 17 months, workers doesn’t get paid

Counter-argument: 1.They don’t have CF for several buildings, 2.they idiotically share their payment account with Unisel, 3.they asked fees from Unisel even on holidays and also from unoccupied buildings, 4.why on earth does the worker even work for 17 straight month (isn’t it illogical that they work for free when they don’t get paid??). Why on earth do they start to complaint only when it’s near the general election??

b. Starving the students, so that the students blame the state government instead

How they do it: By forcefully closing the food stalls in front of the FCSIT building, near the hostels.

How they benefit from it:1.Students are forced to either eat at the overpriced and unsanitary cafe (which have worms inside their foods) 2.The mini market at the cafe can charge students according to their will for any foodstuffs. 3. Students are forced to go to the Student Centre located as far away from the hostels and faculty, which tires the student out, wasting energy, money and brainpower to go to lectures. 4.Inflation of groceries everywhere.

Foot note: Although unisel is under the state govt. the administrations are  still under the management of ‘individual corporations’ (it should be read as , ‘under syarikat swasta yang juga kroni kepada pihak tertentu’).

There’s a lot more stuff to be exposed, but I’ll save it for later. That’s when I play my ‘saigo no kirifuda’.

P/s: We’re studying and playing just like nothing happened. The mass media just toying with the public, exaggerating facts and playing the same old issues….

Shadow of my heart

In the darkness, I stopped and stared into the curved mirror
I seem to be living in a warped world

A spiral shell crawls on the end of a wave
And it dreams of twinkling in the sky

On that day, my heart crumbled in silence
Even though I screamed... 
At being broken, unutterable memories and
Darkness flow into my eyes
And I sink into tomorrow..... 
Whose colors can't even be seen anymore

If I could have caught that pop-fly that I missed that day,
Then maybe I could lose this regret that I carry
It’s been years and it is still inside me
Life goes on, Life goes on

Riding on faint hope brought in by the night breeze
How far can we go?
As if to repel, the world shakes and snatches all away
I’ve woken from my dreams
But nothing’s been accomplished…..

Such a small voice
Won’t rise up to the surface
Who is it for?
The shell keeps sinking to the bottom

Under that imposible smile hides a growing shadow,
that’s why I pretended to not notice and chose to continue along.

I have a knife in one hand, and despair in the other
And there is a cloud over my head
Nothing should be trapped in one form,
Whatever it is, will be gone
I’m staying here, even if my soul is broken

Where do I face the feeling of the shadow of being close to each other?
I’m chasing ecstasy, but I can’t reach perfection.
The hope and inferiority complex which is running around inside me
Will one day become dismay?

The Breath of sadness, 
I was searching for that to stain it in colors 
Without raising a sound
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed.....
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed 
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people 
Everything that happens in the unseen future has a meaning 

So stay like this, 
There'll come a time when you will realize
Missing the protection of the light you believed in 
You too, want a perfect world, right? 
Like surpassing a lie, 
I'm fighting the reality I felt 
I don't want to let the existence of my humble self 
And everything to be denied.... 
But what should we do with our days?  
Trying to live flawlessly is a big no, no.  
Stop ! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! 
Ignore everything else.......  
No matter what I do, 
it'll probably forever remain a pipe dream 
That will never come true 
But the fire burning in my heart 
Cannot be doused by anyone.  
Even if the black rain falling from the sky 
Drenches me completely and doesn't stop 
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I can still keep going...I pray to lord
Give me the strength to go further....

Good Morning


Heya fellas, even tho there’s no one reading ma blog there’s still a fluctuation of blog readers daily and that’s really mind baffling. But enough of the perplexing stuff’s. So let’s get on to another boring session of D.F.J’s “something to talk about”.

Ehem….so today’s the 18th of August which means us Muslims have about 12 days left till the Eid-ul-fitr . I’m really excited this year coz I’m gonna celebrate the day of victory in Perlis. Besides meeting my relatives and get to relieve some steam off, I’m really looking forward to….well….you guess it…..the foods. No wonder I got the title the “Black Hole Stomach” in KML….ah…..good days. Anyway, it’s also because I’m gonna trade back my laptop with my dad’s which I’m currently using. You might say that what’s the point exchanging it coz it’s the same model and brand……well, mine’s an I5 w/ 4GB ram while my dad use I3 w/ 2GB ram….but still….mine’s loads slower than his, might be that his are the second release of the model….I’m kinda like using a prototype of some sort….

So one might ask, “hey Fent, did you score any hot chicks in Unisel?” My answer is….ehem….nope….none of em…..owh come on….what kinda chick would hitch me….I’m not that good-looking…I’m short, scrawny and also have a case of nerve injury which make me look like someone with a Parkinson disease….besides, no one wanna be the girl of a nerd taking biotech course….and then one of my friends or homies or whatever they’re would come at me with a lunge and say something like “aww….shut the hell up you moron, like that’s true!”….well…it is true…but some quality in me just deny that….hey it’s not me who said it….I’m just sayin’ what my friends told me….at least……if….they’re just don’t wanna hurt my feeling….then again….maybe because I’m someone who doesn’t like to let go of my past….or crushes….or maybe it’s just that (how many more sentence like this, don’t cha get bored wif this?) I’m not feeling myself….I dunno…I always felt like I’m not being the real me….there’s still this hollow space inside my soul….and no matter how much I feed it with worldly substances…..It even deepens….only the love of god could fill it in…D.F.J signing out

Life 102: Apa itu troll??

Wokehh….satu lagi blog posting yang konfem orang takkan baca punyer, and if u did…tahniah! Kau dah mengeluarkan diri kau dari kepompong ‘kesenggamaan’ engkau. Ramai budak2 la ni baru umur belasan taun da blagak konon matured and know-it-all. Plz larh, orang 2a pun wlaupun dah more age and wait die sesehalf diorang tu masih kulup di akalnya….inikan lagik snobbish brat (aku translate kat google hingus jdik spitting lar plak XD baek aku pkai ayat biasak). Pada yg dah tau wutz trollz mean silahkan skip and run/read-a-bit then skip/read-a-bit then comment/skip and comment/skip/jumping skip rope….watevuh…klau korungx komen stail bloody hell pun apa ku kesah…blog ma…aiyaa itu koment poleh delete ma….lol…

Ini version kamus wiki, aku tiru dan lekat jer…:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted”. While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context. For example, mass media uses troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families

Apa senggama, nowadays trolling is juz 4 fun and x bmaksud dalam apa2 keadaan sekali pun nak mengflamekan orang…trollz can go from varieties of pictures to scams and also…(u guess it)…fake news…(trolling la 2)

But muka ia, trolling is just for jenaka ya kno these days….and what merenjatkan aku ialah budak2 baru puberb nih kdang2 x paham apa 2 troll..diorang ingat…wait…kartun troll dah xda la ni…patung2 baby troll zaman aku kecik2 dulu pun dah xder jual lagi (dalam toy story ada lar…juz a cameo)….you see…trolling nie macam kau trolling lar (memancing)…itz juz for fun and anything can be a troll walaupun ia bukan bermaksud cam gitu…i.e ‘mameshiba’, diorang x pnah nak bwat troll but publics recognised it as a genius troll…kalau nak web feymes meleis pnya yg pling best of coz is harianmetroll,  of Obefiend Blogserius. ‘Aku kaciwa gila + ketawa macam anjing kena sawan (babi and anjing not considered a dirty word in Sabah as well as Pantat which here we refer to our ass- bkan keldai tapi punggung…) = aku harus buat blog post pasal mende nih…kalau ada orang nak baca’ bila aku baca troll encik Obe Wan Ken-obe pasal adinda evans and amir raja lawak. 70% meleis yg bru puberb sriusly butthurt and annoyed of that post…ini tak termasuk golongan meleis yang bodoh out there…(wherever they are…)….so len kali sebelum korunx bca apa2 blog atau anything on da net ‘konfem’ kan dulu perkara tersebut bukan troll atau jin atau penanggal or…oopps..terlebey plak….merapu jer aku ni..sorry ek..stail penulisan aku ni stail separa monolog dalaman and separa off-the-track and somewhat cryptid…(btul ke cryptid 2??). Neway…lpas ni akan ku buat posting utk phishing scam plak…kalau ada orang baca lar…Dark.F…singing out…ooopss…signing out…

Important things No.1: Belief

So you have a hard time living…you kept telling yourself that after a rainy day there’s always a rainbow…the thing is STOP DREAMING YOU FOOL…that’s not how your life works. Quit believing in those crappy internet self-help guides and take control of your sad life…clench your teeth and be more arrogant. But before that…here’s what’cha need to know:

1. Life’s like a tarot card but can’t be predicted by one!

Ok, so you start-up with “The Fool” and then met up with “Death” and then “The World” and finally you become a new “FOOL”. You start-up knowing nothing then undergoes transformation before having to met completion and after that you seek for new knowledge. That’s how your life cycle works. A castle wasn’t built-in a day (but a few exception which I will discuss later). Genius is also the same thing. Think of it as a mastery rather than a gift. People are born with talents but none are genius by default.

2. Stop Dreaming, get to work!!

Rather than trying to visualize your goals, you should write down your strategy. If you’re in a tournament you would already tasted defeat if you just daydreaming all day long. Pick up the pace, knock down all your obstacle by using the shortest and simplest step possible. The most important things is never look back again, just go with it. Don’t listen to anyone that you can’t trust. nThey’re just there to bring some dirt into your mouth.

3. Believe in yourself

Remember this till the day you die. The true arisal of your strength only comes when you believe and believe in yourself. So what if someone tells you that you can’t do something?? Believe in your own potential, there’s no limit to what you can do. Sometimes, desperate people may able to draw out hidden strength inside them

To be continued..

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