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Early Morning Ranting

Yo, how’s it goin? It’s 2:35 AM GST +8 and I don’t have anything better to do. I was planning on doing some reviews on the latest pokemon XY release……but….under certain circumstances, and obstacles….I may not be able to buy it before the 26th of this month (and by that time there would be tons of reviews on the net).

So anyway, it seems like there’s someone who is always visiting my blog everyday. Good thing this domain is not on blogspot, or else I’d already look up their IP address. Thank you, whoever you are for visiting this…lonely…or should I say dying blog. I’ve stuffs to do now and then….and it seems like the quality of my poems/lyrics are going down the drain these days. I could never create the same level of stuff that can be compared to “Decay”. I guess my writing style is evolving more into novel type instead of poem/lyrics…..or it just show me that I’ve been slacking around lately and I’ve forgotten some of my vocabulary. But what raises more question in my head is that, my style of writing completely differs when I was writing something on wechat; on twitter; and on this blog (and during completing this sentence, I forgot the appropriate word that I should use, my advice, stop eating instant noodles; they corrupt your memory).

So what’re we going to do early up in the morning….hmm…..I already sucked at poem/lyric making……a new theory? Nah….too lazy to think deeply and switching into enigma mode…..eureka! We’ll talk about Kamen Rider.

Okay, so here we go. I hate the new Kamen Rider Gaim. That is all. Thank you for taking your time reading the review.

I was hoping that my energy would drop out right now….ah….I guess it’s another date with freecell….I wonder how many rounds would I last? No, please don’t ask me to play another hand of three cards klondikle!

D.F.J signing out, approx 2:52 GST +8

Law of attraction: A lame excuse to rip your money off

Buy my new book when it comes out. The new bestseller, “how to balance your paycheck”.

Peace be upon you fellow netizens. With the advent of books such as the secret; those money ripping multilevel marketing, or should I say, so called life coaches begin selling a new idea, the law of attraction. It worked, for some people that is. So a new trend started, with life coaches trying to tell you why the law of attraction doesn’t work for you, and what you should do to make it work. Ah, how clever these bastards are at manipulating people. You subscribed, or if you’re as stupid as to fall into their money ripping scheme; buying countless of self-help books which you left at the corner of your room, full of dust.

I take a Malay proverb, “when you desire something, a road opens up to you”. But seriously, does a road would suddenly came up out of nowhere? Well, according to the law of attraction; when you desire something, the universe works according to your wishes and started moving in such ways so that you can accomplish your goal. Yup, that’s rocket science right there. But with billions of humans on earth, I don’t think the universe could fulfill everyone’s wishes, without breaking the boundary between reality, and the limitless amount of human stupidity. No, the world doesn’t have any time to waste on something such as; giving you some sort of superpowers to stay up longer than 72 hours, just so that you could finally become a level 99 paladin in a game of MMO.

Or pay real money, go to sleep and wake up to find…a glitched character??

Maybe we should look at this in a different perspective. Instead of waiting for a road to miraculously appearing in front of you; you either bought or grab a shovel near you, take it to a patch of land (make sure it’s yours) and start paving the road on with your own strength and effort. It’s okay if you didn’t know how to make a road on your own, or didn’t have the resources to do so. You could start earning some money, or even pay someone else to pave it for you. What’s better you ask? Search the internet on how to pave a road, that’ll give you some sort of self-fulfillment.

You didn’t understand my analogy? My oh my, did I need to translate everything for you. Nope, I’m done. Okay, maybe a few hints…no, sorry, can’t do so. Figure it out on your own. Now if you excuse me,I’m going to sit in front of my laptop for another; say, twelve hours or so, you know, to level up my sorcerer to level 50 (that’s the level cap).

Instruction unclear, my junk stuck in the fan…

Descent into madness: Threshold theory

Greetings dear netizens to the other side of the internet. Well, not really…since you could stumble upon this blog by chance from using the mother brain (googol, I meant Google. Can someone tell me why there’s a red line under the 1.0 x 10100 ?)

Enough with the introduction, which sounds like a bad attempt to sound like someone with an above average I.Q. Today we are going to discuss a theory which I came up with while exasperatingly yelling in front of my laptop, due to the fact that a creeper killed me in Minecraft (curse you, you little green exploding imbecile).

Why do I write like this you ask? Well, the preexisting style of writing is too mainstream, not that I’m a hipster or something, I simply hate those pretend hobos. No,it’s because a scientific journal bores me to death. I mean, sometimes I just wanted to tell the professors, “You know what?

You keep using these words, but I don’t think you know what it means”. Seriously, I came to read about the methods to study a brain, not about scintillation counter! They didn’t even mention what the hell scintillation counter is. I have to look up and study it’s mechanisms. Oh, so that’s the reason? Only people qualified in the field should read your notes and journals? Screw that, because you’re feeling so high and mighty, I decided to introduce a new style of scientific writing (which you all would call rambling and ranting).

And screw all of you, because you can’t stand reading something long without any pictures in between. I mean, I don’t see any problem reading Reece biology 9th edition (except when you really need to see a diagram). What? It’s counter productive you say? Here’s a reminder, “I don’t care”. There, now you too should experience the feeling of euphoria. Oh, if you need to really enjoy this stupid rambling, you must first be in a shaky state of mind. Okay, maybe I should write that in the first line.

So, this is the line you should really read. Whoops, I did it again. Kinda hard with all this voices in my head. First and foremost, to test this theory, I need to descent into insanity. You might think that I took a drug or something. No, I did not. I use the pure mental ability bestowed upon humanity. Which in this case, watching the weird part of youtube and looping some games midi file over and over. See, you don’t even need drugs to become insane. Well, the internet is a type of electronic drug anyway.

During the first hour of watching “ran ran ru remix of Flandere theme of Touhou Project” (Japanese bullet hell game in case you didn’t know) at first I was thinking “Oh, I’m in that weird part of  youtube again”. But after watching it for the third time, I started to love it. By the time I move on to watch the Hatsune Miku version of the video, I started laughing hysterically (but I did it inside my mind, cause you know, someone might get irritated by the laughing).

And then the second day dawned on me. I started playing Yume Nikki (you can download this gem for free, ask mother brain google) I love how the theme is filled with, how can I say this, imagery which is produced only when you use acid (or maybe a fan of the ancient Cusco arts). A feeling of  euphoria…or maybe dysphoria? It seethes within me (and for the last time wordpress, stop bringing my cursor back to a few paragraphs back, ruining the text and all). Where was I just now? Oh, it seethes within me, causing my inner self to ask me some questions. What is life? What is our purpose in life? God, what have I done all this time? And that was before I maniacally laugh and stared at the wall and ceiling for an hour while thinking about, you got it, absolutely nothing. Must be a man “thing” I guess, I never knew any women who stares at the wall for an hour or so…they would all be like, “I’m fine!” And then proceeds to throwing hateful words at you just because you wouldn’t sweep the floor for the 10th at 3 A.M. Oh wait, that’s just a women on her period. Looking back, maybe I should sweep the floor again, for about 40 times till dawn. I mean, it’s better than staring at an empty wall for an hour. Win-win situation everybody.

So what’s the final result? After lathering, rinsing and repeating the process again and again (hey, we need a control here everyone), I started to have this weird personality, which I can control, but feels extremely weird. Imagine feeling high and mighty, but at the same time down to earth..analyzing things through purpose and reason but at the same time laughing maniacally inside. Oh, and somehow I started talking in japanese…and my english gets better too. It lasted a few minutes until my friend called and asked me about which Yu-gi-Oh card combo is the best. Oh well, it’s time for another hurr hurr, kore ka? Ran ran ruu!! asdfghjkl @#$%^& (computer crashed, luckily there’s autosave…just kidding, I lied!!)

If you read until this line,..No one does…so I didn’t know what to write over here…

Discussion: The Placebo Effect

Hello there netizens, I decided that from this moment onwards that I should loosen up a bit of the formality when writing about something to debate. Yeah, I know, following the scientific writing guidelines is a necessity when discussing about certain topics, but hey, if it exist for our own good that means we can ignore it once in a while right? So I won’t give reference or any credits to other people who I got my information from. So all of you plagiarism police can shot me down any moment, but I just need you to know that I wrote this without copy pasting some people works. Yeah, I wrote this out of my own opinion so all you skeptics out there can do whatever you want in the comments section. Just don’t send me spam for god sake, they’re more annoying than grammer nazi’s out there (but you’re welcome to post so that I could improve my writings in the future though). And no, I won’t insert any stock images in this post to protect your brain from overloading or cure the boredom which is caused by you reading my post….last but not least, I won’t give you a potato for the long post, go get it yourself! It’s only a few cents, unless you’re living in you know…where a single potato cost a fortune…

Okay, where to start….just a few hours ago I was watching Game Theory (re-watching for the umpteenth time actually) and I came to the part where Matthew Patrick the maker (director, editor, priest) of the video was talking about how the placebo effect affecting our body. Oh come on, you probably have read about it a few times across the internet, where some random guy stopped a car heading his way with just his bare fist, or the guy who survived an accident unscathed. No, I don’t believe in miracles and magic despite being religious. For me, each and everything in this world had it’s own explanation, regardless of how unacceptably insane it is. I have my own share of how the placebo effect happens to me. When I was a kid I was prone to deadly situations all the time due to my own foolishness (hey, kids just being kids) at one time I was at my school when I was in primary four (4th graders to those living outside countries using british systems) for a function, arriving early with two of my friends, we were watching the cloudy skies at 7:00 in the morning, and out of the sudden, a lightning strikes just above our heads, in mere seconds my friends already jumped for cover, leaving me behind for a head shot literally (although lightning strikes are actually an optical illusion, read on it, I’m too lazy too explain it to you). Just as the lightning merely touching my hair, I jumped a few steps behind. Talk about lucky, or did our body have a special mechanism to protect us from any harm?

Fast-forward two years ahead, when I saw my friend from afar, I decided to run to him, forgetting that I was on top of a steep hill with wet grasses, I fell a few meters lunging toward a sewage hole, uncovered, with no water, made out of concrete with a few metal shaft pointing upwards….I thought I was a goner. And suddenly, I seem to fell perfectly on top of my friend as he catches me, his feet fell into the drainage, but somehow he only suffers a tiny bruise, and I escaped death, unharmed. The moments between the events are only a mere seconds but somehow we managed to calculate our ways to solve the problem…as I fell, my body somehow figured out how to land on top of my friend, even though I didn’t know if he would save me anyway, and my friend, lunging towards me and calculating at which angle should he breaks my fall while minimizing the damage that he may suffer from falling into the drain. Till this day the event still baffles me when I couldn’t sleep at night.

So you ask me, what the hell does all of this have to do with placebo effect? Well, I was just explaining before how our body in a short moment of time, making quick decisions to minimalize or escape the dangers beforehand. How about those crazy people who pull out stunts such as eating a sword, stab themselves using sword, juggling swords, cutting a sword in two….okay enough of that. But they conduct these amazing feats with no harm to their body. I know, they practiced thousands of hours just to improve their skills, but they certainly didn’t take any drugs or anything to enhance their performances right? We usually see how this people perform meditations, eating some weird cure-all or something, practicing tedious rituals to help them with their performances….looking at it again, it all started with how our brain actually works, and this is just the warm ups for our discussion.

In several studies (no reference would be included, check them yourself, or else this post would be as thick as Reece  Biology 9th edition textbook) subjects are given a pill which the doctor told that it would alleviate their pain. And there’s another patient given another pill and was told that it could increase their pain. The thing is, both of the pills only contains sugar, yeah, they’re a placebo. But do you know what happened? Both patients experienced an alleviated pain and also an increase in pain. Moreover, when the subjects were told about the truth about those pills, the same effects still applies to them anyway. Meaning that, even when we know that the acai berry or whatever crap the people from any multi-level marketing tries to sell to you, the fake benefits still works on you. But I guess that would mean that it’s cheaper to invest in something less pricey. I mean, how about making your brain thinks that eating M&M’s could cure your diarrhea? Heck, I drink gatorade when I have migraine and it still works like a charm even though I’m skeptical about it.

Then again, there was always an opposite to something. Ever take a real working analgesic such as Ibuprofen and how it didn’t even work to stop the pain you get from straining all the muscles in your body? (It works for me actually, and I almost become an addict before someone introduced me to pepsi….and I still believe that there’s pepsin inside it, so I take it everyday for digestive aid…heck, it got less sugar then your favorite coca-cola and taste better anyway) This is what scientist called anti-placebo effect. Yeah, even when the medicine you’re taking is scientifically proven, it still won’t work on you due to your brain being a douchebag, suddenly become skeptic about a working medicine. I guess that’s why some people with weight problem still can’t bring fit into their old pants even after a rigorous, exercise to your death routine daily. Damn, how does our brain works anyway in the first place?

Oh yeah, I claim my rights to the term “auto-placebo induced effect”. Yeah…I’m pathetic and miserable….and lazy too….

Let’s discuss something: SAS

Good day to you, fellow netizens. Today I would like to discuss about something which have been bothering my mind for the past few months. It’s something that I like to call the “spirited-away syndrome”. Now I would like to ask you some question, have you ever encountered any person, which is physically healthy, and still have control over themselves for necessary activities such as eating and sleeping, but on the other hand lost control of their own life? Still confused? What I meant is that, they lost they lost their interests in doing something that they like, their hobbies, and also their passion, goals, etc. Why do I ask? Because I have encountered many of this type of people. Some are destined to be rich and successful but in the end, walk aimlessly, an empty vessel, which might respond to any stimulus but have no control of what they would like to do. They have free wills, but is empty on the inside. Wandering silently as people passes by.

As a Malaysian, I do at most times encountered some unexplainable phenomenon, where the even with the insight of modern science, no single answers could be obtained. I’m not skeptic, but I have a hard time on believing that this type of people become what they were due to the works of black magics and such. For the past few days, I have read an article on cracked and found out that the more intelligent you are, the easier for you to give up and crack under pressure. What if this supposedly spirited-away guys are just having a severe depression? What if they can be cured by the means of medical treatments?

At first let us review on the common symptoms of depression:


Depression varies from person to person, but there are some common signs and symptoms. It’s important to remember that these symptoms can be part of life’s normal lows. But the more symptoms you have, the stronger they are, and the longer they’ve lasted—the more likely it is that you’re dealing with depression. When these symptoms are overwhelming and disabling, that’s when it’s time to seek help.

Common signs and symptoms of depression

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. A bleak outlook—nothing will ever get better and there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation.
  • Loss of interest in daily activities. No interest in former hobbies, pastimes, social activities, or sex. You’ve lost your ability to feel joy and pleasure.
  • Appetite or weight changes. Significant weight loss or weight gain—a change of more than 5% of body weight in a month.
  • Sleep changes. Either insomnia, especially waking in the early hours of the morning, or oversleeping (also known as hypersomnia).
  • Anger or irritability. Feeling agitated, restless, or even violent. Your tolerance level is low, your temper short, and everything and everyone gets on your nerves.
  • Loss of energy. Feeling fatigued, sluggish, and physically drained. Your whole body may feel heavy, and even small tasks are exhausting or take longer to complete.
  • Self-loathing. Strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt. You harshly criticize yourself for perceived faults and mistakes.
  • Reckless behavior. You engage in escapist behavior such as substance abuse, compulsive gambling, reckless driving, or dangerous sports.
  • Concentration problems. Trouble focusing, making decisions, or remembering things.
  • Unexplained aches and pains. An increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles, and stomach pain.

I read on listverse before that scientists have proven that emotional pain is also physically painful. But what I don’t understand is that, how did someone who is on their way to success, living a happy and healthy life suddenly succumbs to depression, without any events which may psychologically affects their state of mind? Today they’re behaving normally, and the next day they suddenly become distanced and hollow. Any ideas on what happened to them or any treatment for such problems?

Games, tokusatsu and toys review 01/2013

Citation needed, this post is written in the midst of the night without any references and citations of sources…you can help by shut up and just read it already, it’s my post, not a wikipedia article! And of course, here’s a coiled potato skin baked in honey and cinnamon for the long post!

Di la la…la di…di la~ oh…it’s soo cute but gets annoying after a few while…what is it you asked? My new Furby 2012 of course…considered one of the best toys in 2012 [by whom?]. “A mind of it’s own”…yeah, of course…sometimes it laugh maniacally even when I didn’t tickle it and was 200 meters away from it…but still, I love all the personalities installed in this guy….my favorites are the singing princess (aww…sooo cute) and also the crazy dude (hey, he love jazz…that’s classy I tell ya..). I’m quite disappointed that the apps for the new furby are only available for some devices…and when I installed it in my Samsung Galaxy Y (I know that it’s cheap, so shut up!), the app got stuck in the “are you feeling upside down” screen…what a bummer…not only I couldn’t feed my furby using the app…but I also don’t have any idea what it’s talking about (furby speaks in furbish language). Meh…back in the box with you twerp!

Sorry, gotta remove your batteries...I don't want any leaking batteries corroding your circuits...

Sorry, gotta remove your batteries…I don’t want any leaking batteries corroding your circuits…


AROTU….AR O TU…RO2..Ragnarok Online 2!!

Disclaimer: This is an actual retelling of how I played the game

Finally, it came..yay….wait…why does it feel like a generic MMORPG….yay, only need to kill about 5-10 monsters…..wait a second…hmm…killed 10 Lvl 29 mobs…I’m level 28 assasin…wait what?? Only 1 percent of exp to next level….fortunately I finished the quest….4000 exp…and that’s…gasp…5%…dude…how am I gonna get to level 50 like this….oh well, let’s solo a boss or something…now pressing 9 for my potion bottles…what?? skill doesn’t exist….argh!! Only 3 more hits before that stupid toad king died…damn it!!! Argh..calm press 8 to be invisible…what the…why did the mob attack me…what, didn’t I just…. {you’re disconnected from the server, please go through the stupid login process for about 2-3 times…if our server is not full}

Yup, lag issues….this game is a huge lag fest…even the public chat called it “Lagnarok”. Although, I’m quite happy with the characters and monsters sticking to the original…but it just felt like a (ehem) clone or something….where’s the old jobs? Why didn’t we all start with a novice….where’s the 2nd job advancement..I want my assasin cross back..(and also the gunslinger..well, cause they rock!)..where’s the pet system…let’s take a look at the Korean server patches…hmm…other races?? Damn it, this isn’t WoW for god sake!! {Login timeout}

Which include events such as, “let’s wait a few hours in front of prontera fountain killing stupid flies while everyone lags!!”


Farcry 3

Ooops…should have done this months ago…oh well…it’s kinda nice really…but kinda having some lame animations which is sometimes quite absurd…for example, you got one bar left of your hp? Let’s break my finger to have full health…yay….back in action…somehow I could still use the gun with my hands…amazing…need some 3 leathers from a shark to make a bigger ammo pouch? Why not take only the guts instead of skinning the whole animal..oh well, that’s one down…let’s kill another 5 shall we…? Cause I have to make a new holster too…oh is that a mushroom? Acid trip….wooo…..yay…I’m underwater….hic*

If I heard the character saying…ughh..yuck!! again even after he skinned 100+ animals…I’m gonna let him get killed by a herd of cassowary!


L-I-O-N, LION!! 

Mahou tsukai, Kamen Rider Beast da!! Ooh…even though he’s being weird with the mayonnaise craze of his…he still looks cool to me…with more personality than Wizard…I still love how the characters got shocked that Nitou Kousuke was actually a primordial mage…who eats the Mana of phantoms…gotta love that jingle go ch-ch-ch-ch chameleo (why only lion have “N” sound in the end is still a mystery to me..I mean…chameleo, dolphi, falco??)

No one would know that I’m RaToraTah! Thanks gentarou for the hair gel!

And there you have it…if you don’t have anything better to do, please give me some comments on what I should review about next time…and do not hesitate to follow my twitter too…much obliged. [cleanup needed].

P/s: Oh yeah, next time I would post a review on windows 8. Stay tuned! (tuned…cause, it’s a monitor…like tuning to a’re surfing my pa….you know…just forget it…)

Yorokoi, ore wa ikiteru!!

Yo, minna-san! Sono kao wa, hen da na….orewa shin ja nee yo! Or whatever that was supposed to mean anyway…it just came up to my mind just now…correct me if it actually translate as, “I have diarrhea for the last few months!” or something like that…After reading reviews about the house of leaves, it came to me that you could write anything according to your own style, so, to the hell with all of those stupid writing formats that we learn for MUET…(but still, don’t give the wrong impression for your job resume).


So tomorrow I’m going back to Unisel….huh..sigh..another…well… the hell with it…I’m determined to crush the Malaysian university education system anyway…screw all those time cowering in the corner being depressed and all. Still…I kinda regretted joking around with my roomies that we’ll be staying in tents for the rest of the next semester…yep, for those who still don’t know,  under JAN suggestion alongside JAN and JKT, the hostel would undergo maintenance to repair damages as well as figuring out how to solve the soil problems (as the hostels were built on a mining area) for about a year…so…we’re pretty much screwed up already…goodbye to those lazy days…now if I overslept in the morning…I guess that’s minus -5% to my class attendance rate…sob…sob…(hell yeah, that’ll be a good excuse..or not…)

Maybe if we could zoom in a little, you could see that there’s no router and a door without locks…or is that my imagination..hmmm…

So anyway, I’m really impressed that somehow animax had remove all the korean shows..but now viewers succumbs to watching reruns of shows which have been up for the past few years or so..oh well, back to online anime (yay, piracy…no, bad Fenty…bad alter ego, you should be ashamed of yourself…just kidding). And for the past few weeks (after the new year) things have gone slo….I mean…very slow..some…oops…I forgot..there’s a new law on piracy in Japan…yay…back to the land of reposts and ca…I mean…9gag…

I mean, I didn’t upload any torrents…I swear…hey, wait a sec, I’m too lazy editing photos, this might have works…yeah…I’m gonna do this again for the next few post!

Goodbye 2012, hello 2014…wait, I thought this year is 2011…weird….

Site update: 29/11/12 4:00PM GMT +8.00

Yo, hisashiburi da na! So some of you wondered where the hell my blog is all this time. Well, it is always here dimwit! Unless you’re using apple maps (oops) this blog stays here, in the internet. Just forget all of that….I don’t have any idea for an opening. Meh, what am I kidding about. Stay tune egg yolks for new update (which no one ever read anyway).

Using IOS map to search for my blog…..well, of course you won’t find it using a real map pinhead!!

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