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The idiot loses again

Bled and bled again,
o~ruptured heart,
it felt like ecstasy,
I enjoy it, yet at the same time,
a burning, stinging pain unlike anything I've ever felt,
why, there's nothing to be afraid of,
let's tear another hole into the heart,
isn't that what you've always wished for?

Love, dreams, happiness,
what else do I have to lose,
crushed, severed, bled, broken and lost,
I've cursed myself, the creator, fate, destiny, anything I could think of,
yet nothing changed,
still bleeding,
I accepted the truth like a sore loser,
and continued dreaming...

To dream or to accept reality,
accepting reality, and then?
To kill, or to curse?
Which is it? Slowly but painful?
Epic fairy tale? Something impossible to happen?
Even if I accept reality I'll continue dreaming,
it's easier to dream anyway, so I'll just continue sleeping.

Only the soul left intact,
inside the thorny little vessel,
when is the next game? Will it ever come?
This time, I'll bet my humanity,
agony, wrath, delusion, confusion,
to hell with that...I'll just continue sleeping,
wake me up when the nightmare comes,
I'd already thrown my humanity by then,
and so, the vicious cycle repeats,
a man in delusion,
an idiot in confusion,
loses again...

Discussion: The Placebo Effect

Hello there netizens, I decided that from this moment onwards that I should loosen up a bit of the formality when writing about something to debate. Yeah, I know, following the scientific writing guidelines is a necessity when discussing about certain topics, but hey, if it exist for our own good that means we can ignore it once in a while right? So I won’t give reference or any credits to other people who I got my information from. So all of you plagiarism police can shot me down any moment, but I just need you to know that I wrote this without copy pasting some people works. Yeah, I wrote this out of my own opinion so all you skeptics out there can do whatever you want in the comments section. Just don’t send me spam for god sake, they’re more annoying than grammer nazi’s out there (but you’re welcome to post so that I could improve my writings in the future though). And no, I won’t insert any stock images in this post to protect your brain from overloading or cure the boredom which is caused by you reading my post….last but not least, I won’t give you a potato for the long post, go get it yourself! It’s only a few cents, unless you’re living in you know…where a single potato cost a fortune…

Okay, where to start….just a few hours ago I was watching Game Theory (re-watching for the umpteenth time actually) and I came to the part where Matthew Patrick the maker (director, editor, priest) of the video was talking about how the placebo effect affecting our body. Oh come on, you probably have read about it a few times across the internet, where some random guy stopped a car heading his way with just his bare fist, or the guy who survived an accident unscathed. No, I don’t believe in miracles and magic despite being religious. For me, each and everything in this world had it’s own explanation, regardless of how unacceptably insane it is. I have my own share of how the placebo effect happens to me. When I was a kid I was prone to deadly situations all the time due to my own foolishness (hey, kids just being kids) at one time I was at my school when I was in primary four (4th graders to those living outside countries using british systems) for a function, arriving early with two of my friends, we were watching the cloudy skies at 7:00 in the morning, and out of the sudden, a lightning strikes just above our heads, in mere seconds my friends already jumped for cover, leaving me behind for a head shot literally (although lightning strikes are actually an optical illusion, read on it, I’m too lazy too explain it to you). Just as the lightning merely touching my hair, I jumped a few steps behind. Talk about lucky, or did our body have a special mechanism to protect us from any harm?

Fast-forward two years ahead, when I saw my friend from afar, I decided to run to him, forgetting that I was on top of a steep hill with wet grasses, I fell a few meters lunging toward a sewage hole, uncovered, with no water, made out of concrete with a few metal shaft pointing upwards….I thought I was a goner. And suddenly, I seem to fell perfectly on top of my friend as he catches me, his feet fell into the drainage, but somehow he only suffers a tiny bruise, and I escaped death, unharmed. The moments between the events are only a mere seconds but somehow we managed to calculate our ways to solve the problem…as I fell, my body somehow figured out how to land on top of my friend, even though I didn’t know if he would save me anyway, and my friend, lunging towards me and calculating at which angle should he breaks my fall while minimizing the damage that he may suffer from falling into the drain. Till this day the event still baffles me when I couldn’t sleep at night.

So you ask me, what the hell does all of this have to do with placebo effect? Well, I was just explaining before how our body in a short moment of time, making quick decisions to minimalize or escape the dangers beforehand. How about those crazy people who pull out stunts such as eating a sword, stab themselves using sword, juggling swords, cutting a sword in two….okay enough of that. But they conduct these amazing feats with no harm to their body. I know, they practiced thousands of hours just to improve their skills, but they certainly didn’t take any drugs or anything to enhance their performances right? We usually see how this people perform meditations, eating some weird cure-all or something, practicing tedious rituals to help them with their performances….looking at it again, it all started with how our brain actually works, and this is just the warm ups for our discussion.

In several studies (no reference would be included, check them yourself, or else this post would be as thick as Reece  Biology 9th edition textbook) subjects are given a pill which the doctor told that it would alleviate their pain. And there’s another patient given another pill and was told that it could increase their pain. The thing is, both of the pills only contains sugar, yeah, they’re a placebo. But do you know what happened? Both patients experienced an alleviated pain and also an increase in pain. Moreover, when the subjects were told about the truth about those pills, the same effects still applies to them anyway. Meaning that, even when we know that the acai berry or whatever crap the people from any multi-level marketing tries to sell to you, the fake benefits still works on you. But I guess that would mean that it’s cheaper to invest in something less pricey. I mean, how about making your brain thinks that eating M&M’s could cure your diarrhea? Heck, I drink gatorade when I have migraine and it still works like a charm even though I’m skeptical about it.

Then again, there was always an opposite to something. Ever take a real working analgesic such as Ibuprofen and how it didn’t even work to stop the pain you get from straining all the muscles in your body? (It works for me actually, and I almost become an addict before someone introduced me to pepsi….and I still believe that there’s pepsin inside it, so I take it everyday for digestive aid…heck, it got less sugar then your favorite coca-cola and taste better anyway) This is what scientist called anti-placebo effect. Yeah, even when the medicine you’re taking is scientifically proven, it still won’t work on you due to your brain being a douchebag, suddenly become skeptic about a working medicine. I guess that’s why some people with weight problem still can’t bring fit into their old pants even after a rigorous, exercise to your death routine daily. Damn, how does our brain works anyway in the first place?

Oh yeah, I claim my rights to the term “auto-placebo induced effect”. Yeah…I’m pathetic and miserable….and lazy too….

#1 Rebel with a cause: University Law

Hello there, it’s been a while since my last post on the net. As usual, whenever I started a post with this kind of title, it means that this post would be a little bit (or mild, or spicy) controversial topic. For the past few months I always backing up Unisel. But today it would be different as I would discuss on the flaws of Unisel instead. (Oh boy, the government would love this spicy delicacy)

Looking at the title of this post is already more than enough hint to what I’m going to focus on. Yes, I’m going to talk about the law, but there’s also a few other issues that I would tell you later on. I only have enough diligence to state one, and my favourite in the list of “Unisel failure”.

 80% class attendance rate

Nothing seems wrong with this right? Well, you’re up for a spin when I give supporting facts why this rule is a huge flaw:

Some of the lecturers insists on official letters from the doctors for your absence. Other than that, consider you’re barred from the exams when you reached more than 20% of absence. But was it really that reasonable?

Exhibit A, Hostels to clinic distance:

In actual distance, it is very far

Yeah, like Unisel have a bus service that goes around the campus all of the time, I would have even go to the clinic for weekly check ups.

Considering the distance from the clinic to your hostel, would you even have the strength to visit the clinic? I mean, just to get an MC letter? And then what? They told you to get some rest and gives you antibiotics or analgesics and drink plenty of water. Not worth your time. But I know you would ask, “come on, don’t you have vehicles”?. Considering most of us can afford a Ferrari(sarcasm), we’re even reduced to eating instant noodle most of the time….very rich right?

Exhibit B, Do you see what’s wrong in this picture?

Well, as you can see in this picture, there is no sign of car at all within the compound. The parking area is reserved for motorcycles. Yeah, we have vehicles, but is it easy top go around the campus, in bad weather? Unisel is famous for it’s extreme weather pattern, desert like temperature in certain days….and heavy rain all week long. Again, you would ask me “it can’t be that everyone’s too poor to get a car?”. Well, a lot of it. But outside of the hostel compound. We can bring in cars in the rain…after getting drenched walking to the nearest parking area and have your pants covered in a bit dirt.

Exhibit C, walking in the rain

As I said earlier, Unisel is infamous for extreme weather. The rain usually comes with a dose of powerful wind and also lightning strikes, which is bad even if you have an umbrella, and of course, the worst case scenario for Astraphobic guys (like me). This is only the route for the closest faculty, wait till you see the route to another faculty (which I’m too lazy to edit with this….skills I have).

Additional facts (biased): The students in several other universities out there(particularly the U.S) would laugh at me for this one. They even make jokes like “A freshman didn’t attend the class yesterday and gave MC letter to the professor, the professor didn’t even know what to do with the letter”. Yeah, I know….it sucks…you can’t even schedule your classes after a night of…well…damn it…I’m going to say date…but I never even have a girlfriend. Carry on…. 

Well there you have it…I’m hungry and didn’t even have enough determination to write more…and considering the mentality of netizens today, this post contain too much words….which is….well….would only be read by those with interests in such issues. DFJ, signing out for today. Have a great time of your life!

P/s: Yeah, now I started to realize why the slow infrastructure development….Unisel doesn’t have any money.

University: Of IQ and ignorance

Good evening to whoever reaches this dark and lonely corner of the cyberspace. Today we’re going to talk about something sensitive (as usual) on the mentality of university students (college students if you’re from the US, thanks for the visit by the way) in my country (check my IP, I don’t want to get caught for this, but thanks netizens for not supporting internet censoring).

We start out with a simple question, where is the IQ of a university student? Is it in the name? Or is it in the way they execute action or the way they think? Well, in this country there’s no such  thing as a “thinking” type of students. Brainwashed by the government since primary(elementary) school, students are taught based on a certain syllabus which is pro-government(the current one by date which ruled over a few decades). Yes, you heard that right. The syllabus was created for that sole purpose and instead of learning the essentials, the students are subject to being guinea pigs (being experimented along the way) and becoming a pet….well, let’s imagine this shall we?

You got a new puppy (sorry for muslims, this is just an example) and you want to teach him a new tricks. At the same time you want it to only obeys you and only you. Instead of using scientific methods, you just force your dog to do what you want it to do, ignoring what it really needed at that time. But of course, that is different with cats of course….

Cats, cute and cuddly…but highly independent. Fed em too much and it’ll be to dependant on you. In moderation, the cat’s still loyal to you but act according to his will. This is the type of students which the elitist fear a lot. One who do things according to his free will but still abide the law. Someone who think outside of the box. Instead of believing whatever they see on mass media and textbook, they tend to do a research upon certain matters. But of course, it is highly rare of them to see the glory of their deliverance of the truth due to getting caught by the authorities, without a reasonable excuse.

You still can catch up with this horrible lecture? I admire you for having a large amount of neurons within your brain and not falling apart due to listening to your limbic system and instead trusting your logics.

Back to the topic. Here in my country students, no matter how wealthy or poor they are could enter the university…but here’s the catch. The IPTA (public university, controlled by federal govt.) is really cheap…by “cheap” I also mean the other meaning of cheap. Example:

You’re a post A-level/foundation/etc. graduate and get an offer for a certain course in the IPTA. You got an official offer letter from the university stating that you got….let say….Multimedia Science with the fee of 24k. It is stated that you only need to pay about 8k as you’re being supported by the federal government (a discount, not a scholarship) and was highlighted on a certain point (federal govt., support, highlighted with different font and striking colours/colors). Get it? A pathetic attempt to scare away students if they’re against the govt. Kinda like a blackmail with sweets inside them filled with morphine.

Really? The federal is controlling the students? That’s preposterous! Well….that’s what I said anyway when I first entered the University(corporatized one by the way). I mean, there’s no proof of it. Of course if you don’t look up on it you’ll never know. Student’s who’re against the govt. are usually prosecuted in some kind of humiliation over the media (net or mass) and of course….abolished from the University grounds. Hey, we’d already experience it anyway. Because our university is owned (not wholly) by the opposition state govt. they prosecuted us by:

1. Denying the national education loan to us (yes, only the students in my university)

2. Humiliating us by giving the University a bad name across the media

3. Cooperating with the insiders in our university institution to sabotage the opposition which also results in damaging the students along the way.

Here’s the deal, why did the federal only attacked our university? Well, maybe because it’s the only one which is owned (not wholly) by the opposition govt. But why the students need to suffer along the way? Isn’t it already enough to fight outside of the university compound? Why bring it inside?

Only we (the student of the establishment) know of the feelings….before this we’re being ignorant on how politics would affect everything…but by now…we all know, it’s all lies….paradise lost….bringing pain and suffering…but because of that, we’ve seen the truth…and we grow up, one step at a time. DF, signing out. The truth exists within the darkness….

Survival: Under the crossfire

Still standing after a full frontal assault

Yo minna-san, hisashiburi da na. Ogenki desuka? Ore? Chotto warui da na…demo, shinpai surunda….”nankuruneisa” oboetoke!

It’s been a long time since I last posted something…yeah, yeah…another boring long post (before that here’s a potato)…

So what’s going on these days with my life? Under the political crossfire, the fellow Uniselian barely survived…here’s some truth that you should know about Unisel in the present time, without bias and from the perspective of the student itself (please support me if somehow I got caught due to 114A evidence act)

University of Selangor, Status: Surviving political crossfire


JNSB, a crony of the *ehem* govt. with a tender of 30 years (thanks to corruption) with the mandate from their boss are torturing the student with :-

a. Not doing any maintenance to the hostels over a long period of time

Their argument: Unisel didn’t pay them for over 17 months, workers doesn’t get paid

Counter-argument: 1.They don’t have CF for several buildings, 2.they idiotically share their payment account with Unisel, 3.they asked fees from Unisel even on holidays and also from unoccupied buildings, 4.why on earth does the worker even work for 17 straight month (isn’t it illogical that they work for free when they don’t get paid??). Why on earth do they start to complaint only when it’s near the general election??

b. Starving the students, so that the students blame the state government instead

How they do it: By forcefully closing the food stalls in front of the FCSIT building, near the hostels.

How they benefit from it:1.Students are forced to either eat at the overpriced and unsanitary cafe (which have worms inside their foods) 2.The mini market at the cafe can charge students according to their will for any foodstuffs. 3. Students are forced to go to the Student Centre located as far away from the hostels and faculty, which tires the student out, wasting energy, money and brainpower to go to lectures. 4.Inflation of groceries everywhere.

Foot note: Although unisel is under the state govt. the administrations are  still under the management of ‘individual corporations’ (it should be read as , ‘under syarikat swasta yang juga kroni kepada pihak tertentu’).

There’s a lot more stuff to be exposed, but I’ll save it for later. That’s when I play my ‘saigo no kirifuda’.

P/s: We’re studying and playing just like nothing happened. The mass media just toying with the public, exaggerating facts and playing the same old issues….

Conflicts, Unisel, PTPN, Politics


It’s been a while since I posted something. Today I’m going to discuss an oven fresh topic to open the eyes of the Malaysian youth. Malaysians have a certain kind of mindsets which is, I can’t say much about it with just a few words. We’re born and raised to believe everything that we heard and what our parents believed in or we’re the kind of person labelled as the ‘opposer’. Malaysian youths are exposed to entertainments 24 hours a day, be it video games, drama, musics and etceteras of hedonisms. It’s okay to have fun once in a while to release stress but not in the way that we forgot to do our work, whether if it means studying, researching or finding a bit of wealth to spoon fed ourselves. From entertainment, youths become too obsessed with it and started to overlook or didn’t even pay any attention to the bigger picture in our lives. I’m sorry to say this but Malaysians follow other people like “a baby tied to a blind and deaf man”. Try to imagine that, as most Malaysians doesn’t understand direct, straightforward message and only retaliate when they’re  ridiculed or taunted.

When I went for dinner with a friend a few days back, we started to talk about the current issues in Malaysia. Afterwards, he told me that before this, students in the IPT’s in general had a mindset that politics have nothing to do with students. But as what happened this week, politic does have their implications upon students. When PTPTN was halted for the new Unisel students, many people point their fingers to the State Government, blaming their manifestos and promises. And how does our ministry of higher education and deputy prime minister reacts to it? This is what they have said, with similar words, just like a written script for a drama:

“We only wanted to ensure that the State Government are fulfilling their promises”

        Yeah, right…..but what they had done simply make the federal government looks like their barricading from the opposition using the body of us student as their human shield. Much like the story of” Swordfish attacks Singapore”. That’s simply stupid and show that the government is full of cowards. And what happened after the announcement? We haven’t heard anything about it from any BN related media and news. And after a few days, they decided to lift the ban? But why? It’s because they’re afraid. Afraid of the voters, and the state government fulfilling their promise. The state government decided to help the 1000 new intake students by selling a few lands to accumulate RM 30 Million to support the students. Bad move I said. That only provokes more people and in the process helped their enemies.

Despite all of that, Unisel itself had a certain internal issues and conflicts. Mainly in the administration, and suffered most in the main branch of Bestari Jaya. Who the heck in the world causes all this problems? Well, it’s the previous owner of Unisel of course! And now the new owner takes all the problems, blames, lands full of deserts and old buildings. Bribery and foul play in the past had significant effect to the institution. For instance, the paint that should be used on the IT faculty (FCSIT) are the right colour of course, but the quality of the paint in the paperworks are supposed to be the type of paint used on ships. Yes, you read that right. Paint that is used on ships, that won’t be affected by sea water and rain, lasting longer than house paint. And what did they use to paint the faculty? Normal house paint, that’s what they used. Even the staffs that was forced to quit last year was also…..cough….people who support BN. And this is only a few problems, for more you should ask the students or lecturers who knows a bit about the conflicts, and of course, the student council who knows almost everything, if they’re not reluctant to tell you about it.

Conclusions? Simple. Don’t follow everything aimlessly, don’t think that something small had no impact on you, don’t get mad at people without doing research……and of course, don’t get yourself caught by….well….whatever you think that might caught you first……Oh, and hedonism is bad. Now hit me with sarcasms, and mock me with your best shots, with my hands tied to your neck.

Mentality: The Fidelity of our brain

Am I talking about electric devices today? No, I am not. But I do want to share with the readers the other definition of fidelity which is the quality of being faithful. Now what does that have to do with the title of this post. I’m getting there, but for the sake of a little adventure in this long and treacherous words, let me tell you a few off the tracks story. Or maybe it  wasn’t. Whatever, just keep on reading. If you dare that is.

Sitting in front of the monitor screen with only a few hours spent on paying my sleep debt, I came across a peculiar news in an online news which is sorry for me to say quite infested with parasites like most media nowadays. It reads a student of certain federal university in Malaysia died from quite a fall due to depression problems or whatever stated there. Oh no, that’s not all. Here’s where the story get’s even better. The deputy vice chancellor of the institute with a Ph.D. otherwise he would never get the title Dr. Am I right. Okay, enough of those ramblings. This is some of the informations encrypted within the article which I extracted professionally. “Alas poor lass, she died due to those demons within her body which possessed her”. Wait, didn’t they just said just now she died of ‘depression’. What does the netherworld have to do with this? Now we’re close to digging out those sausages. If you wondered what I meant just now it’s just that I don’t quite have the taste for nuggets, that’s all.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the existence of demons and all. As one faithful to the revelations of the last prophet, I had to accept their existence. Not blind folded but through research and logical thinking. Now here’s the problem. ‘Meleis’,(may the lord forgive me for using cultural ‘memes’  in my grammar) always (or should I say most of the times whichever suits the situation I guess) believed in these weird superstitions without ever looking at the big pictures. This leads to an event where even a great doctor or ‘doc’ for short,  metathesized into ‘dork’. When people died (especially ‘Meleis’) here in this country the first thing that they ask is “did anybody noticed anything different about the deceased before he left the building?”. Preposterous I’d say. Death comes neither too fast or too slow, no one can meddle with it.

Now back to the topic. Do you think that our mind is being faithful to us or that it’s just fiddling with us? When I entered my current apartment almost one year ago, my seniors being kind and all always reminded us to take care as the place is haunted or so. The next day, awakened by the sound of the megaphones (don’t ask why) I found my ex house mate listening to the holy verse recital on youtube. Trembled, he told me that last night a certain phantom chases him in the house. Now I know for sure the place is haunted, or isn’t it just something in our mind. I stayed alone in the apartment for countless weekends, not to mention long holidays within empty compounds of the hostel area. I discovered something alright. Nothing. It’s only been our imagination. You see, I believed that demons are like viruses which infects our mind. When we felt weak at heart or when we ever doubt ourselves they entered our bloodstreams and that’s when they make us hallucinate without the help of weeds nor cracks. Sure, student’s life was really stressful but don’t immediately seeks the witch doctor or the ustadz before you even pray to the lord first (I mean it). I repeat, It’s all in your head. Your minds betrayed you. So seek the neurologist or psychiatrist first before consulting the religious scholar for god sake. Sometimes it’s just a physiological or psychological problems. Our minds betrayed us, most of the times. No, I should say every time.

Don’t let our fears and discontent haunt us for life. I’m not selling any Mcspirituality here. The words here are well encrypted and can only be understood through logical thinkings and researches. Don’t just read the top and the bottom and deduce a stupid conclusion. Let your mind “grow a spine” (actually they’re linked). Now get back to your life and think about it. Simple right? Chances are they’re just something in your head. Get it? Oh, I give up………….


On a sleepless night,

The image of you appeared,

This heart that longed for you,

Kept writhing in pain.

A day without thinking about you,

A day without a news from you,

A day where you never existed,

The thought of it frightened me,

Will you always be there for me someday?


When you’re sad,

When you’re angry,

When you’re happy,

Will I ever satisfy your heart?

Like a beautiful flower,

Made of sharp glasses,

That’s what you are,

Does a creature such as I,

Worthy enough to possess  you?

Driven mad by you,

My heart aches every moment,

The emptiness in my soul,

Kept tearing me apart.

Slowly, day by day,

I decay on each passing of time,

Slowly rotting away,

Unable to break free from the chain,

I suffer from despair….


For you,

I don’t care if my soul,

Torn apart bit by bit,

For you,

I don’t care if my existence,

Wiped out in a flash….

Is there an end to this madness?

Would this pain disappear,

Only when I’m dead?

I pray everyday for strength,

To protect that smile of yours.

I never tell you,

How much I love you,

You never know,

The pain that’s slowly,

Shattering me apart,

An insignificant existence,

A hollow creature,

Longing for you,

I don’t care how many times I bled,

Holding you, the fragile glass rose,

Even if I destroyed myself in the process,

I will protect you,

Cause I will never let you go….

The Hell’s with Unisel WiFi

Ehem…aku tak nak cakap banyak la pasal Unisel coz aku memang sayang Unisel tpi yang bengongnya satu jer….Unisel WiFi. Then korang akan tanya aku, “Psal ngan WiFi, laju jer?”. You might say that but did you realize laju tyme korang tengok apa? Facebook je kan. Bandwith sampai 130 mbps tpi yang dapatnya sekitar 20kb jer pada hari biasa (hari kuliah). Even on weekend the most that you can get is 100kb. Compared ngan sebulan lepas where hari biasa skitar 100kb and 1mb during non busy hours. I lol’d at that you know. Jauh beza tu brader. IP smua kongsi dalam Unisel WiFi. Admin ckap Unisel WiFi block laki….tpi takkan 1 jer server untuk blok laki. I see that gurlz pnyer asrama had a lot of streamyx hotspot so why at the men’s hostel they can’t do the same? Bcoz when shared by a lot of people the bandwith would be high and sorang akan dapat lbih kurang 15mb (pc lama) and 26mb (pc baru) instead of full duplex (130mb). Unisel WiFi coverage smpai kafe so of coz lambakan orang kat cafe causes the internet speed to decrease drastically. From what I know is that Unisel WiFi server use nginx instead of lighttpd so I’ll leave that up to the IT pro’s out there. Aku tak kesah ban porn websites coz aku lagi suka camtu, xdelah housemate duduk kat corner dalam glap tngok blue. Tpi yg x puas hati dia block youtube and file sharing website. Dia block gak Livescore (yg xde kena mengena) dan jgak Online games. Weh, ktorang byar kot WiFi tu. Bgi svice tahap cipan btol. N then dengan bangganya para admin unisel bagitau mereka tlah berjaya hack PC students. Macam ni boleh saman ni, about ratus ribu cam2 aku bleh install streamyx server VIP kat Unisel ni……dan masalah demi masalah mula membelenggu Unisel dan menjadikannya lebih feymes. D.F.J raging out!

Ahaks, joke for my Matrix lecturer. Jangan marah ye....


Truth: MY Mentality

A few months ago I had already talked about some stupid things in MY. To tell u the truth, all of it actually started from the mentality of MY people. So today I’m gonna talk bout some bad trait of MY people…..I hope my people of MY will eventually change for the better…

MY people are actually racist…especially people in the peninsular region. No need for any stupid propaganda or slogan to unite the citizens as it all started in our root. Yes, it all begins with the BT empire over a few hundred years ago. The races in this land had been divided into a specific work task. But really that was history….supposedly the citizen of the land of MY should already forget about this as Dr. M once said but I shoulda revise it….”human forgot easily”. Yes, this is the truth.  It’s even mentioned in the holy quran and how many times did god give warnings and signs for them to remember?? Countless!

It’s good enough the dispute in MY only between those 3 main races. Luckily my people of Borneo region did not join in the dispute. As a half Malay and half Dusun I had seen a lot of things with this eyes and usually the half people are the best in giving their opinions and resolution of a certain dispute. But I wuz wrong sometimes….and also right at the same time. There is no right and wrong in this world.

Cuba ambik pengajaran dari cerita ini. Cerita ini aku dengar dari kawan aku seorang pendakwah muda yang cukup meyentuh sanubariku. Pada suatu hari seorang lelaki pergi ke tepi laut dan mencedok sedikit air laut kedalam sebuah cawan. Lalu dia pun pergi bertemu orang kampungnya dan berkata “ini adalah kebenaran”. Kemudian datang pula orang kedua dengan satu dram air laut. Lalu dia pun berkata “inilah kebenaran”. Kemudian orang ketiga datang dengan lori minyak yang tangkinya dipenuhi air laut. Lalu dia berkata “mereka berdusta, inilah kebenaran yang hakiki”. Lalu semua orang di kampung itu pergi kepada orang ketiga tadi. Padahal, air laut yang setangki itu tidak mewakili keseluruhan 7 lautan pun. So, adakah itu kebenaran yang hakiki? Setakat cakap dengan ayat yang sedap didengar dan meyakinkan sudah cukup untuk membuatkan orang lain percaya. Umat islam di MY especially di peninsular as biasanya di peninsular ni lah rebel2 and orang munafik ni berkumpul. Main hentam and fitnah orang je. Ada satu isu, dapat je terus dihentamnya tanpa usul periksa. Inikah Islam namanya. Aku bagi 1 contoh, baru2 ni ada satu negeri bagi fatwa pasal larangan penggunaan speaker untuk membaca Al-Quran time subuh. Bila aku baca komen kat berita harian, Alhamdulillah. Ada orang siap bagi dalil daripada hadis sahih pulak tu. But then I read komen kat bawah yang berbunyi “inilah kalau agama dipolitikkan”. Wei….tak baca komen ke, ada hadis nabi lagi tu?  Nauzubillah….kan ayat pertama yang Allah bagi berbunyi “bacalah dengan nama tuhan yang menciptakanmu”. Ayat ni kalau dikaji and dalam standard SPM pun akan diulas sebagai satu perintah kepada umat islam untuk membaca dan mengkaji. So why aku nampak ramai yang bodoh sangat langsung tak mengkaji apa2 pun main hentam je. Ikut je apa yang orang dulu2 buat. Ikut je certain amalan yang nampak islamik 2 walhal hadis yang diikut tu hadis munkar and hanya bida’ah dari umat islam rantau kita yang mencampur adukkan kepercayaan lama mereka. Kalau aku sentuh banyak2 nanti ada orang mengamuk plak cakap “dari nenek moyang kita lagi buat benda tuh kau cakap tak betul? Kau ni memang kafir la!”. Satu lagi kebodohan orang islam MY dimana suka sebut “kau ni kafir betul la”. Walhal paling teruk seorang islam boleh dapat ialah fasik. Itupun kalau nak cakap kena cermin dulu diri dia. Betul ke cukup solat 5 waktu. Selalu bercakap benar ke? Akhlaknya macam mana? Suka mencarut atau tidak? Ha biasanya orang begini yang kononya berjihad di jalan agama tapi lupa jihad yang paling besar ialah jihad melawan nafsu. Menuntut ilmu pun jihad kalau nak tahu. So orang inilah yang menjual agama kita. So sad minda umat islam di MY dah sesat walhal Rasulullah bagi pesan “aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang jika kamu ikut kamu tidak akan sesat selamanya. Yakni Al-Quran dan hadis”. Tapi sayangnya….semua ikut sedap hati jer…..nafsu manusia….. D.F.J signing out



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