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Games, tokusatsu and toys review 01/2013

Citation needed, this post is written in the midst of the night without any references and citations of sources…you can help by shut up and just read it already, it’s my post, not a wikipedia article! And of course, here’s a coiled potato skin baked in honey and cinnamon for the long post!

Di la la…la di…di la~ oh…it’s soo cute but gets annoying after a few while…what is it you asked? My new Furby 2012 of course…considered one of the best toys in 2012 [by whom?]. “A mind of it’s own”…yeah, of course…sometimes it laugh maniacally even when I didn’t tickle it and was 200 meters away from it…but still, I love all the personalities installed in this guy….my favorites are the singing princess (aww…sooo cute) and also the crazy dude (hey, he love jazz…that’s classy I tell ya..). I’m quite disappointed that the apps for the new furby are only available for some devices…and when I installed it in my Samsung Galaxy Y (I know that it’s cheap, so shut up!), the app got stuck in the “are you feeling upside down” screen…what a bummer…not only I couldn’t feed my furby using the app…but I also don’t have any idea what it’s talking about (furby speaks in furbish language). Meh…back in the box with you twerp!

Sorry, gotta remove your batteries...I don't want any leaking batteries corroding your circuits...

Sorry, gotta remove your batteries…I don’t want any leaking batteries corroding your circuits…


AROTU….AR O TU…RO2..Ragnarok Online 2!!

Disclaimer: This is an actual retelling of how I played the game

Finally, it came..yay….wait…why does it feel like a generic MMORPG….yay, only need to kill about 5-10 monsters…..wait a second…hmm…killed 10 Lvl 29 mobs…I’m level 28 assasin…wait what?? Only 1 percent of exp to next level….fortunately I finished the quest….4000 exp…and that’s…gasp…5%…dude…how am I gonna get to level 50 like this….oh well, let’s solo a boss or something…now pressing 9 for my potion bottles…what?? skill doesn’t exist….argh!! Only 3 more hits before that stupid toad king died…damn it!!! Argh..calm press 8 to be invisible…what the…why did the mob attack me…what, didn’t I just…. {you’re disconnected from the server, please go through the stupid login process for about 2-3 times…if our server is not full}

Yup, lag issues….this game is a huge lag fest…even the public chat called it “Lagnarok”. Although, I’m quite happy with the characters and monsters sticking to the original…but it just felt like a (ehem) clone or something….where’s the old jobs? Why didn’t we all start with a novice….where’s the 2nd job advancement..I want my assasin cross back..(and also the gunslinger..well, cause they rock!)..where’s the pet system…let’s take a look at the Korean server patches…hmm…other races?? Damn it, this isn’t WoW for god sake!! {Login timeout}

Which include events such as, “let’s wait a few hours in front of prontera fountain killing stupid flies while everyone lags!!”


Farcry 3

Ooops…should have done this months ago…oh well…it’s kinda nice really…but kinda having some lame animations which is sometimes quite absurd…for example, you got one bar left of your hp? Let’s break my finger to have full health…yay….back in action…somehow I could still use the gun with my hands…amazing…need some 3 leathers from a shark to make a bigger ammo pouch? Why not take only the guts instead of skinning the whole animal..oh well, that’s one down…let’s kill another 5 shall we…? Cause I have to make a new holster too…oh is that a mushroom? Acid trip….wooo…..yay…I’m underwater….hic*

If I heard the character saying…ughh..yuck!! again even after he skinned 100+ animals…I’m gonna let him get killed by a herd of cassowary!


L-I-O-N, LION!! 

Mahou tsukai, Kamen Rider Beast da!! Ooh…even though he’s being weird with the mayonnaise craze of his…he still looks cool to me…with more personality than Wizard…I still love how the characters got shocked that Nitou Kousuke was actually a primordial mage…who eats the Mana of phantoms…gotta love that jingle go ch-ch-ch-ch chameleo (why only lion have “N” sound in the end is still a mystery to me..I mean…chameleo, dolphi, falco??)

No one would know that I’m RaToraTah! Thanks gentarou for the hair gel!

And there you have it…if you don’t have anything better to do, please give me some comments on what I should review about next time…and do not hesitate to follow my twitter too…much obliged. [cleanup needed].

P/s: Oh yeah, next time I would post a review on windows 8. Stay tuned! (tuned…cause, it’s a monitor…like tuning to a’re surfing my pa….you know…just forget it…)

Anime and games review

Minna-san, ogenki desuka ka? Now for what you have been waiting for….it’s J~Review


Shakugan no Shana III(Final)

I’ve been waiting for another season of this much anticipated anime. In this new season, we’re shocked by the awesome intro of the new season. Shana is fighting thousands of monster and shortly after a few battle she confront a man with a long hair….and it’s Yuji, as the leader of the Bal Masque….what the hell happened? It seems that during the Christmas Yuji suddenly disappeared and what left of him was the two letters for Kazumi and Shana. As we know if a torch has disappeared everything regarding his existence would disappear. In the end of the first episode, Yuji was revived and become the leader of the Bal Masque. The OP and ED of this season was quite good. The OP sung by the usual, Kotoko titled Light my Fire was pretty catchy. The ED by Altima, I’ll Believe had a slow start but after a few minutes the pace speeds up and the rap was pretty nice. My score?? Considering the surprises and nice theme songs, I give it 4.5/5. The 0.5 was due to being confused of the storyline……then again, who doesn’t love this anime?

2. Gundam….AGE 12 and below

I was pretty pissed of with Sunrise for the new Gundam that they released…’s pretty much childish to me. All of the characters was of child sized and I was shocked to find out that the main protagonist was really an adult…..and when I looked at the other characters they all lacking……height….and what makes it worst is the EU mobile suits which resembles….a combination of gargoyle and dragon and doesn’t look like the conventional mobile suits….it didn’t even look like one….and the storyline….gundam was a legendary hero in white?? And talk about the character…they’re like made for children’s show……luckily the battle scene is still in par with the previous gundam series…..kinda epic but due to the other factors….I’d say I’m really disappointed with this…I was hoping for a good series since SEED….meh….but it does have a good OP….Scores?? I don’t have the guts to give one….it’s up to the reader I guess….

3. Guilty Crown

Woot, despite of the ecchiness in it, the storyline was quite superb. I’m lazy to write the review as I got a few more, here’s one from wikipedia:

“Guilty Crown’s setting begins in 2029 when an unidentified “Apocalypse Virus” spreads and plunges Japan into a state of emergency in an chaos known as the “Lost Christmas”.An international organization known as the GHQ intervenes with martial law and restores order to Japan at the cost of its independence.

Ten years later in 2039, Shu Ouma, a 17-year-old high school student who keeps to himself in school, meets Inori Yuzuriha, the lead singer for Egoist, while visiting one of his favourite places on his way home from school. Shu is a big fan of Inori, a singer who has taken the Internet world by storm. However, he also discovers the other side of her, which is that she is a member of “Undertakers”, a resistance group that aims to liberate Japan from the GHQ. Shu starts taking a part in the actions of “Undertakers” and the “king’s mark” appears on his right hand. This “mark” bestows on him the power to reach inside another person’s body and extract and materialize a weapon from it.”

If you’re looking for something new this is the anime for you….a fresh storyline and epic battle scenes and a protagonist with new character build….I give the anime a 4.5/5….due to the OP and ED….not much to my liking but maybe for some it was quite soothing.


Game reviews…although most of the games had been released a few months ago but I still wanted to give some…here we have reviews from MMO ARPG and a few NDS games….I know there’s already 3ds but what the heck, they’re still great!

1. Dragon Nest

This game ranked highly on MMO related sites and was really addicting. Highly anticipated by gamers all over the world, the game introduces new style of gameplay instead of the usual…click….grind…levelling….boring gameplay, it introduces the element of ARPG and have a nice storyline….with good graphics I felt like I’m playing a chibi version of Devil May Cry…it has nice voice overs…quite cool when you heard your character shout out the skills a’la anime styles with Korean slangs….oooh…..I’m addicted to this game…sadly, this game was really heavy for any OS so make sure your system had a good spec. Lags? Don’t ask me, online games lag even if you have ultra speed DNS. And check out the other game with the same genre, Rusty Hearts here’s the link for these 2 F2p MMOARPG’s:

Dragon Nest SEA

Rusty Hearts

2. Kirby Mass Attack

Another release from HAL. In this new release Kirby splits into 10 and have to defend dreamland from the evil skull gangs. This game features new gameplay out of the usual Kirby games. The full use of touchscreen and the cuteness of the game added with challenging levels and bosses. Not to mention that it also have an extra of mini games and all sorts of other great things. The BGM was really catchy and quite a splendid masterpiece.

3.  Harvest Moon: The tales of two town

Released for the DS and 3DS, this new series featured two towns where the main protagonist could live in. Either the western style town where you can raise a lot of livestock the ‘Bluebell Village’ or the Japanese themed vegetable farm the ‘Konohana village’. Besides that this game features quest system much like Rune Factory series. Best of all in this game is the activities and the change in the farming method. Enough of spoilers get this game now either legally by buying em. Or illegally by download…onto the DS or download…and use emulators.

4. Professor Layton and The last specter

Released a few weeks ago, the fourth release was a prequel before the first game ‘The curious Village’. This game tells how Layton meet with his young apprentice Luke and along with his assistant Emmy Altava, they confront the mysterious specter that have been terrorising the town of Misthallery. New features and puzzles as usual…I reckon that you play this game immediately! Unless you have upcoming exams or something…but this game can sure increase those brain power of yours I suppose.

And there you have it, a half-assed review written by me. Any comments or cursing would do but I would supposedly edit the cursing (for heavens sake there’s children reading this blog of mine.) Anyway, D.F.J signing out for now, have lots of work to do now……

Spice of Life…..Kurae!!

Finally got some time off my back…life finish itself faster than it used to be don’t you agree with me. Watching the clock had it’s up and down and so does our life as a human being. Unfortunately I’ve caught myself a flu……..I guess in exchange for everything good that we obtained a certain price had to be paid. Enough of such worthless philosophy….but really….no one want to know about what happens in my daily life…..but I guess I’m going to write it down anyway, heck…this blog’s mine. Whatever posted in it that’s my business. It’s been a long time though since I last recommend a few good ‘Otaku’ stuff’s. So, here we go!

U C H U U  K I T A A ! ! (Space Time)

Although I had said that Kamen Rider Fourze is much to my distaste before, a further analysis into the series made me change my mind about it’s aspects and found it as one of a good effort put up by Toei. The series was aimed for a much mature audience preferably the teenagers who grew up watching tokusatsu series as an effort to increase viewers rating. Yeah, I know that this series aired on children’s slot time but really…kid’s this day going to watch some high school drama which have beautiful girls in bikini’s? I think either it’s aimed for teenagers or that Japan is educating their youth to become a pervert later in their adulthood. In order to appear different from it’s previous predecessors, Fourze utilize the usage of gadgets called ‘Astro Switch’ as a substitute for the Kamen Rider multiple form. So you’re not going to stuck watching the rider to change their forms frequently. Storyline is kinda good for me as it’s the first Kamen Rider to introduce High School drama. Besides the good looking cast, gruesome monster, extreme fighting stunts and badass looking costume and weapons. I’m going to give Fourze a score of Fourze out of Fourze (40/40…get it??)

To be continued for Musics and Gaming recommendation, trying to change the style a little as I know most people doesn’t like reading boring long posts….stay tune for more, D.F.J Raging Out!!

Lost of Interest in Pop. Franchise’s

Minna san, ogenki desuka? Mou….not too good lately…..(T~T)

I don’t know what’s happening to Japan’s popular franchises but it seems they’re focusing on kiddies show these days. Im not blaming the March Incident for this but it’s really sad for us fans outside of Japan. We love Japan shows but when I look at it sometimes…I don’t think that Japanese kids want to watch childish show anyway….it’s just an excuse to sell more products of their franchise….am I wrong??

Tokusatsu retards…….enjoy your older riders…….Great Kamen Rider Shows had gone from Japan….sadly….


You see what I see right? It’s Fourze…..the third rider after the DCD series….focusing on…yeah….more mix and match. It’s supposed to be having a space theme but if you look closely on it’s suit….yeah…the belt is horrid….the face area is just a rip-off of W’s Joker Form (look closely)….the Rider even have Playstation Buttons on it…and the suit is a rip-off of W’s Fang suit (the white one…look real closely)..and it’s head….is this even a bug anymore?? It looks like an Alien sketches somewhere….even NASA don’t have spacesuit with pointy heads…the main character is a high school student (first in the entire franchise)…and it seems this is another anniversary show??? Come on…..we already have Decade about a few years ago…we don’t need any new decade clone….sigh….



Gundam new series…yeah….for kids also…what’re the Japz thinking eh…?? How can we support Japz Anime and game industries if they’re focusing on..yup….exclusive to their own people…and…yeah….abusing the mind of childrens everywhere to buy…sigh….more products…..come on….after the BIG Incident we don’t need flowers and hugs….we need Rock n Roll to go through our problem…think about it…when ur sad ur listening to sad song or happy song then the next thing u know is that ur become more depressed….and eventually Japan will face the great depression soon…if only the franchise’s think about their people…..sad….

Vitality Wee rumours…now confirmed!

Yo, minna san! Ogenki desuka?  Juz came back from E3…hehe…yeah E3 related blog that’s what! As a gamer myself I alwayz lookin forward for the next generation gaming xperience (if u can decode the title, man ur awesome!!). Onto this evening agenda.

Vitamin by sony…..owh…sorry…I mean Playstation Vita (code named NGP)

PS Vita Hands On


‘In previous previews, the Vita looked extremely attractive.  It boasted specs and visuals that were to rival the home console standards of this generation (PS3 and Xbox 360), also sporting a complete set of classic gaming controls and newer inputs like touch-screens and motion sensing.  Many expected that the Vita would not be able to compete in price with Nintendo’s new recent handheld, the 3DS, with such impressive tech.  Even after rumors that the system had some specs dialed down to better price compete, few expected the system to be lower than $300.  Lo and behold, at the press conference, Sony had a price (two prices actually) to give on the final Vita hardware.  A 3G and WiFi enabled version would retail for $299.99 while the WiFi only version would cost only $249.99’

The front touchscreen feels different than the touchscreens found on Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad – Vita’s screen felt a bit textured. While this did not make the screen any less responsive, it did feel noticeably different compared to iOS-device screens, and  gamers will likely need a little bit of time to adjust — for instance, I had to use a bit more pressure to slide my finger around the screen. Since Apple dominates the touchscreen landscape and people generally love how those devices feel and work, it is a little odd that Sony did not try to replicate that feel a little more closely. It was also a little odd to reach over the controls — the analog stick, buttons, etc — to use the touchscreen. On an iOS device, for example, your fingers are right there on, or very near, the touch screen. When holding the Vita with your thumbs on the analog stick or face buttons, it takes some getting used to before it becomes clear which finger(s) you want to use on the front touchscreen – and depending on the game, the finger(s) might change.

E3 Vita Little Deviants

weewooo, I mean….Wii U

Wii U Controller

Damn another 3DS updatez?? No….it’s the new wii of the decade (I don’t intend to put a pun there…u know…wee….)


Nintendo’s presentation spent very little time covering the Wii U hardware itself (which, in fact, was only displayed sitting next to a TV in one on the promotional videos), focusing instead on the system’s revolutionary controller. It remains difficult, for now, to describe the controller as anything other than iPad-like, though it certainly packs a generous amount of tech into it’s admittedly large frame. The standout feature is obviously the 6.2 inch screen. Though it will be different from game to game, Wii U can play some games exclusively on the controller’s screen — indeed, a video demo showed a child who moved the game he was playing from the family TV to the Wii U controller. Other games may use the controller as a secondary screen, say for inventory items or maps, or even as a virtual window on the action occurring on TV.  The controller features a full compliment of buttons in addition to its touch screen and stylus, including dual analog joysticks, a digital pad, the traditional Nintendo face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers. But that’s not all. The unit also includes a front facing camera, built-in speakers, and an accelerometer that allows for some interesting augmented reality possibilities.

青炎: フリーダム ドライブ

Aoi Honoo, Freedom Drive….blue flame and freedom drive……drive blue flame freedom….freedom flame blue drive…..yikes…when did I type that…It seems everything I thought of came into words…..whatever…onto today’s agenda

Aoi no exorcist (lit. blue exorcist)

Kakoii da na…ever since the first episode I’ve been hooked on to this anime…sugee….not only a fresh storyline of the usual good vs. evil cliche, the OP sure rocks…sure…before I watched this anime I listened to UVERworld’s Core Pride. But after watching this anime, the kakoii factor just went up…totally. Well I give this anime a 4.5….Aniplex sure did a good job like’s my version of the synopsis.

Synopsis: The world is divided into 2 sides (like a mirror). Gehenna where the demon dwells and Assiah where humans live. 16 years ago during an incident called the ‘Blue Night’ where the dark lord of Gehenna, Satan wreaks havoc upon the ‘Exorcists’ he leaves an offspring in Assiah (demon cannot live without a host outside of Gehenna). In the present time, Okamura Rin lives in a monastery together with his fraternal twin Yukio just awakened his demonic powers and were targeted by Satan. As a result, Rin’s father died and Rin becomes a demon. After his fathers death, Rin swears to kill his real father satan by becoming an exorcist. (It’s not revenge as he stated it in episode 2, but…meh…watch urself okay…Imma already giving too much spoiler ere…go find the anime sumwhere kay…!!

Naruto Shippuden OP: Freedom by Home Made Kazoku

Yeah…yeah… may already known them as the guys who sang the ED Thank You! for Bleach Anime…now they’re hittin on another big anime here. Well…I don’t blame u if J~pop x Rap not ur thing but I think that they’re always somewhat better than US mainstream rap song (which always talk about…sigh…u know…….cursing here and there like apes). Japz maybe don’t have a rhythm to it but the lyrics and the way they sang it relly moves me ya kno….for more info. on the latest charts…visit

P/s: Sorry if the Kana didn’t show up right….a thousand apologies for that….but no regret…

ACGFI Updatezz….Yosh!!

Yo! Minna-san, wanna hear the latest news?? Well here we go!

CG film:

Hav ur heard about the new Malaysian CGI live action movie, Mantera (Man  transformable exo-skeleton armour) kakoii da na!! I don’t wanna comment on the CG’s stuff b4 it come out( plz god, don’t make this movie sucks like the other M’sian movie!!) But this is the one we can say a real kamen rider Malaysian style…why kamen rider u asked? Bcoz the hero can combine wif his bike (kinda like Genesis Climber Mospeada)…memang cambest…harap tak jadi hampeh lar cam filem lain…

By Flare Studios, MC: Shah Indrawan@Tomok (one in A million)

Anime: Ikoku Meiro No Croisee

Gempakstarz review: ‘Slow and steady storyline that can attract otaku’s

Storyline: In the 19th century, Yune was brought to Paris to work at Enseignes du Roy, a worksmith shop managed by Claude. A typical story that discuss about the difference of culture and tradition…well it’s a Shoujo genre but it’s worth a shot…starts in July 2011 (Jp)

Gempakstarz rating: 4 plot/ 4 OST

CG anime: Tekken Blood Vengeance

After much dissapointment from the lame holy-sh**-wood adaptation, Japan strikes back with it’s CGI anime. Every character is said to speak in their own mother language (FYI this game have characters of different nationality)…kinda cool I guess…For me it’s always weird how in anime even foreign people could suddenly speaks in Japanese, it’s pretty illogical to me…brought to you by Namco Bandai Games, Digital frontier studio and directed by Yoshinari Mizushima. A few words from me, make that US adaptation look like a piece of ________(insert what u like here)

Wow…never thought blogging is seriously tiring if ur promoting something….ehem…unto the next catagories….

Movies:  Transformers: Dark of The moon

Hell yeah!! 20 July 1969…man first walked on the moon, but we’re not the first to step our foot there….The proof? A mysterious Cybertronian spaceship. Now, the autobots have to find and uncover the secrets of it’s existence b4 the final war against the Decepticon…

It says July first..but it’s actually 29 June here in M’sia

Gamez: Shadows of The damned

Put Resident evil and combine it with Devil May Cry and you’ve got Residents may cry….no that would be weird….what I meant is Shadows of the damned, from famous v’game superstar Shinji Mikami(R.E 1-4) and Goichi Suda( No more heroes and Fatal Frame IV)..EA games brings this ass-kickin game about a hero wanting to save his girlfriend and….bla…bla…bla…got a little help from a skull demon….whatever….made by famous people….with a new style of game play this ARPG set to release in 21 June 2011…for 18+ gamers only due to blood and gores (but I play RE5 when I was 17….funny story huh…not??…then just shut up…)

Kick some zombie ass...for Xbox 360 and PS3

Weekly ACG updates…like there’s one anyway…

Yo, Hisashiburi da na!! Ogenki desuka?? I shoulda really studied russian as im goin dere to study meds.(if there’s no choice anyway…) so what kind of ACG that I shoulda Rockem™ diz week??

Anime: Sket Dance

One of the popular series in JUMP. Stories about school club sket-dan and their mission to help student’s enjoy their campus life..quite enjoyable for those whose young at heart…(cough…cough…u kno what I mean rite??)

Manga: Enigma

Yeah another JUMP series…why im so retarded of reading them….i dunno…maybe bcoz most of the top manga series in Japan published in JUMP…anyway this manga is about a game where a few people is stuck in a school and have to get outta there by using their special powers (kinda like Saw+Psyren here…)

Games: Forsaken World MY

Yet another MMO…seriously I don’t have a life… Brought to you by Cubizone…this is another game from Perfect World, if u played any of their games then diz one shouldn’t be different for u( actually….every games different…juz the system that is cloned sometimes) 

The MY version CBT will be in about a few days…for those M’sia hater on the SEA server we’re not blocked bcoz we’re  ____________(insert anything appropriate here) but bcoz we’re _______________(again)! Heck we have our own servers for some games so those people from_________(yet again…) can suck up their _____________(whatever). My, its like fill in the blanks exercises in primary school…\

And there U have it…a bit of rockem™ for diz week…actually I woulda wrote more in diz blog…if only I have the strength to beat procrastination…or get outta bed I guess…but that’s a different story™

P/s: What’s with all the trademark??? Just shut up and close ur eyes and mind ur own thoughts…

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