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Law of attraction: A lame excuse to rip your money off

Buy my new book when it comes out. The new bestseller, “how to balance your paycheck”.

Peace be upon you fellow netizens. With the advent of books such as the secret; those money ripping multilevel marketing, or should I say, so called life coaches begin selling a new idea, the law of attraction. It worked, for some people that is. So a new trend started, with life coaches trying to tell you why the law of attraction doesn’t work for you, and what you should do to make it work. Ah, how clever these bastards are at manipulating people. You subscribed, or if you’re as stupid as to fall into their money ripping scheme; buying countless of self-help books which you left at the corner of your room, full of dust.

I take a Malay proverb, “when you desire something, a road opens up to you”. But seriously, does a road would suddenly came up out of nowhere? Well, according to the law of attraction; when you desire something, the universe works according to your wishes and started moving in such ways so that you can accomplish your goal. Yup, that’s rocket science right there. But with billions of humans on earth, I don’t think the universe could fulfill everyone’s wishes, without breaking the boundary between reality, and the limitless amount of human stupidity. No, the world doesn’t have any time to waste on something such as; giving you some sort of superpowers to stay up longer than 72 hours, just so that you could finally become a level 99 paladin in a game of MMO.

Or pay real money, go to sleep and wake up to find…a glitched character??

Maybe we should look at this in a different perspective. Instead of waiting for a road to miraculously appearing in front of you; you either bought or grab a shovel near you, take it to a patch of land (make sure it’s yours) and start paving the road on with your own strength and effort. It’s okay if you didn’t know how to make a road on your own, or didn’t have the resources to do so. You could start earning some money, or even pay someone else to pave it for you. What’s better you ask? Search the internet on how to pave a road, that’ll give you some sort of self-fulfillment.

You didn’t understand my analogy? My oh my, did I need to translate everything for you. Nope, I’m done. Okay, maybe a few hints…no, sorry, can’t do so. Figure it out on your own. Now if you excuse me,I’m going to sit in front of my laptop for another; say, twelve hours or so, you know, to level up my sorcerer to level 50 (that’s the level cap).

Instruction unclear, my junk stuck in the fan…

The extremum theory: Understanding the placebo effect

You must unlearn what you have learned- Yoda, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Good day to you ladies and gentleman. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of a new concept on placebo effects that I’ve just learned recently. Mind you that this is just a theory and not a discovery, as there’s no one out there to carry out an experiment based on my theory. I don’t force you to accept my theory, it’s up to you whether if you wanted to believe it or not. This is just a sudden enlightenment that I have that I hope could furthermore improve our understanding of the human mind.

First and foremost, what does placebo means? From, ” The beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment that arises from the patient’s expectations concerning the treatment rather than from the treatment itself”. Huh, what does that even mean? Now let’s think about it from a different point of view. Imagine that you’re a child; a few minutes ago you’ve just scraped your knee after you hit the edge of the table. You can’t stop crying because of the pain; your mom came to you and started blowing on your wounds, adding some kind of special chants while doing so. Apparently, it worked. You no longer felt any pain, and the next time you ever scraped your knee again, your mom would’ve just repeat the same thing over again. Simple isn’t it?

Some of you might say something like, “Well, it did worked when I was 7; I’m 21 now and if I ever have cut or bruises, those magic chants won’t do anything”. Well, that’s why I wrote about this particular topic in the first place. Ever had one of those moments when you have a severe migraine and you started saying to yourself, “a bottle of aspirin would do the trick”. After taking a bottle, the migraine stopped. When you told your dad that aspirin can be good for relieving migraines; he quipped out “how I wish it could do the same to me. I usually just drink some pickle juice, works like a charm to me”. So, does that means pickle juice may have analgesic effects? Enlightened by your discovery, the next time you suffered from migraine; you started drinking some pickle juice, only to be disappointed that it didn’t worked. So now we started asking, “does it only works with an old man or something?”.

The answer is, yes, but only to a certain groups of people. Wait, does that mean that pickle juice chemicals only worked for a certain person in relieving pain? Maybe, but there’s a better explanation to that, which is the placebo effect. After understanding the analogies given above, let’s move on with the topic. Again, imagine yourself in high school (or equivalent). Today you’re learning algebra. After doing a few exercises on algebra, you easily answered every question that you came across. Over the next few years, whenever you came across it, you solve them within a few minutes. When you graduated from high school, you met an old friend. He’s currently studying literature in college. Whenever you met him, he always tell you how much he despised algebra; he also posted on facebook, saying things like, “it’s not like we’re using it in our daily life”. It’s never been a problem to you, so you started asking about his problem with algebra. It turns out that he was never good at algebra since high school. Fast forward 20 years into the future, you met up with him again. But you’re surprised that he is now a professor who teach calculus in MIT. He told you that he become obsessed with mathematics when helping his niece with some algebra homework a few years ago, and was surprised on how easy it was compared when he was studying it in high school.

I hope you understand a bit of my point in the previous analogies. So here’s my explanation:

A. Sometimes, when doing something new; you succeeded with the task given, and the next time you ever done the same thing again, you succeeded easily or even better at the task.

B. Sometimes, when doing something new; you failed miserably, and the next time you ever done it, you always failed at doing the task.

C. Same as B, but after a long time; you have already forgotten about it, but the next time you did the same task, you find that it is easier compared to your past attempts doing the same task.

You might say that A have a natural talent or that C might be thinking in a different kind of way; compared to when he was younger. There might be some truth in that. You see, when we succeeded at a task for the first time, our mindset changes and we felt that the task was easy and you could perform even better the next time. But, if you failed at the task firsthand, no matter how many times we did the task, we would only failed miserably. This is true until you forget about it at some part in your life, and the moment you did the same task again; your brain thinks that we never did the task before, and you perform better than when you did the task before. So my advice to you, if you’re bad at something, stop saying to yourself “if first you didn’t succeed, try and try again” or the equivalent. Stop focusing on that task and concentrate on doing something else.

Now I would like to explain about the extremum effect. Chances are, you’ve already heard of stories on how a man survived after falling from the 30th floor of an apartment, survived a devastating earthquake unscathed, etc? How about a neighbor which suddenly kills a man in a fight even though that he was known as a man who would never do such a thing? Here’s when the extremum effect applies. During a certain event, say, a life or death situation, or maybe an extremely stressful situation; our brain shuts off the limiting mindset that we have, for example, you always think that you could never survive a jump from the 30th floor, only to woke up a few hours later with only minor injuries. Extremum means the point located farthest from the middle of something or, the most extreme possible amount or value. Looking back at the last paragraph, it turns out that time may also have a connection with the extremum effect. As of how our mindset affect our body in a way that you could survive the impact from falling from extreme heights, or how you’re getting better at doing something after a few years is still a mystery.

In the end, I apologized if you didn’t understand any of my writings, and I hope that I could present it to you in the simplest form as possible. If you have any question or would like to criticize me; please do so in the comments section below in a polite way. Last but not least, let’s imagine what we could achieve by manipulating our mindset at will. See you in the next article. Peace be upon you.

Discussion: The Placebo Effect

Hello there netizens, I decided that from this moment onwards that I should loosen up a bit of the formality when writing about something to debate. Yeah, I know, following the scientific writing guidelines is a necessity when discussing about certain topics, but hey, if it exist for our own good that means we can ignore it once in a while right? So I won’t give reference or any credits to other people who I got my information from. So all of you plagiarism police can shot me down any moment, but I just need you to know that I wrote this without copy pasting some people works. Yeah, I wrote this out of my own opinion so all you skeptics out there can do whatever you want in the comments section. Just don’t send me spam for god sake, they’re more annoying than grammer nazi’s out there (but you’re welcome to post so that I could improve my writings in the future though). And no, I won’t insert any stock images in this post to protect your brain from overloading or cure the boredom which is caused by you reading my post….last but not least, I won’t give you a potato for the long post, go get it yourself! It’s only a few cents, unless you’re living in you know…where a single potato cost a fortune…

Okay, where to start….just a few hours ago I was watching Game Theory (re-watching for the umpteenth time actually) and I came to the part where Matthew Patrick the maker (director, editor, priest) of the video was talking about how the placebo effect affecting our body. Oh come on, you probably have read about it a few times across the internet, where some random guy stopped a car heading his way with just his bare fist, or the guy who survived an accident unscathed. No, I don’t believe in miracles and magic despite being religious. For me, each and everything in this world had it’s own explanation, regardless of how unacceptably insane it is. I have my own share of how the placebo effect happens to me. When I was a kid I was prone to deadly situations all the time due to my own foolishness (hey, kids just being kids) at one time I was at my school when I was in primary four (4th graders to those living outside countries using british systems) for a function, arriving early with two of my friends, we were watching the cloudy skies at 7:00 in the morning, and out of the sudden, a lightning strikes just above our heads, in mere seconds my friends already jumped for cover, leaving me behind for a head shot literally (although lightning strikes are actually an optical illusion, read on it, I’m too lazy too explain it to you). Just as the lightning merely touching my hair, I jumped a few steps behind. Talk about lucky, or did our body have a special mechanism to protect us from any harm?

Fast-forward two years ahead, when I saw my friend from afar, I decided to run to him, forgetting that I was on top of a steep hill with wet grasses, I fell a few meters lunging toward a sewage hole, uncovered, with no water, made out of concrete with a few metal shaft pointing upwards….I thought I was a goner. And suddenly, I seem to fell perfectly on top of my friend as he catches me, his feet fell into the drainage, but somehow he only suffers a tiny bruise, and I escaped death, unharmed. The moments between the events are only a mere seconds but somehow we managed to calculate our ways to solve the problem…as I fell, my body somehow figured out how to land on top of my friend, even though I didn’t know if he would save me anyway, and my friend, lunging towards me and calculating at which angle should he breaks my fall while minimizing the damage that he may suffer from falling into the drain. Till this day the event still baffles me when I couldn’t sleep at night.

So you ask me, what the hell does all of this have to do with placebo effect? Well, I was just explaining before how our body in a short moment of time, making quick decisions to minimalize or escape the dangers beforehand. How about those crazy people who pull out stunts such as eating a sword, stab themselves using sword, juggling swords, cutting a sword in two….okay enough of that. But they conduct these amazing feats with no harm to their body. I know, they practiced thousands of hours just to improve their skills, but they certainly didn’t take any drugs or anything to enhance their performances right? We usually see how this people perform meditations, eating some weird cure-all or something, practicing tedious rituals to help them with their performances….looking at it again, it all started with how our brain actually works, and this is just the warm ups for our discussion.

In several studies (no reference would be included, check them yourself, or else this post would be as thick as Reece  Biology 9th edition textbook) subjects are given a pill which the doctor told that it would alleviate their pain. And there’s another patient given another pill and was told that it could increase their pain. The thing is, both of the pills only contains sugar, yeah, they’re a placebo. But do you know what happened? Both patients experienced an alleviated pain and also an increase in pain. Moreover, when the subjects were told about the truth about those pills, the same effects still applies to them anyway. Meaning that, even when we know that the acai berry or whatever crap the people from any multi-level marketing tries to sell to you, the fake benefits still works on you. But I guess that would mean that it’s cheaper to invest in something less pricey. I mean, how about making your brain thinks that eating M&M’s could cure your diarrhea? Heck, I drink gatorade when I have migraine and it still works like a charm even though I’m skeptical about it.

Then again, there was always an opposite to something. Ever take a real working analgesic such as Ibuprofen and how it didn’t even work to stop the pain you get from straining all the muscles in your body? (It works for me actually, and I almost become an addict before someone introduced me to pepsi….and I still believe that there’s pepsin inside it, so I take it everyday for digestive aid…heck, it got less sugar then your favorite coca-cola and taste better anyway) This is what scientist called anti-placebo effect. Yeah, even when the medicine you’re taking is scientifically proven, it still won’t work on you due to your brain being a douchebag, suddenly become skeptic about a working medicine. I guess that’s why some people with weight problem still can’t bring fit into their old pants even after a rigorous, exercise to your death routine daily. Damn, how does our brain works anyway in the first place?

Oh yeah, I claim my rights to the term “auto-placebo induced effect”. Yeah…I’m pathetic and miserable….and lazy too….

#1 Rebel with a cause: University Law

Hello there, it’s been a while since my last post on the net. As usual, whenever I started a post with this kind of title, it means that this post would be a little bit (or mild, or spicy) controversial topic. For the past few months I always backing up Unisel. But today it would be different as I would discuss on the flaws of Unisel instead. (Oh boy, the government would love this spicy delicacy)

Looking at the title of this post is already more than enough hint to what I’m going to focus on. Yes, I’m going to talk about the law, but there’s also a few other issues that I would tell you later on. I only have enough diligence to state one, and my favourite in the list of “Unisel failure”.

 80% class attendance rate

Nothing seems wrong with this right? Well, you’re up for a spin when I give supporting facts why this rule is a huge flaw:

Some of the lecturers insists on official letters from the doctors for your absence. Other than that, consider you’re barred from the exams when you reached more than 20% of absence. But was it really that reasonable?

Exhibit A, Hostels to clinic distance:

In actual distance, it is very far

Yeah, like Unisel have a bus service that goes around the campus all of the time, I would have even go to the clinic for weekly check ups.

Considering the distance from the clinic to your hostel, would you even have the strength to visit the clinic? I mean, just to get an MC letter? And then what? They told you to get some rest and gives you antibiotics or analgesics and drink plenty of water. Not worth your time. But I know you would ask, “come on, don’t you have vehicles”?. Considering most of us can afford a Ferrari(sarcasm), we’re even reduced to eating instant noodle most of the time….very rich right?

Exhibit B, Do you see what’s wrong in this picture?

Well, as you can see in this picture, there is no sign of car at all within the compound. The parking area is reserved for motorcycles. Yeah, we have vehicles, but is it easy top go around the campus, in bad weather? Unisel is famous for it’s extreme weather pattern, desert like temperature in certain days….and heavy rain all week long. Again, you would ask me “it can’t be that everyone’s too poor to get a car?”. Well, a lot of it. But outside of the hostel compound. We can bring in cars in the rain…after getting drenched walking to the nearest parking area and have your pants covered in a bit dirt.

Exhibit C, walking in the rain

As I said earlier, Unisel is infamous for extreme weather. The rain usually comes with a dose of powerful wind and also lightning strikes, which is bad even if you have an umbrella, and of course, the worst case scenario for Astraphobic guys (like me). This is only the route for the closest faculty, wait till you see the route to another faculty (which I’m too lazy to edit with this….skills I have).

Additional facts (biased): The students in several other universities out there(particularly the U.S) would laugh at me for this one. They even make jokes like “A freshman didn’t attend the class yesterday and gave MC letter to the professor, the professor didn’t even know what to do with the letter”. Yeah, I know….it sucks…you can’t even schedule your classes after a night of…well…damn it…I’m going to say date…but I never even have a girlfriend. Carry on…. 

Well there you have it…I’m hungry and didn’t even have enough determination to write more…and considering the mentality of netizens today, this post contain too much words….which is….well….would only be read by those with interests in such issues. DFJ, signing out for today. Have a great time of your life!

P/s: Yeah, now I started to realize why the slow infrastructure development….Unisel doesn’t have any money.

University: Of IQ and ignorance

Good evening to whoever reaches this dark and lonely corner of the cyberspace. Today we’re going to talk about something sensitive (as usual) on the mentality of university students (college students if you’re from the US, thanks for the visit by the way) in my country (check my IP, I don’t want to get caught for this, but thanks netizens for not supporting internet censoring).

We start out with a simple question, where is the IQ of a university student? Is it in the name? Or is it in the way they execute action or the way they think? Well, in this country there’s no such  thing as a “thinking” type of students. Brainwashed by the government since primary(elementary) school, students are taught based on a certain syllabus which is pro-government(the current one by date which ruled over a few decades). Yes, you heard that right. The syllabus was created for that sole purpose and instead of learning the essentials, the students are subject to being guinea pigs (being experimented along the way) and becoming a pet….well, let’s imagine this shall we?

You got a new puppy (sorry for muslims, this is just an example) and you want to teach him a new tricks. At the same time you want it to only obeys you and only you. Instead of using scientific methods, you just force your dog to do what you want it to do, ignoring what it really needed at that time. But of course, that is different with cats of course….

Cats, cute and cuddly…but highly independent. Fed em too much and it’ll be to dependant on you. In moderation, the cat’s still loyal to you but act according to his will. This is the type of students which the elitist fear a lot. One who do things according to his free will but still abide the law. Someone who think outside of the box. Instead of believing whatever they see on mass media and textbook, they tend to do a research upon certain matters. But of course, it is highly rare of them to see the glory of their deliverance of the truth due to getting caught by the authorities, without a reasonable excuse.

You still can catch up with this horrible lecture? I admire you for having a large amount of neurons within your brain and not falling apart due to listening to your limbic system and instead trusting your logics.

Back to the topic. Here in my country students, no matter how wealthy or poor they are could enter the university…but here’s the catch. The IPTA (public university, controlled by federal govt.) is really cheap…by “cheap” I also mean the other meaning of cheap. Example:

You’re a post A-level/foundation/etc. graduate and get an offer for a certain course in the IPTA. You got an official offer letter from the university stating that you got….let say….Multimedia Science with the fee of 24k. It is stated that you only need to pay about 8k as you’re being supported by the federal government (a discount, not a scholarship) and was highlighted on a certain point (federal govt., support, highlighted with different font and striking colours/colors). Get it? A pathetic attempt to scare away students if they’re against the govt. Kinda like a blackmail with sweets inside them filled with morphine.

Really? The federal is controlling the students? That’s preposterous! Well….that’s what I said anyway when I first entered the University(corporatized one by the way). I mean, there’s no proof of it. Of course if you don’t look up on it you’ll never know. Student’s who’re against the govt. are usually prosecuted in some kind of humiliation over the media (net or mass) and of course….abolished from the University grounds. Hey, we’d already experience it anyway. Because our university is owned (not wholly) by the opposition state govt. they prosecuted us by:

1. Denying the national education loan to us (yes, only the students in my university)

2. Humiliating us by giving the University a bad name across the media

3. Cooperating with the insiders in our university institution to sabotage the opposition which also results in damaging the students along the way.

Here’s the deal, why did the federal only attacked our university? Well, maybe because it’s the only one which is owned (not wholly) by the opposition govt. But why the students need to suffer along the way? Isn’t it already enough to fight outside of the university compound? Why bring it inside?

Only we (the student of the establishment) know of the feelings….before this we’re being ignorant on how politics would affect everything…but by now…we all know, it’s all lies….paradise lost….bringing pain and suffering…but because of that, we’ve seen the truth…and we grow up, one step at a time. DF, signing out. The truth exists within the darkness….

Conflicts, Unisel, PTPN, Politics


It’s been a while since I posted something. Today I’m going to discuss an oven fresh topic to open the eyes of the Malaysian youth. Malaysians have a certain kind of mindsets which is, I can’t say much about it with just a few words. We’re born and raised to believe everything that we heard and what our parents believed in or we’re the kind of person labelled as the ‘opposer’. Malaysian youths are exposed to entertainments 24 hours a day, be it video games, drama, musics and etceteras of hedonisms. It’s okay to have fun once in a while to release stress but not in the way that we forgot to do our work, whether if it means studying, researching or finding a bit of wealth to spoon fed ourselves. From entertainment, youths become too obsessed with it and started to overlook or didn’t even pay any attention to the bigger picture in our lives. I’m sorry to say this but Malaysians follow other people like “a baby tied to a blind and deaf man”. Try to imagine that, as most Malaysians doesn’t understand direct, straightforward message and only retaliate when they’re  ridiculed or taunted.

When I went for dinner with a friend a few days back, we started to talk about the current issues in Malaysia. Afterwards, he told me that before this, students in the IPT’s in general had a mindset that politics have nothing to do with students. But as what happened this week, politic does have their implications upon students. When PTPTN was halted for the new Unisel students, many people point their fingers to the State Government, blaming their manifestos and promises. And how does our ministry of higher education and deputy prime minister reacts to it? This is what they have said, with similar words, just like a written script for a drama:

“We only wanted to ensure that the State Government are fulfilling their promises”

        Yeah, right…..but what they had done simply make the federal government looks like their barricading from the opposition using the body of us student as their human shield. Much like the story of” Swordfish attacks Singapore”. That’s simply stupid and show that the government is full of cowards. And what happened after the announcement? We haven’t heard anything about it from any BN related media and news. And after a few days, they decided to lift the ban? But why? It’s because they’re afraid. Afraid of the voters, and the state government fulfilling their promise. The state government decided to help the 1000 new intake students by selling a few lands to accumulate RM 30 Million to support the students. Bad move I said. That only provokes more people and in the process helped their enemies.

Despite all of that, Unisel itself had a certain internal issues and conflicts. Mainly in the administration, and suffered most in the main branch of Bestari Jaya. Who the heck in the world causes all this problems? Well, it’s the previous owner of Unisel of course! And now the new owner takes all the problems, blames, lands full of deserts and old buildings. Bribery and foul play in the past had significant effect to the institution. For instance, the paint that should be used on the IT faculty (FCSIT) are the right colour of course, but the quality of the paint in the paperworks are supposed to be the type of paint used on ships. Yes, you read that right. Paint that is used on ships, that won’t be affected by sea water and rain, lasting longer than house paint. And what did they use to paint the faculty? Normal house paint, that’s what they used. Even the staffs that was forced to quit last year was also…..cough….people who support BN. And this is only a few problems, for more you should ask the students or lecturers who knows a bit about the conflicts, and of course, the student council who knows almost everything, if they’re not reluctant to tell you about it.

Conclusions? Simple. Don’t follow everything aimlessly, don’t think that something small had no impact on you, don’t get mad at people without doing research……and of course, don’t get yourself caught by….well….whatever you think that might caught you first……Oh, and hedonism is bad. Now hit me with sarcasms, and mock me with your best shots, with my hands tied to your neck.

Mentality: The Fidelity of our brain

Am I talking about electric devices today? No, I am not. But I do want to share with the readers the other definition of fidelity which is the quality of being faithful. Now what does that have to do with the title of this post. I’m getting there, but for the sake of a little adventure in this long and treacherous words, let me tell you a few off the tracks story. Or maybe it  wasn’t. Whatever, just keep on reading. If you dare that is.

Sitting in front of the monitor screen with only a few hours spent on paying my sleep debt, I came across a peculiar news in an online news which is sorry for me to say quite infested with parasites like most media nowadays. It reads a student of certain federal university in Malaysia died from quite a fall due to depression problems or whatever stated there. Oh no, that’s not all. Here’s where the story get’s even better. The deputy vice chancellor of the institute with a Ph.D. otherwise he would never get the title Dr. Am I right. Okay, enough of those ramblings. This is some of the informations encrypted within the article which I extracted professionally. “Alas poor lass, she died due to those demons within her body which possessed her”. Wait, didn’t they just said just now she died of ‘depression’. What does the netherworld have to do with this? Now we’re close to digging out those sausages. If you wondered what I meant just now it’s just that I don’t quite have the taste for nuggets, that’s all.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the existence of demons and all. As one faithful to the revelations of the last prophet, I had to accept their existence. Not blind folded but through research and logical thinking. Now here’s the problem. ‘Meleis’,(may the lord forgive me for using cultural ‘memes’  in my grammar) always (or should I say most of the times whichever suits the situation I guess) believed in these weird superstitions without ever looking at the big pictures. This leads to an event where even a great doctor or ‘doc’ for short,  metathesized into ‘dork’. When people died (especially ‘Meleis’) here in this country the first thing that they ask is “did anybody noticed anything different about the deceased before he left the building?”. Preposterous I’d say. Death comes neither too fast or too slow, no one can meddle with it.

Now back to the topic. Do you think that our mind is being faithful to us or that it’s just fiddling with us? When I entered my current apartment almost one year ago, my seniors being kind and all always reminded us to take care as the place is haunted or so. The next day, awakened by the sound of the megaphones (don’t ask why) I found my ex house mate listening to the holy verse recital on youtube. Trembled, he told me that last night a certain phantom chases him in the house. Now I know for sure the place is haunted, or isn’t it just something in our mind. I stayed alone in the apartment for countless weekends, not to mention long holidays within empty compounds of the hostel area. I discovered something alright. Nothing. It’s only been our imagination. You see, I believed that demons are like viruses which infects our mind. When we felt weak at heart or when we ever doubt ourselves they entered our bloodstreams and that’s when they make us hallucinate without the help of weeds nor cracks. Sure, student’s life was really stressful but don’t immediately seeks the witch doctor or the ustadz before you even pray to the lord first (I mean it). I repeat, It’s all in your head. Your minds betrayed you. So seek the neurologist or psychiatrist first before consulting the religious scholar for god sake. Sometimes it’s just a physiological or psychological problems. Our minds betrayed us, most of the times. No, I should say every time.

Don’t let our fears and discontent haunt us for life. I’m not selling any Mcspirituality here. The words here are well encrypted and can only be understood through logical thinkings and researches. Don’t just read the top and the bottom and deduce a stupid conclusion. Let your mind “grow a spine” (actually they’re linked). Now get back to your life and think about it. Simple right? Chances are they’re just something in your head. Get it? Oh, I give up………….

Knowledge: And how we gain it

Good day to you the denizen of this virtual world, the land of the internet where you could find almost everything inside it. Today I would be discussing about knowledge. To gain knowledge we must learn first. But had it ever occurred to you that something’s kinda off with our modern day learning process? Let me give you an example. When you’re a child your parents told you that the only way you can get smart is by attending school and study wholeheartedly. You follow your parents instructions and go to school. By the time you reach secondary school or junior high you started to think that whatever you’re learning in school are worthless. Like, “when would we ever use trigonometry in our life for anyway?”  Those are some of the words came out of a lot of students. If you’re taking mathematical based course in college that might be useful but what about the lawyers, doctors and even those working in entertainment industries. When would you be able to use it in your life besides teaching your child so that they can pass their exams?

Knowledge was very precious and even better when applied and practised in our life. So I asked you, do you need to learn something you don’t like? That’s what happened these days. We’re learning something useless and even be forgotten in our latter part of life. Sure, learning mathematics and such are very potent in our brain growth process but too much our brain would be clouded with clutter of chaotic informations would be an inhibitor to our progresses. It’s like a chain reaction, because there’s some topic in maths that you didn’t like at all because you’re bad with it which subconsciously makes you think that mathematics are boring or you’ll never be able to become excellent in it. Did you see what happened there? We program our brain in such way due to what’re being taught to us when we’re younger. You might say that was really not the main problem there because it was common for teenager to be rebellious in such times. Parents asking their child to become more mature and tell them that a students sole purpose was to study. That was preposterous I tell you. Students sole purpose was to study?

Think about it, why did we ever want to learn in the first place? So that we can pass our exams in flying colours, make our parents proud of us and then gain scholarship to enter a good college and then get a good job? But then why did some of us even had a good job never made any huge leap in their life? Instead they got stuck in the same job for years until they’re retired and had mountain of debts. Yes, nowadays we learn not because we want to learn but because we are told to do so. You’re subconsciously place a limiter to yourself and by the time you’re working you stop learning unless they’re necessary. So what’re you going to do with those memories of high school biology that you have? You couldn’t even do your own research on biology then as going to college cost you a lot of money and you don’t have any certificates acknowledging you that you have a degree in biology.

Screw free education. Those are only lies came out from the word of capitalist. College was never free as we know it and entering it was rather useless. We’re actually paying the college to get some paper which states we have this and this kind of qualifications. Education becomes corrupt, students become a victim here as the college milks out the money from the savings your parents made solely for your higher level education. What did happened in this century? Do we really need those papers to prove we’re qualified? So does that means that we have to have a certificate stating we’re already mastered the use of bicycle thus we’re approved to cycle to our heart content? How about cooking, gardening or even video gaming? Do we need certificates for that? The answer is no.

Nowadays if you typed Microbiology on google you could download a full lectures on it which you could understand easily without any basics on biology. By the time you read the last chapter intently, you already mastered it’s theory and what is left was the practical and further research on it. You don’t even had to enter classes and pass exams know microbiology. We learn because we want to learn, that should be the proper mindset in all students today. But all we’re ever thought was a good grade ensures scholarships and a good course taken in college will give you a good job with high payroll. That’s why most parents would want their child to become either a lawyer, doctor or engineer. Because of such mindsets that our parents had which we inherited our society were in a state of total corruption. Where we learn because we don’t want to learn. Now that you know it, would you still depends only on people with qualifications to do research on certain specific subjects. That’s like saying that only those who’re mastered theology can do research about theology.

I hope you learn something from this essay of mine, even though I don’t have the certificates and qualifications to write. Now that I’d mentioned it maybe I should take literature course. Oops, I forgot. My whole money went to learning biotechnology instead. I don’t have money to buy the papers which states I qualified in essay writings. (This is a sarcasm for those who didn’t fully grasp what I wrote here)

Academia: Through the lens of my glasses

First and foremost I would like to welcome any visitors who might stumble upon this blog by chance or maybe you heard about it from your friends and colleague. Although I am in no position or qualifications to write about this topic I still insist to post it as a representation on behalf of all the students of any education level out there. Today I would like discuss on several issues that seems to have plagued the modern education system. I apologised for any errors, grammatically or factually as I wrote this post as a thinker who wrote whatever come across his thought but not biased by only one point of view but instead through observations and experience as a student myself.

In the present time human try to achieve a new level. Every week a couple of scientific discoveries were found. Every day a new innovations and inventions came around. Despite that, how many people suffers from having to work to death just to get a bit of penny for the rainy day? How many people are rejected from job  interviews as they seem unqualified to apply? How many students cheat in their test by paying other people to do their thesis? How many students leap off the balcony of an apartment, unsatisfied with their results or maybe because they failed the examinations? How many intelligent students out there who had to gave up their dreams of going for higher education because their family had many mouths to feed? Think about it. These problems had existed for decades or maybe centuries before that. What happened to our current academic system?

When I was in the third grade of primary school (elementary school in overseas) I sometimes sat down on my table and talk to myself while looking at the text book. With a bored look I said to my friend next to me, “Why do we have to learn about something that we already learned last year?”. Puzzled, my friends told me, “Shush! We need to do everything that the teacher told us to do”. Even when I was in the secondary school, during the first grade I asked a similar question to myself. Why do I have to learn everything that I had learned when I was in primary 6? Yes, it does refresh our memories on what we had learned ages ago, but looking back that what makes me tired of studying. I guess it’s the feeling of being bored due to learning the same things over and over again only this time with an extra facts, only a few of it which doesn’t worth it and waste most of my times. A few times revising over the old topics was fine but after over 4-5 times it removes other topics that I already learned in the past. Sure, some students pick up the pace slowly but for the others who get it in the first lesson would be bothered by the facts. ‘Syllabus’ needed to be studied appropriately before being forced to be consumed through the text books. Some works with this type of students, some don’t. But the board of education usually just give the orders and a new text books were printed. Much worse than the previous years. No, they never printed out the ‘Slow-learner edition’ or the ‘advanced-learner edition’ for the same grade level. But I guess that came from another problem which I will discuss next.

Ever thought of it during sitting next to your friend in class, and he can’t even answer a simple question the teacher asked? You might say “why does this idiot even be in this class anyway?”. For you, these type of people wasn’t even on par with your level. So why did they entered you class in the first place? Some people might say that creating a distinction between them could be bad as rounding a band of hooligans together will create a havoc or the weak students might feel intimidated by the superior classes. But that’s not the root of the problem. The cause actually came from something as simple as teaching skills. I still remembered, when I was in primary four I was confused on how to write an essay looking at the boring guides in the text book with absolutely no colours, just plain old black and white or blue on some cases. When I was in primary two I had no problems solving any mathematical equations nor learning new type of vocabulary and grammar structures. My teacher at that time won’t sing to me the maths equation but instead use a fun approach on how to solve the problems instead. The same skills could be applied when teaching a higher grade but instead I got this, “Okay students, now turn to page 172 and do exercise B, C and D. Submit to me by the end of the class”. She said that after only showing us the calculation twice while some of my friends including me struggled to understand what on earth was taught in front of the chalkboard right now? Every year new teachers are assigned to schools all over the country to replace retired teachers. Sure, they had the qualifications on paper with excellent standings but when they entered the classroom different things happened. They stood there, teaching like a robot to get their salary at the end of the month. We don’t need that kind of teacher, we need a gifted one. Sadly, the board just send them all over the world to assist schools which lacks teaching staff. Now I ask you, who will suffer from this? No, not the board. No one will blame them if a student failed their exams. No, not the teachers. They just doing their jobs, worse that can happen is that the parents would come angrily storming out the teachers office and then go home after a simple white lie given by the teachers. If you think that it’s the students that suffer than you’re on the right track all along. Not only their parents would let it out on them, it also damages the intellectual progress of the students. Stressed and discouraged, the students would now let it all out by doing negative stuffs. No need for me to explain to you bit by bit. You already know the point. Recently on past semester, I taken mathematics class. I was quite shocked really, the calculations that I had done all this times actually had an alternate solution to it. Some simpler than others and there’s about 2-3 types of solutions for it. It reminded me that during the O-Level examination years back, I had to use one and only one solution so that I could farm out the marks for the question. Now this leads to another problem of our modern day education.

Sitting on the central row of the class my teacher gave a definition on photosynthesis. My friend asked, “Miss, can I use other terms to define it in exams?”. My teacher answered frankly, “No, you must use the exact definition otherwise you will not credited any marks for that question”. When I went to college, we were asked to present in Multimedia class on what we had learned in our biology class. I worked hard on it, using definitions and explanations from the internet and text books. But what happened during the presentation changed my way of thinking, to a different level and changed how I view things. My lecturer commented, “Blah blah blah…….double fertilisation and whatever it is. For god sake I’m a teach multimedia and I don’t learn advanced biology. How do you expect me to understand these…..these things that you’re talking about. It should be simple enough that even a 5 years old could understand the concept. If you did that I guarantee you even a professor would be impressed by your simple explanation”. I was confused by his statement. Spaced out, I recall my memories. Does it worth having to go through the text books all this times cramming my head forcing myself to memorise all the facts for the exam. There’s two points here but what I’m going to discuss first is examinations. Our syllabus are highly exam oriented that the facts that we studied hard all these years are to pass the exams in flying colours. But the thought of learning something new never came up to us. We  just know getting a straight A’s means scholarships and good college and straight D’s would  mean you’re useless and should never even born in this world. ‘Spoon-fed’ that’s the problem that had been a huge problem that intellects tried with all their efforts to eradicate this problem. Teachers giving you all the notes and facts that would came out on the exam and you memorised them through hard works. Countless times you solve a past-year question and a clone exam papers. You managed to get straight A’s, entered a good college. But what for, you just memorise those stuffs. You never actually learn something there. So what’s the use of the exams? What good those cramming all the answers for the exams in your head. Nothing I say, null. You memorised the facts but when you did the practical you were stunned. It’s like memorising guitar chords but don’t actually know how to strung it, which leads you to relearn how to play the cords again but now your hands are on the guitar. It’s a waste of time you see.

On to my next point if you’re still with me. Does it ever happened in your life that you were studying and one someone tells  you that there’s an easier way for you to memorise the notes. You asked them if the skills introduced are new discoveries and they denied telling that these skills already been proved effective and used for more than a few decades before. Devastated, you wonder why you never even know about it in the first place. Yes, here’s where the student found out that if the skills was taught to him before in the past he might actually ace every test he confronts. In the era of Facebook and Youtube I stumbled upon a learning skill to easily memorised facts. I thought to myself how come I never learn this at school this entire time. Filling some of my free time on the internet I found self help guides which baffled me. My teacher never actually gave this tips on how speed-reading or memorising technique could save you a lot of time. Instead I learned it the linear way or should I say the hard way. Sure, some of you would say “I already know that specific kind of technique from seminars or Television programmes. But remember, when you say ‘in a nutshell’, you assumed that everyone knows about it. Instead, it was the opposite. You can’t go on assuming everyone knows about something, there must be a few who didn’t never even heard about it. The point here is, something as important as that should already be emphasised on students since kindergarten. Early learning was very important as I can clearly see the difference between students who worked hard to study maths and students who entered mental arithmetic’s classes. Their level was different but the one that make it so was actually their style of learning.

Although my point of view seems bias to most but think about it. Can you see what’s wrong with our systems. Nowadays entering a college taking a measly course in biotechnology would cost you a thousands of dollars. But did it ever occur to you that you can learn the same thing you learn in the lecture hall in the internet and best of all, for free. What for did those ridiculous payments are for? So that you can get yourself a white piece of paper entitled that you had achieved your degrees? And then what, you get a good job and become a salary eating machine? Nowadays it’s all about certificates. You don’t achieve high standings in IT and you would be rejected by a company. Even if you have an innovative thinking that could even be the invention of the centuries. Think about what would happen if Steve Jobs is on his 20’s in the present times, he was a college drop out. He wants to create the iPhone, and then what? He got kicked out off every company that he tried to sell the iPhone to. Abracadabra, the iPhone was never invented. It’s all about money these days ain’t I’m right. It was ridiculous in the first place to pay for something that you can obtain freely in my opinion.

That’s all for now, in the future I might wrote some more and possibly did a full research on this. But guess what, I don’t have a diploma nor degree in education. This might only get dismissed by everyone. Who am I to say all of this. I’m just a student. Besides, youth nowadays wouldn’t like to read long essays like this. And it’s not even up to the essay standards I guess. Have a pleasant day readers.

Recent Biotechnology Breakthrough

I’m posting late today due to Unisel’s WiFi servers under maintenance for 24 hours since yesterday. Less talk more writing, here we go.


Oil-eating bacteria

As we all know oil spillage causes great harm to the environment and contributes to water pollution, killing massive amounts of marine life every year. Luckily for us, scientists never rest unless they’re in their final place of course. Back in 1989 in attempt to clean up 11 million gallons of crude oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.  Close but no cigar. Although we do get something important from those times. A blueprint for the oil-eating bacteria, Alcanivorax borkumensis having the ability to consume hundreds of million of oil in the waters each year.

Immune cells that attack cancer

Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have created a large, well-armed troop of tumor-seeking immune system cells to locate and attack dangerous melanomas. Dr. Antoni Ribas, the senior author of the study says: “We’re trying to genetically engineer the immune system to become a cancer killer and then image how the immune system operates at the same time.

Haven run various test on mice….they said that about one billion of it needed to fight the cancerous cell. If it goes well, it may be available in a few years….or so they say….

Stem cell culturing without using animal substance

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, one of Europe’s largest medical universities, have managed to produce human stem cells without the use of other cells or substances from animals, in a completely chemically-defined environment. Embryonic stem cells have, up to this point, been cultured with the help of proteins from animals, ruling out the possibility of using them for treatment on humans. Now, they are cultured on a matrix of a single human protein: laminin-511, a part of our connective tissue that acts as a matrix that our cells can attach to. The possibilities are tremendous thanks to this scientific breakthrough that will give scientists the ability to develop different types of cells, which can be tested for the treatment of various human diseases. Meh…sounds good really but I wonder if there’s going to be problems with the ethical issues as we all know….pretty common these days….


Genome sequencing technology

Personalized healthcare is increasingly being applied to develop more effective treatments for disease and prevent a wider variety of conditions. Genome sequencing is one the most critical tools for personalized medicine, as it provides the individual genetic information necessary for the effective diagnosis and targeted treatment of particular diseases. Last month, a new collaborative agreement between Roche, a leader in biotechnology and research-focused healthcare, and IBM, one of the world’s largest technology companies, has them joining forces to develop a nanopore-based sequencer that will directly read and decode human DNA quickly, efficiently and affordably.

For the price…..ha ha ha….yeah, affordable really in these times of economic crisis…really….I think you should buy a Lamborghini instead…..



Finally putting tobacco plants to good use, researchers from the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories at Thomas Jefferson University have identified a way to increase the oil in tobacco plant leaves, with the aim of using it as biofuel. This is a promising prospect, one, because it offers an alternative to exploiting plants that are used in food production, and two, because tobacco plants generate biofuel more efficiently than other agricultural crops.

The challenge researchers faced was that this precious oil is mostly found in tobacco seeds, and tobacco plants only produce about 600 kg of seeds per acre. However, they have now found ways to genetically engineer the plants so that their leaves express more oil. According to one of the project’s researchers, Dr. Andrianov, they have been able to modify plants to produce 20-fold more oil in the leaves. Andrianov says “”Based on these data, tobacco represents an attractive and promising ‘energy plant’ platform, and could also serve as a model for the utilization of other high-biomass plants for biofuel production.”

Nicely done I say….at least if people stop smoking for good, we can still have tobacco for our cars. But wouldn’t our car smells like smoke….or maybe they’re gonna add chemicals to remove the odour…causing more harm than it already does….


D.F.J….watching Fourze 08……if it finishes tonight…I’m outta here…


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