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“Confrontism”: A proposal

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this darn blog…was planning to include otaku reviews with gunpla or video games…but we’ll keep that for another time. As always, this would be some kind of rant or theories that I would propose to the readers (queue cricket sound effect). Anyway, this is something that I created out of nowhere a few months ago during philosophy class…so, yeah, I kinda procrastinate a bit so let’s get on with it.

There was I, still half awake at 10 in the morning, when the lecturer asked us to create our own philosophical theory and present our ideas to the whole class. As usual, I would happily finish mine within 10 minutes or so, and then let my other classmates present their own ideas. Yeah, I regretted that decision when the class is over. I was actually proposing for a new ideology, “Confrontism”. At first it was a bit like confronting with your own fears and self-doubt, but after 5 minutes writing the whole thing, something struck my mind; “Oh god, I forgot to implement the theory for curriculum structures” and somehow I started to digress from the original idea.

You see, I proposed that in school there would be a class where your main objective is to fail the class…wait, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try this again, yeah, the only way you could pass this test is to fail, darn it, I’m repeating myself again. But that’s okay, I acknowledge that my post is kinda confusing and boring. Hey, wait a sec, that’s what I wanna tell you since the last few sentences. Okay, here’s the thing, during the class students would learn how to acknowledge that no matter how great you are as a person, you’re still human, you would still make mistakes every now and then. We asked students to confront their fear of failure, and acknowledge all their flaws…but wait, this is kinda different as you would teach them to stop victimizing themselves. As my lecturer once said, “if you fell down, ignore what people would think of you; get up, laugh at yourself and keep moving forward”. You can’t always be Mr.Right, but it also takes gut to admit that you’re Mr.Wrong. I hate this kind of people, and I admit it, I did the same thing in the past. In conversations or during arguments, I show the people who criticized me how disgraceful I can be, and things spiraled downwards after that. Hatred only brings more hatred. So I’ve taught myself since then, I won’t become the victim when someone imposed their extreme ideas or criticized me. I won’t straightly tell them to shut up or something. I would tell them that I respected their view and they have the rights to say whatever they wanted to me, and I respected their view.

Nevertheless, it’s kind of fun going to a class and the final exam would fail you, and the only way to pass is to acknowledge that you’ve failed and it’s okay, because there’s more to life than excelling in school. Heck, maybe the idea would become a reality, once our society stops arguing with one another and get over our differences. Yeah, someday…I long for the day that it would come, and I hope I would be there to observe it Y(^w^)Y

D.F.J, signing out- 2/2/2015 11:52PM UTC+8

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