Depression: They didn’t know anything

First person view


Do you have that kind of days, I mean, when you felt hopeless and fell in despair? Where your whole world sinks inside a deep dark void, where you couldn’t even let out a scream? An endless argument with yourself, conflicts after conflicts wrote itself like a rejected movie scripts. Your body and mind become fatigued, and your chest felt like that heartburn from eating too much chili peppers. Today I am going to share with you, the true terrors of depression.


I still remembered it as if it was yesterday. Around December of 2011, one simple day changed my life forever, just like a chemical reaction goes downhill in a graph. I was a first year student, taking biotech degree. I can still remember the feeling of the gentle breeze which caresses my cheek early in the morning, and a surreal feeling of looking outside the window, and watching the sky in vivid colors. I know I forgot about something. And the inevitable happened. I couldn’t get out of the bed, feeling tired all day long. For the next few weeks, I lost my motivation to do anything. Restless nights passes by, I couldn’t stop thinking about anything. Waking up everyday, I was sitting on the bed, paralyzed. My heart felt like it was burning and freezing simultaneously. Regret, guilt, self-loathing, cursing, screaming to my heart content, and listening to depressing songs. Eventually, I got over it, and the third semester felt like a breeze. But I never thought that it could happen again, or should I say, a relapse.

The fourth semester, July 2012, everything went smoothly. After the Eid festivity ended, class goes as usual. Like some kind of sick joke, it happened again in September of that year, and the fact that it was a rainy season only added misery to the days that goes by.It come, it goes, just like the rain; but the damages are permanent. Flesh wound turns into scars. Life went downhill afterwards. Sometimes I simply prayed that it would end quickly, and would never come again. Religion keeps me off the suicidal thoughts; but what I was looking for was not reassurance. Instead of looking for the solution, I ran away from my problems. Lies after lies slips out my lips. Days goes by with me thinking about the good old days. When did it start? How did it happened? If only I could turn back the time. No, this is not reality, I’m in some kind of alternate dimension right? Those questions filled my mind back then. Like digging the ground when it is flooding, you get suffocated with the water, instead of searching for higher grounds.

Do they understand? Can they help me? It was simple to reassure your friends when they’re in despair, asking them to get it over with, swallowing everything down. Yeah, it was as simple as saying something, cause they didn’t experience it themselves. Even calling several helplines, it didn’t help with anything. What you got is advice after advice. Same thing all over again. Worst, when you’re blamed for causing problems to other people. Did they ever tried to put themselves in my shoes? I shut off my phone, I avoid from talking to anyone. 70% of my days filled with sleeping. The rest is filled with feeding myself, taking a long shower, and cursing myself for the problems I caused to myself for the rest of the nights. What am I doing with my life? Leave me alone, I don’t wanna get fixed. I need a solution to my problems, I need to get out of the abyss of my thoughts.

Like every other people who fell in despair, I asked myself, how do I destroy this monster once and for all? And then it dawned on me, this is not as simple as fighting bosses inside video games. A slip up is not a game over, but you should know that the scars from the fall will always remain with you, unable to heal. In the end, I just wanted everyone to just shut the hell up, and might possibly say a swear word.


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