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Fear and loathing…and anxiety (not) in Las Vegas

No, I am not talking about the band or the book…or the movie…but rather, something which got me caught up in a bit of predicament over the years…fear…specifically, anxiety. Did you think that anxiety is just having tremors, caught up in a fight or flight conflict inside your head…the moment you’re about to do something big? Wrong answer me amigo, for today we are going to delve into the world of anxiety.

Now that’s a broad spectrum of subcategories


As someone who have experienced severe anxiety over the years (which could be a jackpot for me, when the society embed a stigma on me for not having the ability to cope with reality, or would give me handful of advises to dissipate the problem…which is also why I never told anyone about it in the first place)…where are we again…oh, the feeling that you get when you messed up a little bit in your life, but somehow the problem keep piling up due to you being frozen in fear…lose all hope in living, filled with self-loath; thinking, where the hell did I screw up? When did all of this started? I’m doomed…nil, null, nihil, zero, sifr, nothing more of a useless pile of existence in this world.

Yeah, that’s just an example of how anxiety could cripple your frail little life. But in a society where mental disease goes unchecked, where mad people are let loose to control the economy, destroying the minds of young uns by the means of screwed up education system; where we were taught that without licking the shoes of a man with receding hairlines, we could not survive this rotten world? Yeah, I guess that makes people with anxiety in this country either a laughing stock for (supposed) making up of excuses in a form of mental disease, or maybe even an imbecile for being afraid of stepping on the bridge of life. See, there’s no public awareness campaign or dozens of other suggestion that we have to pen in when writing essays (because extra marks, that’s why).


Must have had too many skittles


People with anxiety never asked for it to happen to them. It’s like a curse…when something goes awry in the biological system of an individual, their minds started screwing around with their thoughts…over-thinking, confusion, the list could go on and on; and there’s quite a few of categories of anxiety disorder, not including the subcategories…aw man, that some serious manure down there.

Come on, Pavlovian era had long pass by, Freudian theory wasn’t relevant anymore (but I still believe in Jung’s dream analysis…well…quite skeptic…but…meh…). Shouldn’t people delve into the causes of anxiety disorder from the biological aspect…wait…they did. But still, it is still insufficient. Some drugs lead to another psychological disorder, even better (sarcasm) some of the drugs that works are placebos. So is it real, or there’s some underlying cause that we haven’t discovered yet? Who knows…guess I’ll be playing the same song for the umpteenth time while playing a hundred round of Klondike and Freecell over and over again. Life sucks, but meh…society would be like ‘procrastination’…just drink up the reality which is milk of magnesia, and defecate everything down the sewage.

Have a sip…heard from a friend that it helps in those pesky body odors…and acne

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