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Early Morning Ranting

Yo, how’s it goin? It’s 2:35 AM GST +8 and I don’t have anything better to do. I was planning on doing some reviews on the latest pokemon XY release……but….under certain circumstances, and obstacles….I may not be able to buy it before the 26th of this month (and by that time there would be tons of reviews on the net).

So anyway, it seems like there’s someone who is always visiting my blog everyday. Good thing this domain is not on blogspot, or else I’d already look up their IP address. Thank you, whoever you are for visiting this…lonely…or should I say dying blog. I’ve stuffs to do now and then….and it seems like the quality of my poems/lyrics are going down the drain these days. I could never create the same level of stuff that can be compared to “Decay”. I guess my writing style is evolving more into novel type instead of poem/lyrics…..or it just show me that I’ve been slacking around lately and I’ve forgotten some of my vocabulary. But what raises more question in my head is that, my style of writing completely differs when I was writing something on wechat; on twitter; and on this blog (and during completing this sentence, I forgot the appropriate word that I should use, my advice, stop eating instant noodles; they corrupt your memory).

So what’re we going to do early up in the morning….hmm…..I already sucked at poem/lyric making……a new theory? Nah….too lazy to think deeply and switching into enigma mode…..eureka! We’ll talk about Kamen Rider.

Okay, so here we go. I hate the new Kamen Rider Gaim. That is all. Thank you for taking your time reading the review.

I was hoping that my energy would drop out right now….ah….I guess it’s another date with freecell….I wonder how many rounds would I last? No, please don’t ask me to play another hand of three cards klondikle!

D.F.J signing out, approx 2:52 GST +8

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