Yorokoi, ore wa ikiteru!!

Yo, minna-san! Sono kao wa, hen da na….orewa shin ja nee yo! Or whatever that was supposed to mean anyway…it just came up to my mind just now…correct me if it actually translate as, “I have diarrhea for the last few months!” or something like that…After reading reviews about the house of leaves, it came to me that you could write anything according to your own style, so, to the hell with all of those stupid writing formats that we learn for MUET…(but still, don’t give the wrong impression for your job resume).


So tomorrow I’m going back to Unisel….huh..sigh..another…well…..to the hell with it…I’m determined to crush the Malaysian university education system anyway…screw all those time cowering in the corner being depressed and all. Still…I kinda regretted joking around with my roomies that we’ll be staying in tents for the rest of the next semester…yep, for those who still don’t know,  under JAN suggestion alongside JAN and JKT, the hostel would undergo maintenance to repair damages as well as figuring out how to solve the soil problems (as the hostels were built on a mining area) for about a year…so…we’re pretty much screwed up already…goodbye to those lazy days…now if I overslept in the morning…I guess that’s minus -5% to my class attendance rate…sob…sob…(hell yeah, that’ll be a good excuse..or not…)

Maybe if we could zoom in a little, you could see that there’s no router and a door without locks…or is that my imagination..hmmm…

So anyway, I’m really impressed that somehow animax had remove all the korean shows..but now viewers succumbs to watching reruns of shows which have been up for the past few years or so..oh well, back to online anime (yay, piracy…no, bad Fenty…bad alter ego, you should be ashamed of yourself…just kidding). And for the past few weeks (after the new year) things have gone slo….I mean…very slow..some…oops…I forgot..there’s a new law on piracy in Japan…yay…back to the land of reposts and ca…I mean…9gag…

I mean, I didn’t upload any torrents…I swear…hey, wait a sec, I’m too lazy editing photos, this might have works…yeah…I’m gonna do this again for the next few post!

Goodbye 2012, hello 2014…wait, I thought this year is 2011…weird….

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