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#1 Rebel with a cause: University Law

Hello there, it’s been a while since my last post on the net. As usual, whenever I started a post with this kind of title, it means that this post would be a little bit (or mild, or spicy) controversial topic. For the past few months I always backing up Unisel. But today it would be different as I would discuss on the flaws of Unisel instead. (Oh boy, the government would love this spicy delicacy)

Looking at the title of this post is already more than enough hint to what I’m going to focus on. Yes, I’m going to talk about the law, but there’s also a few other issues that I would tell you later on. I only have enough diligence to state one, and my favourite in the list of “Unisel failure”.

 80% class attendance rate

Nothing seems wrong with this right? Well, you’re up for a spin when I give supporting facts why this rule is a huge flaw:

Some of the lecturers insists on official letters from the doctors for your absence. Other than that, consider you’re barred from the exams when you reached more than 20% of absence. But was it really that reasonable?

Exhibit A, Hostels to clinic distance:

In actual distance, it is very far

Yeah, like Unisel have a bus service that goes around the campus all of the time, I would have even go to the clinic for weekly check ups.

Considering the distance from the clinic to your hostel, would you even have the strength to visit the clinic? I mean, just to get an MC letter? And then what? They told you to get some rest and gives you antibiotics or analgesics and drink plenty of water. Not worth your time. But I know you would ask, “come on, don’t you have vehicles”?. Considering most of us can afford a Ferrari(sarcasm), we’re even reduced to eating instant noodle most of the time….very rich right?

Exhibit B, Do you see what’s wrong in this picture?

Well, as you can see in this picture, there is no sign of car at all within the compound. The parking area is reserved for motorcycles. Yeah, we have vehicles, but is it easy top go around the campus, in bad weather? Unisel is famous for it’s extreme weather pattern, desert like temperature in certain days….and heavy rain all week long. Again, you would ask me “it can’t be that everyone’s too poor to get a car?”. Well, a lot of it. But outside of the hostel compound. We can bring in cars in the rain…after getting drenched walking to the nearest parking area and have your pants covered in a bit dirt.

Exhibit C, walking in the rain

As I said earlier, Unisel is infamous for extreme weather. The rain usually comes with a dose of powerful wind and also lightning strikes, which is bad even if you have an umbrella, and of course, the worst case scenario for Astraphobic guys (like me). This is only the route for the closest faculty, wait till you see the route to another faculty (which I’m too lazy to edit with this….skills I have).

Additional facts (biased): The students in several other universities out there(particularly the U.S) would laugh at me for this one. They even make jokes like “A freshman didn’t attend the class yesterday and gave MC letter to the professor, the professor didn’t even know what to do with the letter”. Yeah, I know….it sucks…you can’t even schedule your classes after a night of…well…damn it…I’m going to say date…but I never even have a girlfriend. Carry on…. 

Well there you have it…I’m hungry and didn’t even have enough determination to write more…and considering the mentality of netizens today, this post contain too much words….which is….well….would only be read by those with interests in such issues. DFJ, signing out for today. Have a great time of your life!

P/s: Yeah, now I started to realize why the slow infrastructure development….Unisel doesn’t have any money.

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