University: Of IQ and ignorance

Good evening to whoever reaches this dark and lonely corner of the cyberspace. Today we’re going to talk about something sensitive (as usual) on the mentality of university students (college students if you’re from the US, thanks for the visit by the way) in my country (check my IP, I don’t want to get caught for this, but thanks netizens for not supporting internet censoring).

We start out with a simple question, where is the IQ of a university student? Is it in the name? Or is it in the way they execute action or the way they think? Well, in this country there’s no such  thing as a “thinking” type of students. Brainwashed by the government since primary(elementary) school, students are taught based on a certain syllabus which is pro-government(the current one by date which ruled over a few decades). Yes, you heard that right. The syllabus was created for that sole purpose and instead of learning the essentials, the students are subject to being guinea pigs (being experimented along the way) and becoming a pet….well, let’s imagine this shall we?

You got a new puppy (sorry for muslims, this is just an example) and you want to teach him a new tricks. At the same time you want it to only obeys you and only you. Instead of using scientific methods, you just force your dog to do what you want it to do, ignoring what it really needed at that time. But of course, that is different with cats of course….

Cats, cute and cuddly…but highly independent. Fed em too much and it’ll be to dependant on you. In moderation, the cat’s still loyal to you but act according to his will. This is the type of students which the elitist fear a lot. One who do things according to his free will but still abide the law. Someone who think outside of the box. Instead of believing whatever they see on mass media and textbook, they tend to do a research upon certain matters. But of course, it is highly rare of them to see the glory of their deliverance of the truth due to getting caught by the authorities, without a reasonable excuse.

You still can catch up with this horrible lecture? I admire you for having a large amount of neurons within your brain and not falling apart due to listening to your limbic system and instead trusting your logics.

Back to the topic. Here in my country students, no matter how wealthy or poor they are could enter the university…but here’s the catch. The IPTA (public university, controlled by federal govt.) is really cheap…by “cheap” I also mean the other meaning of cheap. Example:

You’re a post A-level/foundation/etc. graduate and get an offer for a certain course in the IPTA. You got an official offer letter from the university stating that you got….let say….Multimedia Science with the fee of 24k. It is stated that you only need to pay about 8k as you’re being supported by the federal government (a discount, not a scholarship) and was highlighted on a certain point (federal govt., support, highlighted with different font and striking colours/colors). Get it? A pathetic attempt to scare away students if they’re against the govt. Kinda like a blackmail with sweets inside them filled with morphine.

Really? The federal is controlling the students? That’s preposterous! Well….that’s what I said anyway when I first entered the University(corporatized one by the way). I mean, there’s no proof of it. Of course if you don’t look up on it you’ll never know. Student’s who’re against the govt. are usually prosecuted in some kind of humiliation over the media (net or mass) and of course….abolished from the University grounds. Hey, we’d already experience it anyway. Because our university is owned (not wholly) by the opposition state govt. they prosecuted us by:

1. Denying the national education loan to us (yes, only the students in my university)

2. Humiliating us by giving the University a bad name across the media

3. Cooperating with the insiders in our university institution to sabotage the opposition which also results in damaging the students along the way.

Here’s the deal, why did the federal only attacked our university? Well, maybe because it’s the only one which is owned (not wholly) by the opposition govt. But why the students need to suffer along the way? Isn’t it already enough to fight outside of the university compound? Why bring it inside?

Only we (the student of the establishment) know of the feelings….before this we’re being ignorant on how politics would affect everything…but by now…we all know, it’s all lies….paradise lost….bringing pain and suffering…but because of that, we’ve seen the truth…and we grow up, one step at a time. DF, signing out. The truth exists within the darkness….


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