Survival: Under the crossfire

Still standing after a full frontal assault

Yo minna-san, hisashiburi da na. Ogenki desuka? Ore? Chotto warui da na…demo, shinpai surunda….”nankuruneisa” oboetoke!

It’s been a long time since I last posted something…yeah, yeah…another boring long post (before that here’s a potato)…

So what’s going on these days with my life? Under the political crossfire, the fellow Uniselian barely survived…here’s some truth that you should know about Unisel in the present time, without bias and from the perspective of the student itself (please support me if somehow I got caught due to 114A evidence act)

University of Selangor, Status: Surviving political crossfire


JNSB, a crony of the *ehem* govt. with a tender of 30 years (thanks to corruption) with the mandate from their boss are torturing the student with :-

a. Not doing any maintenance to the hostels over a long period of time

Their argument: Unisel didn’t pay them for over 17 months, workers doesn’t get paid

Counter-argument: 1.They don’t have CF for several buildings, 2.they idiotically share their payment account with Unisel, 3.they asked fees from Unisel even on holidays and also from unoccupied buildings, 4.why on earth does the worker even work for 17 straight month (isn’t it illogical that they work for free when they don’t get paid??). Why on earth do they start to complaint only when it’s near the general election??

b. Starving the students, so that the students blame the state government instead

How they do it: By forcefully closing the food stalls in front of the FCSIT building, near the hostels.

How they benefit from it:1.Students are forced to either eat at the overpriced and unsanitary cafe (which have worms inside their foods) 2.The mini market at the cafe can charge students according to their will for any foodstuffs. 3. Students are forced to go to the Student Centre located as far away from the hostels and faculty, which tires the student out, wasting energy, money and brainpower to go to lectures. 4.Inflation of groceries everywhere.

Foot note: Although unisel is under the state govt. the administrations are  still under the management of ‘individual corporations’ (it should be read as , ‘under syarikat swasta yang juga kroni kepada pihak tertentu’).

There’s a lot more stuff to be exposed, but I’ll save it for later. That’s when I play my ‘saigo no kirifuda’.

P/s: We’re studying and playing just like nothing happened. The mass media just toying with the public, exaggerating facts and playing the same old issues….


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