Dusts, dusts everywhere!!

(coughing) Damn it’s been a while since I posted something new. I’m busy with my short semester classes. Imagine having to attend a class for 6 hours straight without any break from 8 am until 2 pm and that’s for one class only. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of rage comics and memes on 9gag that I decided to make my own lolz at cheezburger. So if you’re one of those lolz lover you could go to cheezburger and search my nick….which is chucknorrizaw…….wait….I’m just kidding, it’s darkfent and please comment, share and like the lolz….please…I’m…I’m desperate….and….forever alone (Hell I’m not, just exaggerating)

Finals in 4 weeks, man……….why do we have to take some of this MQA subjects, they’re not even worth it nor even make sense (with the exception of Islamic studies, that’s a good one). Nevertheless, this year’s going to be a huge turnabout in my entire life or maybe……….yeah, next year, I’ll change next year I promise………(stop looking at me like that…..)


About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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