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It’s been a while since I posted something. Today I’m going to discuss an oven fresh topic to open the eyes of the Malaysian youth. Malaysians have a certain kind of mindsets which is, I can’t say much about it with just a few words. We’re born and raised to believe everything that we heard and what our parents believed in or we’re the kind of person labelled as the ‘opposer’. Malaysian youths are exposed to entertainments 24 hours a day, be it video games, drama, musics and etceteras of hedonisms. It’s okay to have fun once in a while to release stress but not in the way that we forgot to do our work, whether if it means studying, researching or finding a bit of wealth to spoon fed ourselves. From entertainment, youths become too obsessed with it and started to overlook or didn’t even pay any attention to the bigger picture in our lives. I’m sorry to say this but Malaysians follow other people like “a baby tied to a blind and deaf man”. Try to imagine that, as most Malaysians doesn’t understand direct, straightforward message and only retaliate when they’re  ridiculed or taunted.

When I went for dinner with a friend a few days back, we started to talk about the current issues in Malaysia. Afterwards, he told me that before this, students in the IPT’s in general had a mindset that politics have nothing to do with students. But as what happened this week, politic does have their implications upon students. When PTPTN was halted for the new Unisel students, many people point their fingers to the State Government, blaming their manifestos and promises. And how does our ministry of higher education and deputy prime minister reacts to it? This is what they have said, with similar words, just like a written script for a drama:

“We only wanted to ensure that the State Government are fulfilling their promises”

        Yeah, right…..but what they had done simply make the federal government looks like their barricading from the opposition using the body of us student as their human shield. Much like the story of” Swordfish attacks Singapore”. That’s simply stupid and show that the government is full of cowards. And what happened after the announcement? We haven’t heard anything about it from any BN related media and news. And after a few days, they decided to lift the ban? But why? It’s because they’re afraid. Afraid of the voters, and the state government fulfilling their promise. The state government decided to help the 1000 new intake students by selling a few lands to accumulate RM 30 Million to support the students. Bad move I said. That only provokes more people and in the process helped their enemies.

Despite all of that, Unisel itself had a certain internal issues and conflicts. Mainly in the administration, and suffered most in the main branch of Bestari Jaya. Who the heck in the world causes all this problems? Well, it’s the previous owner of Unisel of course! And now the new owner takes all the problems, blames, lands full of deserts and old buildings. Bribery and foul play in the past had significant effect to the institution. For instance, the paint that should be used on the IT faculty (FCSIT) are the right colour of course, but the quality of the paint in the paperworks are supposed to be the type of paint used on ships. Yes, you read that right. Paint that is used on ships, that won’t be affected by sea water and rain, lasting longer than house paint. And what did they use to paint the faculty? Normal house paint, that’s what they used. Even the staffs that was forced to quit last year was also…..cough….people who support BN. And this is only a few problems, for more you should ask the students or lecturers who knows a bit about the conflicts, and of course, the student council who knows almost everything, if they’re not reluctant to tell you about it.

Conclusions? Simple. Don’t follow everything aimlessly, don’t think that something small had no impact on you, don’t get mad at people without doing research……and of course, don’t get yourself caught by….well….whatever you think that might caught you first……Oh, and hedonism is bad. Now hit me with sarcasms, and mock me with your best shots, with my hands tied to your neck.

Dusts, dusts everywhere!!

(coughing) Damn it’s been a while since I posted something new. I’m busy with my short semester classes. Imagine having to attend a class for 6 hours straight without any break from 8 am until 2 pm and that’s for one class only. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of rage comics and memes on 9gag that I decided to make my own lolz at cheezburger. So if you’re one of those lolz lover you could go to cheezburger and search my nick….which is chucknorrizaw…….wait….I’m just kidding, it’s darkfent and please comment, share and like the lolz….please…I’m…I’m desperate….and….forever alone (Hell I’m not, just exaggerating)

Finals in 4 weeks, man……….why do we have to take some of this MQA subjects, they’re not even worth it nor even make sense (with the exception of Islamic studies, that’s a good one). Nevertheless, this year’s going to be a huge turnabout in my entire life or maybe……….yeah, next year, I’ll change next year I promise………(stop looking at me like that…..)

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