Mentality: The Fidelity of our brain

Am I talking about electric devices today? No, I am not. But I do want to share with the readers the other definition of fidelity which is the quality of being faithful. Now what does that have to do with the title of this post. I’m getting there, but for the sake of a little adventure in this long and treacherous words, let me tell you a few off the tracks story. Or maybe it  wasn’t. Whatever, just keep on reading. If you dare that is.

Sitting in front of the monitor screen with only a few hours spent on paying my sleep debt, I came across a peculiar news in an online news which is sorry for me to say quite infested with parasites like most media nowadays. It reads a student of certain federal university in Malaysia died from quite a fall due to depression problems or whatever stated there. Oh no, that’s not all. Here’s where the story get’s even better. The deputy vice chancellor of the institute with a Ph.D. otherwise he would never get the title Dr. Am I right. Okay, enough of those ramblings. This is some of the informations encrypted within the article which I extracted professionally. “Alas poor lass, she died due to those demons within her body which possessed her”. Wait, didn’t they just said just now she died of ‘depression’. What does the netherworld have to do with this? Now we’re close to digging out those sausages. If you wondered what I meant just now it’s just that I don’t quite have the taste for nuggets, that’s all.

It’s not that I don’t believe in the existence of demons and all. As one faithful to the revelations of the last prophet, I had to accept their existence. Not blind folded but through research and logical thinking. Now here’s the problem. ‘Meleis’,(may the lord forgive me for using cultural ‘memes’  in my grammar) always (or should I say most of the times whichever suits the situation I guess) believed in these weird superstitions without ever looking at the big pictures. This leads to an event where even a great doctor or ‘doc’ for short,  metathesized into ‘dork’. When people died (especially ‘Meleis’) here in this country the first thing that they ask is “did anybody noticed anything different about the deceased before he left the building?”. Preposterous I’d say. Death comes neither too fast or too slow, no one can meddle with it.

Now back to the topic. Do you think that our mind is being faithful to us or that it’s just fiddling with us? When I entered my current apartment almost one year ago, my seniors being kind and all always reminded us to take care as the place is haunted or so. The next day, awakened by the sound of the megaphones (don’t ask why) I found my ex house mate listening to the holy verse recital on youtube. Trembled, he told me that last night a certain phantom chases him in the house. Now I know for sure the place is haunted, or isn’t it just something in our mind. I stayed alone in the apartment for countless weekends, not to mention long holidays within empty compounds of the hostel area. I discovered something alright. Nothing. It’s only been our imagination. You see, I believed that demons are like viruses which infects our mind. When we felt weak at heart or when we ever doubt ourselves they entered our bloodstreams and that’s when they make us hallucinate without the help of weeds nor cracks. Sure, student’s life was really stressful but don’t immediately seeks the witch doctor or the ustadz before you even pray to the lord first (I mean it). I repeat, It’s all in your head. Your minds betrayed you. So seek the neurologist or psychiatrist first before consulting the religious scholar for god sake. Sometimes it’s just a physiological or psychological problems. Our minds betrayed us, most of the times. No, I should say every time.

Don’t let our fears and discontent haunt us for life. I’m not selling any Mcspirituality here. The words here are well encrypted and can only be understood through logical thinkings and researches. Don’t just read the top and the bottom and deduce a stupid conclusion. Let your mind “grow a spine” (actually they’re linked). Now get back to your life and think about it. Simple right? Chances are they’re just something in your head. Get it? Oh, I give up………….


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