Game On: How I lived these days (Random Stuff)

Yokoso!! To release some pre-exam stress before my Finals this Tuesday I’d decide to post some simple but boring post out here. Wait a sec, didn’t that sound like the girl who posted a picture about herself than put a caption “I looked bad in this picture”. “Yay, now everyone will say nice things to me”. Nope, I’m not that kinda guy. Or maybe I do…..never mind that, now lets look at this…..”things”….no, that’s not right…..

Cool Things I Do These Days, or whatever it is…..(just mumbling) 

1. Mass Effect 3

Well, who doesn’t like this game,  I spent hours playing it and the second playthrough makes it better. From customising the great commander shepard, added with RPG storytelling components plus some bad-ass enemies (is it? tell me if you disagree with me). The romance system was kinda awkward in some way….yeah, the lesbian+gay inter-species kinda love just doesn’t mix I guess….for me love should be Innocent and….well, maybe my point of view is kinda…ancient but still….that’s better than sex-crazed love people do these days…right (already off-topic here)

2. Tokumei Sentai Go-Buster

The first time I watched it during the premiere I kinda like, “It’s morphing time?? That’s like…..Power Rangers Rip-off”. But wait, it get’s better. The Rangers and enemies both have mecha called Megazord (Rings anything guys?). There’s time countdown shown on the screen on how much time left till the enemy Megazord alive…..yeah, the monster doesn’t blow up and grew humongous like the past series any more. Even the morphing sequence are fast, Kamen Rider Style (even the red ranger have a bike)…..they’re even got hit by bullets when they transform. I love the realism but die hard fans of sentai may disagree with me. Still…It would be great if the zord’s fighting scenes look more realistic. I gave it 4/5 Rangers…..Sweet!!

3. Gundam AGE new season

Even though the new series aims mature audiences the character graphic still can’t convince me to add it into the previous list. Yeah, they look…….short…..and….small for an adult. The 40-50 years old characters looks like teenage size to me. Enough said….

4. DoTA

Wait is this a review or……You should read the title carefully next time eh? Yeah, my homies played DoTA 7d/w. It all began when a pro friend of mine asked me to join em’. Still can’t get the hang of it but hey….we start randoming our hero and all….and…well….we start with random heroes now. Ugh….time out….

5. Procrastinating

You heard that right, who in the world would wake up at 3PM and sleep at….7….maybe 8AM? That’s counter productive….but still, can’t accept the reality of it happening to us…….damn it, what a terrible disease this is…

Damn it, I’m seriously fatigued these days. The diet’s same as ever but it felt like I have a severe anemia or something. Need to get a medical checkup, sometimes certain parts of my body felt a lil’ bit like….how to say this….a sharp sensation or tingling in my nerves….something like that…and my head felt dizzy or painful sometimes, especially during early morning, 4-8AM. I can hear sounds -like those soundwaves in sci-fi movies. It really hurts. I can’t sleep if there’s even a slightest noise within the house, the reason why I slept when all my homies passed out……what is this? Some kinda tumor? A sickness? And the Enigma continues…………



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............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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