Knowledge: And how we gain it

Good day to you the denizen of this virtual world, the land of the internet where you could find almost everything inside it. Today I would be discussing about knowledge. To gain knowledge we must learn first. But had it ever occurred to you that something’s kinda off with our modern day learning process? Let me give you an example. When you’re a child your parents told you that the only way you can get smart is by attending school and study wholeheartedly. You follow your parents instructions and go to school. By the time you reach secondary school or junior high you started to think that whatever you’re learning in school are worthless. Like, “when would we ever use trigonometry in our life for anyway?”  Those are some of the words came out of a lot of students. If you’re taking mathematical based course in college that might be useful but what about the lawyers, doctors and even those working in entertainment industries. When would you be able to use it in your life besides teaching your child so that they can pass their exams?

Knowledge was very precious and even better when applied and practised in our life. So I asked you, do you need to learn something you don’t like? That’s what happened these days. We’re learning something useless and even be forgotten in our latter part of life. Sure, learning mathematics and such are very potent in our brain growth process but too much our brain would be clouded with clutter of chaotic informations would be an inhibitor to our progresses. It’s like a chain reaction, because there’s some topic in maths that you didn’t like at all because you’re bad with it which subconsciously makes you think that mathematics are boring or you’ll never be able to become excellent in it. Did you see what happened there? We program our brain in such way due to what’re being taught to us when we’re younger. You might say that was really not the main problem there because it was common for teenager to be rebellious in such times. Parents asking their child to become more mature and tell them that a students sole purpose was to study. That was preposterous I tell you. Students sole purpose was to study?

Think about it, why did we ever want to learn in the first place? So that we can pass our exams in flying colours, make our parents proud of us and then gain scholarship to enter a good college and then get a good job? But then why did some of us even had a good job never made any huge leap in their life? Instead they got stuck in the same job for years until they’re retired and had mountain of debts. Yes, nowadays we learn not because we want to learn but because we are told to do so. You’re subconsciously place a limiter to yourself and by the time you’re working you stop learning unless they’re necessary. So what’re you going to do with those memories of high school biology that you have? You couldn’t even do your own research on biology then as going to college cost you a lot of money and you don’t have any certificates acknowledging you that you have a degree in biology.

Screw free education. Those are only lies came out from the word of capitalist. College was never free as we know it and entering it was rather useless. We’re actually paying the college to get some paper which states we have this and this kind of qualifications. Education becomes corrupt, students become a victim here as the college milks out the money from the savings your parents made solely for your higher level education. What did happened in this century? Do we really need those papers to prove we’re qualified? So does that means that we have to have a certificate stating we’re already mastered the use of bicycle thus we’re approved to cycle to our heart content? How about cooking, gardening or even video gaming? Do we need certificates for that? The answer is no.

Nowadays if you typed Microbiology on google you could download a full lectures on it which you could understand easily without any basics on biology. By the time you read the last chapter intently, you already mastered it’s theory and what is left was the practical and further research on it. You don’t even had to enter classes and pass exams know microbiology. We learn because we want to learn, that should be the proper mindset in all students today. But all we’re ever thought was a good grade ensures scholarships and a good course taken in college will give you a good job with high payroll. That’s why most parents would want their child to become either a lawyer, doctor or engineer. Because of such mindsets that our parents had which we inherited our society were in a state of total corruption. Where we learn because we don’t want to learn. Now that you know it, would you still depends only on people with qualifications to do research on certain specific subjects. That’s like saying that only those who’re mastered theology can do research about theology.

I hope you learn something from this essay of mine, even though I don’t have the certificates and qualifications to write. Now that I’d mentioned it maybe I should take literature course. Oops, I forgot. My whole money went to learning biotechnology instead. I don’t have money to buy the papers which states I qualified in essay writings. (This is a sarcasm for those who didn’t fully grasp what I wrote here)


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  1. Good point there my friend. Although this may come from your bad experience some do make sense

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