You’re Gonna Wilt

Hatred built within this vessel,

Continues to grow each day,

Bleeding out, growing weaker,

But revenge kept me alive.


How I yearn for you day and night,

Until that time where I realise,

You’re unreachable, because you’re just,

Another bad flower, unequal to the benevolent rose,

That I sought after with all my life,

Seeing how you grow unruly day by day,

Only one wish from my prayer,

For you to wilt and burn before my eyes.


You can’t even remember,

The kindness of others toward you,

What you always thought of is only,

To outgrow others beside you,

You creep out of our reach,

These hands which nurtures you,

With kindness and friendship,

Only prickled by your thorns,

I fell on the dirt countless times,

And you just grow more proud of yourself,

I should had stop praising your beauty back then,

For when I know that you’re just another one of those,

Flowers which only looks beautiful,

When it wilt and die!



About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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