The true wolf in the herd

Dreadful lies comes,

From those tongue of yours,

The pretends who wears sheepskins,

But did you realise,

You’re just another sheep which wears,

The stupid sheep that you kill.


Don’t  you realise it?

I was the true wolf in the herd,

Sly yet cunning, I have no glutton,

To hunt for cannibal sheep,

Which contract a malevolent virus,

That turns themselves to it’s friends,

I have pride, I’m not proud, Yet you preached,

Or should I say contracted the contagions,

To the other sheep, and turn against me,

But you should know this,

I’m the one with the sniper rifle!


While the outbursts of your laugh,

for you had killed your comrades and injured me,

It also gave you out on my GPS,

My hands been itching to give all of you,

A premium deluxe headshot,

But please, I’m a wolf,

I’ll save the best for the last,

You know what they say,

That when a disease spreads too far,

You nuke em’ , that’s right!!

Rejoice, you’re gonna get blown up,

In a big bang, but wait………………

I’ll guess open burning also works,

Seeing you guys burning slowly little by little,

I’d say, “Let’s torch em’ boys!”



About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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