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The true wolf in the herd

Dreadful lies comes,

From those tongue of yours,

The pretends who wears sheepskins,

But did you realise,

You’re just another sheep which wears,

The stupid sheep that you kill.


Don’t  you realise it?

I was the true wolf in the herd,

Sly yet cunning, I have no glutton,

To hunt for cannibal sheep,

Which contract a malevolent virus,

That turns themselves to it’s friends,

I have pride, I’m not proud, Yet you preached,

Or should I say contracted the contagions,

To the other sheep, and turn against me,

But you should know this,

I’m the one with the sniper rifle!


While the outbursts of your laugh,

for you had killed your comrades and injured me,

It also gave you out on my GPS,

My hands been itching to give all of you,

A premium deluxe headshot,

But please, I’m a wolf,

I’ll save the best for the last,

You know what they say,

That when a disease spreads too far,

You nuke em’ , that’s right!!

Rejoice, you’re gonna get blown up,

In a big bang, but wait………………

I’ll guess open burning also works,

Seeing you guys burning slowly little by little,

I’d say, “Let’s torch em’ boys!”


You’re Gonna Wilt

Hatred built within this vessel,

Continues to grow each day,

Bleeding out, growing weaker,

But revenge kept me alive.


How I yearn for you day and night,

Until that time where I realise,

You’re unreachable, because you’re just,

Another bad flower, unequal to the benevolent rose,

That I sought after with all my life,

Seeing how you grow unruly day by day,

Only one wish from my prayer,

For you to wilt and burn before my eyes.


You can’t even remember,

The kindness of others toward you,

What you always thought of is only,

To outgrow others beside you,

You creep out of our reach,

These hands which nurtures you,

With kindness and friendship,

Only prickled by your thorns,

I fell on the dirt countless times,

And you just grow more proud of yourself,

I should had stop praising your beauty back then,

For when I know that you’re just another one of those,

Flowers which only looks beautiful,

When it wilt and die!


Under the Sirius guidance

What a wasteful life,

I haven’t achieved anything,

Full of emptiness and dis-accomplishment,

For what is my life for,

I continue to find my reason.

It’s raining again tonight,

I felt like going outside and get myself drenched,

Like a lost old wolf, my fangs are now blunt.

It’s painfully stupid to kept continuing on,

Chasing after shadows of unknown destiny,

Why? Why did I still continue to fight,

Staring at the blank night sky, I pray for answer.

Looking at Sirius, the fire in my heart burns,

I too want to shine brilliantly like the mightiest of star,

I won’t back out from the unknown future,

I’ll fight to find cause, I’m sure of it,

Till the end of time.

Hesitating, again and again,

I was afraid of moving,

One wrong step and it’s gonna cause me my own head,

Trembling, cold sweat running all over,

Why can’t I just move,

Follow your heart content, live your life,

That’s what I should do.

The hell with what everybody would think,

This is my life, I’ll survive the scars and burns,

Hey, it’s just a scratch damage,

Acting tough like that, I continue to walk,

Along the dark roads ahead.

Come on, be like the mighty Sirius,

That shines brilliantly even in the darkest night,

Don’t let the fire in your heart dies out,

Become the beacon for the lost and the damned,

Don’t stop now, it’s still too early,

Even in the darkest hour,

You are the brightest of all!!

Shihoko Hirata~Sky’s The Limit

I was sick with every song that came out nowadays were either auto-tuned or so Americanised (wow the spell check  even approved it). New J-songs felt like it’s made in Korea (there’s even Japanese version of the Korean songs, Oh well)

Despite the Engrish in this song, it was quite catchy so, enjoy yourself! Boycott auto-tuned and k-pop

Shihoko Hirata Sky’s The Limit

Glaciers of ideas importing
to my friends then exporting
to the next keeping it open
we want no closing
even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and
this mind trade no one can stop
and act of thinking is terrible to stop
we just wanna change up not drop
and my crew can rock it like uprock
life is tedious if it ain’t flowing
copy and paste? constant defaulting?
put my courage to it, begin showing off
that’s the way we wanna live
keep going yeah

what was so much
of transparency
turned into bright expectation
my instinct tells me to keep going together
going together

it’s breathtaking moments in life
addicted to it
minds craving
more and more
I’m believing
you and I can do anything
we can change the world
hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings
to roadless travel together we go

I love to think through when there’s a missing link
scribbling thoughts almost kissing ink
wanna break all bad jinx in one blink
success comes from excess of stinks
it ain’t easy when you work alone
but I got my crew with me to get it on
so we keep it rolling rolling on
living so wild like American born
I wanna climb to the peak bring everybody with me
everybody with me come on get down
everybody with me come on get down
we can really get it done if you get down

what was so much
of blurry vision
turn into bright clear prospection
my instinct tells me to keep going forever
going forever

everlasting moments of life
I have a feeling
minds craving
more and more
truly thinking
you and I can do anything
we can change the world
hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings
to roadless travel together we go

anytime you need a hand
I will be there
I know that you’ll be there for me because

it’s breathtaking moments in life
addicted to it
minds craving
more and more
I’m believing
you and I can do anything
we can change the world
hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings
to roadless travel together we go

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