Red Alert: I’m Back

Yo, LTNSC™…..It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I had a lots of picture waiting to be uploaded but unfortunately due to the Unisel’s WiFi bandwidth I can’t upload any nor download anything from the net at this state…..If possible maybe some of it would be uploaded by next month during my semester break. Sigh….even my broadband account had reaches it’s limit…..had to wait till next month then…I had a lot of updates regarding animation, comics and games which I had noticed to have a massive amount of view since I posted it a few months ago……so what’s up with the title…..well, I’m kinda addicted to Red Alert 3: Uprising after installing it on my laptop….sadly it doesn’t have the campaign from the original RA3 game.

So why the MIA these few days?? I’ve got a lot assignments to finish and a few test to study for which is genetics, cell and molecular biology as well as molecular techniques. Next semester I’ll be taking Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry 2 (just registered the course today according to the Biotechnology program courses mainframe)…..I’m set up for the final exams and for the next semester….and now….to return to my own agenda of pairing up human chromosomes based on the karyotypings….and even for tonight’s genetic test…….my poor legs were such a pain these few days….I got muscle strain from playing paintball last weekend and contracted scabies from a friend (scabies is such a serious problem for hostel students in Unisel BJ branch….and they blame a tiny ants codenamed “Charlie” for it….and in actuality it was due to the mites Sarcoptes Scabiei….which infects even neat freaks….creepy….and it can even live outside the human body for a week…and lay down eggs before the rashes came up 5 weeks later…causing itches and swelling….)

P/s: I heard the C3 second floor guys had problems with their WiFi connection….luckily no one want to mess up with our router here on c2…or maybe it’s just that I live on the fourth floor….where no one bothers to go anyway….D.F.J……applying traditional scabicide on my leg…..ahh…..there goes the other pair of chromosomes….and it was number 15 I guess……Praeder-Willi?? Or is it UBE3A which causes Angelman syndrome??


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