Loser Of The Pixelated World

In the midst of the night,

I stared to the windows which shows me,

Vision of both fantasy and cruel reality,

An apple of enlightenment, brings about,

Simplicity to our complexity….


16-bit resonating in my ears,

32-bit drawings scrolling here and there,

Such a fantastic way to waste our time,

I hit the buttons which create miracles…


Trapped in tides of pixelated graphics,

I separate reality from my world,

Why must I embrace the truth,

When I know I’m gonna end up being hurt….

Isn’t that just silly, A paranoid man,

Traumatised by failures through his life,

I don’t think so….The biggest loser,

At least had lost something in his life,

Rather than those winners, who once lost,

Something precious to him, fall into an endless void,

Of despair and miseries….


Argh… why can’t I just download everything I want,

And delete things I hate,

When I make mistakes I just delete them,

If it’s too big I just push the replay button,

Still not enough? Enter the Cheat Codes,

Invincible mode, hah! Take that you moron!

If life is just as simple as that,

There’s no meaning to the words,

No pain no game ain’t it, heck,

Who woulda love a game,

Without a good challenges…


Like an RPG, a good life is,

Made up of good storyline,

A good build of attributes,

A good set of levels and challenges,

And a good player of course,

If we can just apply those in the real world,

I’ll never put down my gamepad!


Staring at the pixelated images,

I started questioning myself…..

What’s important to me….

And I got it, It’s experience,

How can we level up without it,

Am I right?

So now let’s just step outside,

And let the whole world knows,

That we’re the best player ever!!


About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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