Live my Symphony!!

Waltzing in the rain,

Drenched with anger,

A disrupted dissonance,

A hollow soul,

An empty orchestra….sings out trash and distaste,

I laughed, I cried, I screamed…..

And the rain just kept pouring…..A sad sonata…

How despicable, life is miserable,

Why must I suffer….a question even I,

Don’t have the answer for….A prelude to an elegy…


Spared from death, I search for the consonance,

An inevitable etude which I know,

Would be painful for me….a deceptive cadence

You shouldn’t fear the unknown, for,

The truth lies in the mistakes that you,

Tried to escape from….. Why avoid the truth,

Afraid that it would consume you, or is it,

Because a life full of lies is better? Ostinato that cannot be stopped….


An enigma of life, for what reason did I live for,

If we can make a staccato of the complexity,

And become a virtuoso of a harmony,

I prayed for the answer everyday,

Melodies of life….moving in it’s tempo, accelerando!

Until you miss a beat, that’s the end to the concerto,

But before that, I want to find the correct notes,

So that my life’s symphony would be complete,

I’ll become the greatest composer of life!!


I’m not good at writing lyrics, yet alone create a masterpiece,

The chord’s in my life is not that perfect, I always afraid during a strum,

What will happen if the strings broke one by one,

I’m no Paganini, and what would happen to the compositions,

If I become deaf, I’m no Beethoven,

But one thing for sure, I’ll give all my soul,

To the song I’m playing,

Live my symphony!! Live!!

Resonate throughout the world,

Touch the heart of the world,

And live in their dreams,

Eternally lives on,

A legendary aria,

Or maybe a cadenza, a nocturne?

Whatever form you’re in,

Till you’re next renaissance…..

It would the greatest encore of my existance!




About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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