I disappear for a while asking guidance from god on how to prevent myself from being astray.Experimenting on making a good lyrics, proses or whatever they’re. Been there done that here’s the first one…

It baffles me, how I’m different from the others,

Looking at my hands, it’s shivering in pain,

Damn it, am I afraid that,

I would end up failing again in my life….


Those stupid words, came resonating in my head,

The memories of mistakes running on my mind,

I can hear the laughter, I can hear the cursing,

Would the voice just shut up and die!!


Writhing in pain, my chest burns away,

My mind runs blank at the moment….

A throbbing sensation felt like….

A knife stabbed in my soul!


I punched the wall over and over,

The more it stings the more my hand shivers,

“Now you’re afraid of pain?” I asked myself,

I can’t show my weakness….


A beautiful voice, echoed in my mind,

“Believe and believe in yourself,

the arousal of your true strength,

only comes when you believe in yourself”

Hell, those are the words that I always murmured,

How can I forget it at times like this…..


It’s too early to gave up,

It’s too early to lay down,

Hey world I’m gonna give you,

A taste of my own punch,

If you think that I’m going astray,

One word for you if you can hear me,

You sun of a gun,

like Hell I’m gonna drop dead!!





About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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