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Anime and games review

Minna-san, ogenki desuka ka? Now for what you have been waiting for….it’s J~Review


Shakugan no Shana III(Final)

I’ve been waiting for another season of this much anticipated anime. In this new season, we’re shocked by the awesome intro of the new season. Shana is fighting thousands of monster and shortly after a few battle she confront a man with a long hair….and it’s Yuji, as the leader of the Bal Masque….what the hell happened? It seems that during the Christmas Yuji suddenly disappeared and what left of him was the two letters for Kazumi and Shana. As we know if a torch has disappeared everything regarding his existence would disappear. In the end of the first episode, Yuji was revived and become the leader of the Bal Masque. The OP and ED of this season was quite good. The OP sung by the usual, Kotoko titled Light my Fire was pretty catchy. The ED by Altima, I’ll Believe had a slow start but after a few minutes the pace speeds up and the rap was pretty nice. My score?? Considering the surprises and nice theme songs, I give it 4.5/5. The 0.5 was due to being confused of the storyline……then again, who doesn’t love this anime?

2. Gundam….AGE 12 and below

I was pretty pissed of with Sunrise for the new Gundam that they released…’s pretty much childish to me. All of the characters was of child sized and I was shocked to find out that the main protagonist was really an adult…..and when I looked at the other characters they all lacking……height….and what makes it worst is the EU mobile suits which resembles….a combination of gargoyle and dragon and doesn’t look like the conventional mobile suits….it didn’t even look like one….and the storyline….gundam was a legendary hero in white?? And talk about the character…they’re like made for children’s show……luckily the battle scene is still in par with the previous gundam series…..kinda epic but due to the other factors….I’d say I’m really disappointed with this…I was hoping for a good series since SEED….meh….but it does have a good OP….Scores?? I don’t have the guts to give one….it’s up to the reader I guess….

3. Guilty Crown

Woot, despite of the ecchiness in it, the storyline was quite superb. I’m lazy to write the review as I got a few more, here’s one from wikipedia:

“Guilty Crown’s setting begins in 2029 when an unidentified “Apocalypse Virus” spreads and plunges Japan into a state of emergency in an chaos known as the “Lost Christmas”.An international organization known as the GHQ intervenes with martial law and restores order to Japan at the cost of its independence.

Ten years later in 2039, Shu Ouma, a 17-year-old high school student who keeps to himself in school, meets Inori Yuzuriha, the lead singer for Egoist, while visiting one of his favourite places on his way home from school. Shu is a big fan of Inori, a singer who has taken the Internet world by storm. However, he also discovers the other side of her, which is that she is a member of “Undertakers”, a resistance group that aims to liberate Japan from the GHQ. Shu starts taking a part in the actions of “Undertakers” and the “king’s mark” appears on his right hand. This “mark” bestows on him the power to reach inside another person’s body and extract and materialize a weapon from it.”

If you’re looking for something new this is the anime for you….a fresh storyline and epic battle scenes and a protagonist with new character build….I give the anime a 4.5/5….due to the OP and ED….not much to my liking but maybe for some it was quite soothing.


Game reviews…although most of the games had been released a few months ago but I still wanted to give some…here we have reviews from MMO ARPG and a few NDS games….I know there’s already 3ds but what the heck, they’re still great!

1. Dragon Nest

This game ranked highly on MMO related sites and was really addicting. Highly anticipated by gamers all over the world, the game introduces new style of gameplay instead of the usual…click….grind…levelling….boring gameplay, it introduces the element of ARPG and have a nice storyline….with good graphics I felt like I’m playing a chibi version of Devil May Cry…it has nice voice overs…quite cool when you heard your character shout out the skills a’la anime styles with Korean slangs….oooh…..I’m addicted to this game…sadly, this game was really heavy for any OS so make sure your system had a good spec. Lags? Don’t ask me, online games lag even if you have ultra speed DNS. And check out the other game with the same genre, Rusty Hearts here’s the link for these 2 F2p MMOARPG’s:

Dragon Nest SEA

Rusty Hearts

2. Kirby Mass Attack

Another release from HAL. In this new release Kirby splits into 10 and have to defend dreamland from the evil skull gangs. This game features new gameplay out of the usual Kirby games. The full use of touchscreen and the cuteness of the game added with challenging levels and bosses. Not to mention that it also have an extra of mini games and all sorts of other great things. The BGM was really catchy and quite a splendid masterpiece.

3.  Harvest Moon: The tales of two town

Released for the DS and 3DS, this new series featured two towns where the main protagonist could live in. Either the western style town where you can raise a lot of livestock the ‘Bluebell Village’ or the Japanese themed vegetable farm the ‘Konohana village’. Besides that this game features quest system much like Rune Factory series. Best of all in this game is the activities and the change in the farming method. Enough of spoilers get this game now either legally by buying em. Or illegally by download…onto the DS or download…and use emulators.

4. Professor Layton and The last specter

Released a few weeks ago, the fourth release was a prequel before the first game ‘The curious Village’. This game tells how Layton meet with his young apprentice Luke and along with his assistant Emmy Altava, they confront the mysterious specter that have been terrorising the town of Misthallery. New features and puzzles as usual…I reckon that you play this game immediately! Unless you have upcoming exams or something…but this game can sure increase those brain power of yours I suppose.

And there you have it, a half-assed review written by me. Any comments or cursing would do but I would supposedly edit the cursing (for heavens sake there’s children reading this blog of mine.) Anyway, D.F.J signing out for now, have lots of work to do now……

Recent Biotechnology Breakthrough

I’m posting late today due to Unisel’s WiFi servers under maintenance for 24 hours since yesterday. Less talk more writing, here we go.


Oil-eating bacteria

As we all know oil spillage causes great harm to the environment and contributes to water pollution, killing massive amounts of marine life every year. Luckily for us, scientists never rest unless they’re in their final place of course. Back in 1989 in attempt to clean up 11 million gallons of crude oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.  Close but no cigar. Although we do get something important from those times. A blueprint for the oil-eating bacteria, Alcanivorax borkumensis having the ability to consume hundreds of million of oil in the waters each year.

Immune cells that attack cancer

Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have created a large, well-armed troop of tumor-seeking immune system cells to locate and attack dangerous melanomas. Dr. Antoni Ribas, the senior author of the study says: “We’re trying to genetically engineer the immune system to become a cancer killer and then image how the immune system operates at the same time.

Haven run various test on mice….they said that about one billion of it needed to fight the cancerous cell. If it goes well, it may be available in a few years….or so they say….

Stem cell culturing without using animal substance

Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, one of Europe’s largest medical universities, have managed to produce human stem cells without the use of other cells or substances from animals, in a completely chemically-defined environment. Embryonic stem cells have, up to this point, been cultured with the help of proteins from animals, ruling out the possibility of using them for treatment on humans. Now, they are cultured on a matrix of a single human protein: laminin-511, a part of our connective tissue that acts as a matrix that our cells can attach to. The possibilities are tremendous thanks to this scientific breakthrough that will give scientists the ability to develop different types of cells, which can be tested for the treatment of various human diseases. Meh…sounds good really but I wonder if there’s going to be problems with the ethical issues as we all know….pretty common these days….


Genome sequencing technology

Personalized healthcare is increasingly being applied to develop more effective treatments for disease and prevent a wider variety of conditions. Genome sequencing is one the most critical tools for personalized medicine, as it provides the individual genetic information necessary for the effective diagnosis and targeted treatment of particular diseases. Last month, a new collaborative agreement between Roche, a leader in biotechnology and research-focused healthcare, and IBM, one of the world’s largest technology companies, has them joining forces to develop a nanopore-based sequencer that will directly read and decode human DNA quickly, efficiently and affordably.

For the price…..ha ha ha….yeah, affordable really in these times of economic crisis…really….I think you should buy a Lamborghini instead…..



Finally putting tobacco plants to good use, researchers from the Biotechnology Foundation Laboratories at Thomas Jefferson University have identified a way to increase the oil in tobacco plant leaves, with the aim of using it as biofuel. This is a promising prospect, one, because it offers an alternative to exploiting plants that are used in food production, and two, because tobacco plants generate biofuel more efficiently than other agricultural crops.

The challenge researchers faced was that this precious oil is mostly found in tobacco seeds, and tobacco plants only produce about 600 kg of seeds per acre. However, they have now found ways to genetically engineer the plants so that their leaves express more oil. According to one of the project’s researchers, Dr. Andrianov, they have been able to modify plants to produce 20-fold more oil in the leaves. Andrianov says “”Based on these data, tobacco represents an attractive and promising ‘energy plant’ platform, and could also serve as a model for the utilization of other high-biomass plants for biofuel production.”

Nicely done I say….at least if people stop smoking for good, we can still have tobacco for our cars. But wouldn’t our car smells like smoke….or maybe they’re gonna add chemicals to remove the odour…causing more harm than it already does….


D.F.J….watching Fourze 08……if it finishes tonight…I’m outta here…


J~Songz: Of Biotech, ACGs, Tokusatsu and jokes

Good day to you ladies and gentleman who’s spending some of their busy or free time to read this blog of mine. As for now I’m thinking of what might be a good topic to discuss on this blog. I noticed half of my blog readers were anticipating updates on ACG….not to mention my biotechnology related articles as well as my simple poetry. Much obliged, that’s all need to be said for now. For your information I can only update my blog on certain  time only as I’m living in a hostel and need to focus my studies….lest we forget that the WiFi speed on my campus was kinda…well….a no no for any long term updates….let alone playing online games nor reading scientific articles as well as animation news and such….So how about this, we update the content based on their respective days….here it is for your reference:

Sun- Animation, comic, games, tokusatsu, japanese song, drama, film, etc.

Mon- Biotechnology/ scientific related articles

Tue- Jokes

Wed- Poetry

Thu- Campus life, Hobbies

Fri- Current Issues (International/ national)

Sat- Something to talk about….anything…

Subject to change at this moment of time….I also need to hone my skills in writing…..and of course….my studies…till next time… D.F.J, “If god willed it, I’ll shape the future of the world with my own hand”.

Red Alert: I’m Back

Yo, LTNSC™…..It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I had a lots of picture waiting to be uploaded but unfortunately due to the Unisel’s WiFi bandwidth I can’t upload any nor download anything from the net at this state…..If possible maybe some of it would be uploaded by next month during my semester break. Sigh….even my broadband account had reaches it’s limit…..had to wait till next month then…I had a lot of updates regarding animation, comics and games which I had noticed to have a massive amount of view since I posted it a few months ago……so what’s up with the title…..well, I’m kinda addicted to Red Alert 3: Uprising after installing it on my laptop….sadly it doesn’t have the campaign from the original RA3 game.

So why the MIA these few days?? I’ve got a lot assignments to finish and a few test to study for which is genetics, cell and molecular biology as well as molecular techniques. Next semester I’ll be taking Microbiology, Biochemistry and Chemistry 2 (just registered the course today according to the Biotechnology program courses mainframe)…..I’m set up for the final exams and for the next semester….and now….to return to my own agenda of pairing up human chromosomes based on the karyotypings….and even for tonight’s genetic test…….my poor legs were such a pain these few days….I got muscle strain from playing paintball last weekend and contracted scabies from a friend (scabies is such a serious problem for hostel students in Unisel BJ branch….and they blame a tiny ants codenamed “Charlie” for it….and in actuality it was due to the mites Sarcoptes Scabiei….which infects even neat freaks….creepy….and it can even live outside the human body for a week…and lay down eggs before the rashes came up 5 weeks later…causing itches and swelling….)

P/s: I heard the C3 second floor guys had problems with their WiFi connection….luckily no one want to mess up with our router here on c2…or maybe it’s just that I live on the fourth floor….where no one bothers to go anyway….D.F.J……applying traditional scabicide on my leg…..ahh…..there goes the other pair of chromosomes….and it was number 15 I guess……Praeder-Willi?? Or is it UBE3A which causes Angelman syndrome??

Live my Symphony!!

Waltzing in the rain,

Drenched with anger,

A disrupted dissonance,

A hollow soul,

An empty orchestra….sings out trash and distaste,

I laughed, I cried, I screamed…..

And the rain just kept pouring…..A sad sonata…

How despicable, life is miserable,

Why must I suffer….a question even I,

Don’t have the answer for….A prelude to an elegy…


Spared from death, I search for the consonance,

An inevitable etude which I know,

Would be painful for me….a deceptive cadence

You shouldn’t fear the unknown, for,

The truth lies in the mistakes that you,

Tried to escape from….. Why avoid the truth,

Afraid that it would consume you, or is it,

Because a life full of lies is better? Ostinato that cannot be stopped….


An enigma of life, for what reason did I live for,

If we can make a staccato of the complexity,

And become a virtuoso of a harmony,

I prayed for the answer everyday,

Melodies of life….moving in it’s tempo, accelerando!

Until you miss a beat, that’s the end to the concerto,

But before that, I want to find the correct notes,

So that my life’s symphony would be complete,

I’ll become the greatest composer of life!!


I’m not good at writing lyrics, yet alone create a masterpiece,

The chord’s in my life is not that perfect, I always afraid during a strum,

What will happen if the strings broke one by one,

I’m no Paganini, and what would happen to the compositions,

If I become deaf, I’m no Beethoven,

But one thing for sure, I’ll give all my soul,

To the song I’m playing,

Live my symphony!! Live!!

Resonate throughout the world,

Touch the heart of the world,

And live in their dreams,

Eternally lives on,

A legendary aria,

Or maybe a cadenza, a nocturne?

Whatever form you’re in,

Till you’re next renaissance…..

It would the greatest encore of my existance!



Loser Of The Pixelated World

In the midst of the night,

I stared to the windows which shows me,

Vision of both fantasy and cruel reality,

An apple of enlightenment, brings about,

Simplicity to our complexity….


16-bit resonating in my ears,

32-bit drawings scrolling here and there,

Such a fantastic way to waste our time,

I hit the buttons which create miracles…


Trapped in tides of pixelated graphics,

I separate reality from my world,

Why must I embrace the truth,

When I know I’m gonna end up being hurt….

Isn’t that just silly, A paranoid man,

Traumatised by failures through his life,

I don’t think so….The biggest loser,

At least had lost something in his life,

Rather than those winners, who once lost,

Something precious to him, fall into an endless void,

Of despair and miseries….


Argh… why can’t I just download everything I want,

And delete things I hate,

When I make mistakes I just delete them,

If it’s too big I just push the replay button,

Still not enough? Enter the Cheat Codes,

Invincible mode, hah! Take that you moron!

If life is just as simple as that,

There’s no meaning to the words,

No pain no game ain’t it, heck,

Who woulda love a game,

Without a good challenges…


Like an RPG, a good life is,

Made up of good storyline,

A good build of attributes,

A good set of levels and challenges,

And a good player of course,

If we can just apply those in the real world,

I’ll never put down my gamepad!


Staring at the pixelated images,

I started questioning myself…..

What’s important to me….

And I got it, It’s experience,

How can we level up without it,

Am I right?

So now let’s just step outside,

And let the whole world knows,

That we’re the best player ever!!


I disappear for a while asking guidance from god on how to prevent myself from being astray.Experimenting on making a good lyrics, proses or whatever they’re. Been there done that here’s the first one…

It baffles me, how I’m different from the others,

Looking at my hands, it’s shivering in pain,

Damn it, am I afraid that,

I would end up failing again in my life….


Those stupid words, came resonating in my head,

The memories of mistakes running on my mind,

I can hear the laughter, I can hear the cursing,

Would the voice just shut up and die!!


Writhing in pain, my chest burns away,

My mind runs blank at the moment….

A throbbing sensation felt like….

A knife stabbed in my soul!


I punched the wall over and over,

The more it stings the more my hand shivers,

“Now you’re afraid of pain?” I asked myself,

I can’t show my weakness….


A beautiful voice, echoed in my mind,

“Believe and believe in yourself,

the arousal of your true strength,

only comes when you believe in yourself”

Hell, those are the words that I always murmured,

How can I forget it at times like this…..


It’s too early to gave up,

It’s too early to lay down,

Hey world I’m gonna give you,

A taste of my own punch,

If you think that I’m going astray,

One word for you if you can hear me,

You sun of a gun,

like Hell I’m gonna drop dead!!




Despicable…ain’t it?

Ehem….it seems that someone doesn’t believe that I’m 19 and taking a degree…..I lol’d myself thinking that I’ve been lying all this time in my life and people believes me just like that….and then comes the irony…..when I tell the truth no one would believe/take my words seriously…I guess living in a life created with lies doesn’t suit me anymore, time for a change. A water doesn’t get stuck in one form most of the time…am I right? Well that just shows that karma turn itself against you when you’re least expecting. Well, let’s just push aside those thing for now and how about we answer some of the question which baffles me the most in the mean time such as why I wasn’t born a secret agent nor how come I did not end up as a clown in a freak show……no…you don’t need to answer that, It’s a rhetorical question. if you’re sharp as a hawk-eyed sniper you should notice already that I wrote sarcastically most of the time. Really, it’s suck to face the reality after all these years creating your own fake world from scratch and seeing it disappear in a flash….the song Spiral by Dustz quotes that “You know that hope is fake in this world, and despair is the only truth I’ve got”. My….how time flies so fast it flashes before your own eyes just like that….and flashing a bios requires intermediate knowledge of the computer (geek’s joke). D.F.J, concerto in a boring ol’ plain text….and out…

It’s October!!

And only 30 more days before the final exam, nice. Maybe it’s already too late to announce but to those who doesn’t know Unisel WiFi had been upgraded….excluding the normal IPT login page Unisel had lift the ban from youtube and online gaming……cool……this action could decrease students stress level by 45%…nice job Unisel. Moreover let’s give a hand to the September intake students (clap, clap, clap)…..yay…paradise lost XD….D.F.J spacing out!

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