Uchuu Kitaa!! (space time!!)

Yo  minna-san, ogenki desuka? Watashi?? Watashi wa ureshii da na….kyo wa atarashii no series hajime!

Class starts on tuesday so I guess I’m gonna chill for a bit and enjoy my remaining holiday. Ahh….yes….isn’t it about the time where matriculation students would enter the University…my, how time’s flies so fast these days…sob…sob…mou, enough of that, time goes on and so does our life….good luck to those who’ll be entering the University and enjoy your devastating orientation week..mwahaha…ha…ha…ha….cough….aside from that, let’s review the lyrics from asian kung-fu generation shinseiki no love song:

I saw on the evening news, somebody died
The newsman cried and then he said goodnight
But if it was me, if it was you, would he still cry?
Life goes on, as if nothing happened

We can’t wake up from this dream, and so much junk
Piling up for us to carry on our backs, that’s the idea
Quacky stories of dull songs,
Sing them, sing them

We just live day to day without any change
We stitch up our routine life, that’s the idea
Quacky stories of cloudy songs,
Sing them, sing them

Well, the lyrics have a message that you have to interpret by yourself…don’t expect me to give it to you. University students did everything on their own. No more spoon fed ya know…(or I’m just lazy to give it to ya)…D.F.J. Spacing out


About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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