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A Geek’s Day- A musical post~

Early morning….alarms ringing,

Sigh..using all ma strength to get up,

Nice….too early for class,

Another 5 minutes will do.


Sliding the phone and still drowsy,

Opened Opera, first thing twitter,

Lame…no new tweet from Obefiend,

Next thing FB, spying on my crush…

What the heck, what’s she’s sayin,

Proceeding to online news….

Damn….loading slowly….10 minutes passed.


Back from lecture, threw bag on bed,

Slamming laptop on desk, plugging in,

Waiting for Windows to start up,

Polystyrene meal here we go,

With Ice Tea on the go,

External HDD plugged in,

Media player classic switched on,

Rhythm flows in my headphone,

Another Japanese song, meh…


Opening wordpress on chrome,

damn another Unisel login page,

entering username….password…

Done, loading cache….into the dashboard,

Stat……4 views……lame.


Night falls….9.30 PM,

Play a few games on DS,

“Dude, DoTA 3v3” they say,

sigh…I’m not done yet with my post,

Hard disk starts screeching,

Creak….an end for today’s game…

A start of another frustrating night…sigh…

Wait…it’s alive!!

Wait for me…which connection? I can’t find the game!!!


D.F.J….and life’s just begins…….stay cool…..I’m out!


On a sleepless night,

The image of you appeared,

This heart that longed for you,

Kept writhing in pain.

A day without thinking about you,

A day without a news from you,

A day where you never existed,

The thought of it frightened me,

Will you always be there for me someday?


When you’re sad,

When you’re angry,

When you’re happy,

Will I ever satisfy your heart?

Like a beautiful flower,

Made of sharp glasses,

That’s what you are,

Does a creature such as I,

Worthy enough to possess  you?

Driven mad by you,

My heart aches every moment,

The emptiness in my soul,

Kept tearing me apart.

Slowly, day by day,

I decay on each passing of time,

Slowly rotting away,

Unable to break free from the chain,

I suffer from despair….


For you,

I don’t care if my soul,

Torn apart bit by bit,

For you,

I don’t care if my existence,

Wiped out in a flash….

Is there an end to this madness?

Would this pain disappear,

Only when I’m dead?

I pray everyday for strength,

To protect that smile of yours.

I never tell you,

How much I love you,

You never know,

The pain that’s slowly,

Shattering me apart,

An insignificant existence,

A hollow creature,

Longing for you,

I don’t care how many times I bled,

Holding you, the fragile glass rose,

Even if I destroyed myself in the process,

I will protect you,

Cause I will never let you go….

Spice of Life…..Kurae!!

Finally got some time off my back…life finish itself faster than it used to be don’t you agree with me. Watching the clock had it’s up and down and so does our life as a human being. Unfortunately I’ve caught myself a flu……..I guess in exchange for everything good that we obtained a certain price had to be paid. Enough of such worthless philosophy….but really….no one want to know about what happens in my daily life…..but I guess I’m going to write it down anyway, heck…this blog’s mine. Whatever posted in it that’s my business. It’s been a long time though since I last recommend a few good ‘Otaku’ stuff’s. So, here we go!

U C H U U  K I T A A ! ! (Space Time)

Although I had said that Kamen Rider Fourze is much to my distaste before, a further analysis into the series made me change my mind about it’s aspects and found it as one of a good effort put up by Toei. The series was aimed for a much mature audience preferably the teenagers who grew up watching tokusatsu series as an effort to increase viewers rating. Yeah, I know that this series aired on children’s slot time but really…kid’s this day going to watch some high school drama which have beautiful girls in bikini’s? I think either it’s aimed for teenagers or that Japan is educating their youth to become a pervert later in their adulthood. In order to appear different from it’s previous predecessors, Fourze utilize the usage of gadgets called ‘Astro Switch’ as a substitute for the Kamen Rider multiple form. So you’re not going to stuck watching the rider to change their forms frequently. Storyline is kinda good for me as it’s the first Kamen Rider to introduce High School drama. Besides the good looking cast, gruesome monster, extreme fighting stunts and badass looking costume and weapons. I’m going to give Fourze a score of Fourze out of Fourze (40/40…get it??)

To be continued for Musics and Gaming recommendation, trying to change the style a little as I know most people doesn’t like reading boring long posts….stay tune for more, D.F.J Raging Out!!

Testing My Camera

Mufufufufu…using my friends laptop for the updating process…thanks Kartum for lending your laptop.

As I said before I just bought a new BenQ DC E1465, let’s review he picture I’d taken….

Simple test

One of the capture mode, 'soft flowing water'

Sunset outside my window taken with 'smart scene' and edited with vivid red color

Using the capture mode 'landscape'...thank god I got this room....fufufu...(^~^)

Using the mode night potrait...

Using super macro on this coin you can view the congkak beads inside...nice! Please click to zoom. TQ.

That’s all for today….love y’all…(yes, especially you..if you think you’re the one (‘~^)b D.F.J…Lovin ya!!

Genetics Pt. 2

The deviation from mendelian genetics

Sometimes during the crosses the ratio obtained does not obey mendelian’s law. The first one is co-dominance. In human we have 4 type of main blood group which is A, B, AB and O. In co-dominance, more than one allele expresses the characteristics. In AB, A and B both express it’s characteristics. We can say that a multiple alleles control the same characteristic.

In snapdragon flower, the phenotypic ratio and genotypic ratio for F2 generation is the same which is 1:2:1. This is due to incomplete dominance where recombinant progeny is produced. A red flower and white flower cross would produce 1 red flower, 2 pink flower and 1 white flower. This is due to the intensity of the pigment cannot express itself in heterozygous state and produce a combination of the pigment red and white which is pink.

Then we’ve come to another case which is maternal effect. In this case we take the example of shell shape in gastropod. There are two main type of shape which is dexteral and sinistral (clockwise and anti-clockwise). For the maternal effect the progeny inherited the same trait as the maternal. Here’s an example:

D: Dexteral                                                                DD(M) x dd(F)

d: Sinistral                                                                 F1: All Dd (All sinistral)

Even though that D is dominant over d but due to maternal effect the maternal characteristic express itself in the progeny. Let’s take a look at another example:

DD(M,sinistral) x dd(F, dexteral)

All Dd (dexteral)

In genetics part 3 we would discuss on epistasis, extranuclear inheritance and linked genes.

PC Fair Unisel Mari!!


Wah manyak best arr ini ari. Pihak MPP Unisel dengan jayanya telah menganjurkan Unisel PC fair yang bermula dari 12-15 september. Sungguh jimat, speaker yang biasa kita dapat pada harga RM 79.90 boleh didapati pada harga serendah RM 39.90. Murah! Itulah yang boleh dikatakan tentang produk yang dijual pada hari ini. Saya jugak berkesempatan membeli Headphone jenama E-View dan juga kamera BenQ DC E1465 14.0 megapixel dengan 4x wide optical zoom lens dan 5.0 cm super macro yang memuatkan 36 fungsi ‘capture mode’ termasuklah Fish eye lens dan Lomo dengan harga serendah RM 349 sahaja. Berbaloi…..tapi kalah waktu jualan lelong untuk membida speaker. Ada akak tu dapat bid RM 20 untuk beg laptop HP, Headphone dan RM 7 untuk Notebook cooler pad. Sambung pulak nak ambik gambar.

D.F.J jumping out!

Honto no Fuukatsu

Subarashi…….finally my laptop have recovered…..thank you god. Fortunately it’s not a mechanical failure or electrical failure on my hard disk coz it’s just because of bad sectors in my old windows file. DoTA after this anyone??

P/s: To unisel students living in the male cluster apartments can refer to me if something went haywire with your laptop. D.F.J…thanking god!!

Got To Keep It Real!!

As for today it’s been a sad day when my laptop went haywire….but life must goes on no matter what happens I will only sleep when I die, I live my life and I’m alive.

But at the same time a series of fortune befalls on me. For example I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I guess that’s an A+….and my friends are enjoying their university registration that means a lot to me as I love to see my comrades progress in their live. I’m feeling extremely lucky today that I decided to write a lil’ bit today….my blog visitors also increased significantly today. Yatta, may god give a blissful day to me! But then….

D.F.J Level Up: Exp Gained-255 pts.

Money gained- 10,000,000 $

Status up- All +7

Special: Luck Maxed Out

Uchuu Kitaa!! (space time!!)

Yo  minna-san, ogenki desuka? Watashi?? Watashi wa ureshii da na….kyo wa atarashii no series hajime!

Class starts on tuesday so I guess I’m gonna chill for a bit and enjoy my remaining holiday. Ahh….yes….isn’t it about the time where matriculation students would enter the University…my, how time’s flies so fast these days…sob…sob…mou, enough of that, time goes on and so does our life….good luck to those who’ll be entering the University and enjoy your devastating orientation week..mwahaha…ha…ha…ha….cough….aside from that, let’s review the lyrics from asian kung-fu generation shinseiki no love song:

I saw on the evening news, somebody died
The newsman cried and then he said goodnight
But if it was me, if it was you, would he still cry?
Life goes on, as if nothing happened

We can’t wake up from this dream, and so much junk
Piling up for us to carry on our backs, that’s the idea
Quacky stories of dull songs,
Sing them, sing them

We just live day to day without any change
We stitch up our routine life, that’s the idea
Quacky stories of cloudy songs,
Sing them, sing them

Well, the lyrics have a message that you have to interpret by yourself…don’t expect me to give it to you. University students did everything on their own. No more spoon fed ya know…(or I’m just lazy to give it to ya)…D.F.J. Spacing out

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