What’s up with me you say….well, not that good actually. Unisel WiFi had just recently blocked youtube video loads and several other websites. Not to mention that we’re also barred from Online gaming services and most importantly torrent downloads. Life’s like that…sometimes you gain big and sometimes you just lose em all in a matter of seconds. Today’s the last day of lecture for my Maths class (test to be exact) before the Mid-semester break which means that I only have three more classes next week before going back to Perlis on the 27th. Final exam starts in November 11th till the 20th. A few weeks of holiday and the next semester would start….simple! Life’s may look easy sleazy for me but to some of the students a day of classes would seem like hell. Thank god that I went matriculating last year. Not only the experience that I had but also the subjects are useful in University’s life. Can’t wait for my third year thesis and Industrial practical as well as the Major that I would be taking.


Ehem…so enough about those boring things…why don’t we talk about something more general and more interesting to us young adults. Let’s start with love. A few friends of mine complained about the friend of theirs bragging about having met their soul mates and such and a few weeks after that my friends started to brag about having met someone they like. Lesson from here? Don’t say something about your friends when you didn’t know that you would do the same thing. Seriously, it’s like spring season here where animals get out of their hibernation state and went mating with one another…and there I was complaining about why I didn’t find one yet….or maybe because I’m still into my past crushes or maybe it’s just I don’t wanna think about it yet. Well here’s a question for you, why is it so easy for some of the people when you flirt a little and said something sweet (mengayat in Malay) the girls just fallen head over heels for that certain guy? Remember, I need you’re comments…..anything will do, just use the guess account and don’t include your email if you don’t want as it’s not compulsory. D.F.J signing out.


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............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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