What’cha doing Fent??

Nothing….Imma doing nothing…totally, like a marionette sitting near the window aging with dust covered on it….Nah…life in Unisel was actually exhilarating…everyday wuz an adventure…inside the PC at least….

Like I said be4 I have 3 days of break per week…nothing to do?? No, I actually have a lot of things to do:

1. Play forsaken world MMORPG, if the lines good enough….I’m stuck till my quest finished.

2. Play games in PC, maybe it’s just a simple Sims 3 generation game….which usually took me about 1 hour to build a house….and 30 minutes to create a sim (1 sim)….and then if i’m bored I juz play Dead space 2…..the more quiet the environment, the better chance of me getting a shock when playing it….seriously not for those who have heart problems

3. Chatting with ma friends. No matter how stupid the topic is or how it almost burst our stomach due to those stupid jokes, we always stick together…in a good way…not the other one….ahh….good times…..good times

4. Eat. Yup, 75% of our nighttime wuz filled with snacking and eating whatever on our grasp. As you know that I’m called the Black Hole stomach by my friends in KML….coz no matter how much I eat…..I never gain a weight significantly….and I’m lighter than most females out there…..ehem….but I do have some abs….if I keep working out for that week.

5. Sleep…..what else, some people even add it as their own hobbies. But here….well….my Dean asked our faculty to reduce our sleep ratio….maximum is 8 hrs per day. Thanks Prof.

6. Watching movies…yup, no matter if it is a marathon of Saw movies or just a simple anime.

7. Outings: Hehe….the best one of all…..whether if it’s just to Kuala Selangor to go to Tesco and watch movies or maybe straight away to KL, the grass sometimes much greener….on the other side.

Conclusion: Weh…assignment tak siap lagi….lab report? Mak!! Test minggu depan…..sekian Tima kasih…..D.F.J crazing out!


About Dark Fent

............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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