Rev Up!!: Breaking the limits

I’d been on hiatus for a long time….finally the Unisel’s WiFi system had been repaired, still….got some downtime problem due to bandwidth issue when it’s congested. All and all, I think I should change my concurrent style of writing with the level of my current education level. So I’ve thought a bit bout changing my blog to a mixture of my hobbies and also my scientific journal as well as the usual small talk about my life which is actually done by me to improve my writing skills and also for me to release some of my stress using blog as my self expression. But I’ve also been thinking bout adding current issues to the blog. It’s a really great experience being in a university taking my bachelor degree. Most of the time I still thought that I was in my Matriculation……which is a bad experience for me but it does provide me with the skill to survive in the university….and the fact that I’m relearning all my past subjects is an A+ factor to this subject….really, I finished until chapter 6 of my chemistry class within 3 weeks of classes which consist of one 3 hour class per week. Nevertheless…..everything’s easy now and I’m really proud to be a Unisel student of Science and Biotechnology Faculty…and….enough said, that’s all for my usual shorties….D.F.J signing out for now.


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............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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