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Selamat Hari Raya

Hehe, saje nak posting awal coz bkan ada orang baca pn blog ni. Di sini saya dan keluarga ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri minal aidil wal faidzin. Segala khilaf pada empunya diri ini diharap dapat dimaafkan kepada sesiapa yang merasakan dirinya disakiti oleh diri ini. Mintak maap dari hujung rambut hinggalah ke hujung kuku kaki….keh keh keh. Mak, ayah, budak2 sekolah lama dari SMK Beluran Bestari, Sm. St. Mary’s Sandakan, dak2 Matrik Labuan 2010/2011 especially bkas roommate, jiran sebelah, class H3T25, housemate apartment bestari jaya, budak2 klas degree biotech sem 1 2011/2012 and of coz smua budak2 unisel yang mengenali diri tak lupa juga kucing comel bawah blok c2, kucing gemuk dpan masjid kuala selangor, arwah Pride Rock yang lari dari rumah 11 tahun lalu, mak cik kantin SK Pekan Beluran, Family aku di Sabah and semenanjung, anak2 nakan aku, abang jual air kat blok c1, pemangku VC Unisel dan jugak para pensyarah Unisel, KML, cikgu sekolah aku dulu, (berapa banyak lagi daa….)…..dan juga awekz2 yang aku pernah ada crush dulu (I still had crush on one….yg nak jdi cikgu 2…apakan daya…xde jodoh kot?)….serta juga PM Malaysia, Sultan2 Malaysia dan family, segala kesulitan amatlah dikesali.

Berkhidmat untuk negara,

D. F. Juanis

(Pengurusi Majlis Merapu United Malaysia)

P/s: Zakat dah bayar, puasa dah habis, raya hanya sehari bukan sebulan. Rajin2 lah puasa 6 pada yang mampu.

Senyum sokmo….sia tia mau ada sedih2 lagi raya ni. Okeh, kami ciao dulu lah…nak lena sat, dah penat ni dok tengok orang buat ketupat daun palas…(huk eleh…tengok jer…)

The Hell’s with Unisel WiFi

Ehem…aku tak nak cakap banyak la pasal Unisel coz aku memang sayang Unisel tpi yang bengongnya satu jer….Unisel WiFi. Then korang akan tanya aku, “Psal ngan WiFi, laju jer?”. You might say that but did you realize laju tyme korang tengok apa? Facebook je kan. Bandwith sampai 130 mbps tpi yang dapatnya sekitar 20kb jer pada hari biasa (hari kuliah). Even on weekend the most that you can get is 100kb. Compared ngan sebulan lepas where hari biasa skitar 100kb and 1mb during non busy hours. I lol’d at that you know. Jauh beza tu brader. IP smua kongsi dalam Unisel WiFi. Admin ckap Unisel WiFi block laki….tpi takkan 1 jer server untuk blok laki. I see that gurlz pnyer asrama had a lot of streamyx hotspot so why at the men’s hostel they can’t do the same? Bcoz when shared by a lot of people the bandwith would be high and sorang akan dapat lbih kurang 15mb (pc lama) and 26mb (pc baru) instead of full duplex (130mb). Unisel WiFi coverage smpai kafe so of coz lambakan orang kat cafe causes the internet speed to decrease drastically. From what I know is that Unisel WiFi server use nginx instead of lighttpd so I’ll leave that up to the IT pro’s out there. Aku tak kesah ban porn websites coz aku lagi suka camtu, xdelah housemate duduk kat corner dalam glap tngok blue. Tpi yg x puas hati dia block youtube and file sharing website. Dia block gak Livescore (yg xde kena mengena) dan jgak Online games. Weh, ktorang byar kot WiFi tu. Bgi svice tahap cipan btol. N then dengan bangganya para admin unisel bagitau mereka tlah berjaya hack PC students. Macam ni boleh saman ni, about ratus ribu cam2 aku bleh install streamyx server VIP kat Unisel ni……dan masalah demi masalah mula membelenggu Unisel dan menjadikannya lebih feymes. D.F.J raging out!

Ahaks, joke for my Matrix lecturer. Jangan marah ye....


Shadow of my heart

In the darkness, I stopped and stared into the curved mirror
I seem to be living in a warped world

A spiral shell crawls on the end of a wave
And it dreams of twinkling in the sky

On that day, my heart crumbled in silence
Even though I screamed... 
At being broken, unutterable memories and
Darkness flow into my eyes
And I sink into tomorrow..... 
Whose colors can't even be seen anymore

If I could have caught that pop-fly that I missed that day,
Then maybe I could lose this regret that I carry
It’s been years and it is still inside me
Life goes on, Life goes on

Riding on faint hope brought in by the night breeze
How far can we go?
As if to repel, the world shakes and snatches all away
I’ve woken from my dreams
But nothing’s been accomplished…..

Such a small voice
Won’t rise up to the surface
Who is it for?
The shell keeps sinking to the bottom

Under that imposible smile hides a growing shadow,
that’s why I pretended to not notice and chose to continue along.

I have a knife in one hand, and despair in the other
And there is a cloud over my head
Nothing should be trapped in one form,
Whatever it is, will be gone
I’m staying here, even if my soul is broken

Where do I face the feeling of the shadow of being close to each other?
I’m chasing ecstasy, but I can’t reach perfection.
The hope and inferiority complex which is running around inside me
Will one day become dismay?

The Breath of sadness, 
I was searching for that to stain it in colors 
Without raising a sound
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed.....
Injured with pain and sadness, 
the you that cannot be healed 
Don't say words like you can't smile or you hate people 
Everything that happens in the unseen future has a meaning 

So stay like this, 
There'll come a time when you will realize
Missing the protection of the light you believed in 
You too, want a perfect world, right? 
Like surpassing a lie, 
I'm fighting the reality I felt 
I don't want to let the existence of my humble self 
And everything to be denied.... 
But what should we do with our days?  
Trying to live flawlessly is a big no, no.  
Stop ! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! 
Ignore everything else.......  
No matter what I do, 
it'll probably forever remain a pipe dream 
That will never come true 
But the fire burning in my heart 
Cannot be doused by anyone.  
Even if the black rain falling from the sky 
Drenches me completely and doesn't stop 
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.  
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.  
I can still keep going...I pray to lord
Give me the strength to go further....


What’s up with me you say….well, not that good actually. Unisel WiFi had just recently blocked youtube video loads and several other websites. Not to mention that we’re also barred from Online gaming services and most importantly torrent downloads. Life’s like that…sometimes you gain big and sometimes you just lose em all in a matter of seconds. Today’s the last day of lecture for my Maths class (test to be exact) before the Mid-semester break which means that I only have three more classes next week before going back to Perlis on the 27th. Final exam starts in November 11th till the 20th. A few weeks of holiday and the next semester would start….simple! Life’s may look easy sleazy for me but to some of the students a day of classes would seem like hell. Thank god that I went matriculating last year. Not only the experience that I had but also the subjects are useful in University’s life. Can’t wait for my third year thesis and Industrial practical as well as the Major that I would be taking.


Ehem…so enough about those boring things…why don’t we talk about something more general and more interesting to us young adults. Let’s start with love. A few friends of mine complained about the friend of theirs bragging about having met their soul mates and such and a few weeks after that my friends started to brag about having met someone they like. Lesson from here? Don’t say something about your friends when you didn’t know that you would do the same thing. Seriously, it’s like spring season here where animals get out of their hibernation state and went mating with one another…and there I was complaining about why I didn’t find one yet….or maybe because I’m still into my past crushes or maybe it’s just I don’t wanna think about it yet. Well here’s a question for you, why is it so easy for some of the people when you flirt a little and said something sweet (mengayat in Malay) the girls just fallen head over heels for that certain guy? Remember, I need you’re comments…..anything will do, just use the guess account and don’t include your email if you don’t want as it’s not compulsory. D.F.J signing out.

Good Morning


Heya fellas, even tho there’s no one reading ma blog there’s still a fluctuation of blog readers daily and that’s really mind baffling. But enough of the perplexing stuff’s. So let’s get on to another boring session of D.F.J’s “something to talk about”.

Ehem….so today’s the 18th of August which means us Muslims have about 12 days left till the Eid-ul-fitr . I’m really excited this year coz I’m gonna celebrate the day of victory in Perlis. Besides meeting my relatives and get to relieve some steam off, I’m really looking forward to….well….you guess it…..the foods. No wonder I got the title the “Black Hole Stomach” in KML….ah…..good days. Anyway, it’s also because I’m gonna trade back my laptop with my dad’s which I’m currently using. You might say that what’s the point exchanging it coz it’s the same model and brand……well, mine’s an I5 w/ 4GB ram while my dad use I3 w/ 2GB ram….but still….mine’s loads slower than his, might be that his are the second release of the model….I’m kinda like using a prototype of some sort….

So one might ask, “hey Fent, did you score any hot chicks in Unisel?” My answer is….ehem….nope….none of em…..owh come on….what kinda chick would hitch me….I’m not that good-looking…I’m short, scrawny and also have a case of nerve injury which make me look like someone with a Parkinson disease….besides, no one wanna be the girl of a nerd taking biotech course….and then one of my friends or homies or whatever they’re would come at me with a lunge and say something like “aww….shut the hell up you moron, like that’s true!”….well…it is true…but some quality in me just deny that….hey it’s not me who said it….I’m just sayin’ what my friends told me….at least……if….they’re just don’t wanna hurt my feeling….then again….maybe because I’m someone who doesn’t like to let go of my past….or crushes….or maybe it’s just that (how many more sentence like this, don’t cha get bored wif this?) I’m not feeling myself….I dunno…I always felt like I’m not being the real me….there’s still this hollow space inside my soul….and no matter how much I feed it with worldly substances…..It even deepens….only the love of god could fill it in…D.F.J signing out

Truth: MY Mentality

A few months ago I had already talked about some stupid things in MY. To tell u the truth, all of it actually started from the mentality of MY people. So today I’m gonna talk bout some bad trait of MY people…..I hope my people of MY will eventually change for the better…

MY people are actually racist…especially people in the peninsular region. No need for any stupid propaganda or slogan to unite the citizens as it all started in our root. Yes, it all begins with the BT empire over a few hundred years ago. The races in this land had been divided into a specific work task. But really that was history….supposedly the citizen of the land of MY should already forget about this as Dr. M once said but I shoulda revise it….”human forgot easily”. Yes, this is the truth.  It’s even mentioned in the holy quran and how many times did god give warnings and signs for them to remember?? Countless!

It’s good enough the dispute in MY only between those 3 main races. Luckily my people of Borneo region did not join in the dispute. As a half Malay and half Dusun I had seen a lot of things with this eyes and usually the half people are the best in giving their opinions and resolution of a certain dispute. But I wuz wrong sometimes….and also right at the same time. There is no right and wrong in this world.

Cuba ambik pengajaran dari cerita ini. Cerita ini aku dengar dari kawan aku seorang pendakwah muda yang cukup meyentuh sanubariku. Pada suatu hari seorang lelaki pergi ke tepi laut dan mencedok sedikit air laut kedalam sebuah cawan. Lalu dia pun pergi bertemu orang kampungnya dan berkata “ini adalah kebenaran”. Kemudian datang pula orang kedua dengan satu dram air laut. Lalu dia pun berkata “inilah kebenaran”. Kemudian orang ketiga datang dengan lori minyak yang tangkinya dipenuhi air laut. Lalu dia berkata “mereka berdusta, inilah kebenaran yang hakiki”. Lalu semua orang di kampung itu pergi kepada orang ketiga tadi. Padahal, air laut yang setangki itu tidak mewakili keseluruhan 7 lautan pun. So, adakah itu kebenaran yang hakiki? Setakat cakap dengan ayat yang sedap didengar dan meyakinkan sudah cukup untuk membuatkan orang lain percaya. Umat islam di MY especially di peninsular as biasanya di peninsular ni lah rebel2 and orang munafik ni berkumpul. Main hentam and fitnah orang je. Ada satu isu, dapat je terus dihentamnya tanpa usul periksa. Inikah Islam namanya. Aku bagi 1 contoh, baru2 ni ada satu negeri bagi fatwa pasal larangan penggunaan speaker untuk membaca Al-Quran time subuh. Bila aku baca komen kat berita harian, Alhamdulillah. Ada orang siap bagi dalil daripada hadis sahih pulak tu. But then I read komen kat bawah yang berbunyi “inilah kalau agama dipolitikkan”. Wei….tak baca komen ke, ada hadis nabi lagi tu?  Nauzubillah….kan ayat pertama yang Allah bagi berbunyi “bacalah dengan nama tuhan yang menciptakanmu”. Ayat ni kalau dikaji and dalam standard SPM pun akan diulas sebagai satu perintah kepada umat islam untuk membaca dan mengkaji. So why aku nampak ramai yang bodoh sangat langsung tak mengkaji apa2 pun main hentam je. Ikut je apa yang orang dulu2 buat. Ikut je certain amalan yang nampak islamik 2 walhal hadis yang diikut tu hadis munkar and hanya bida’ah dari umat islam rantau kita yang mencampur adukkan kepercayaan lama mereka. Kalau aku sentuh banyak2 nanti ada orang mengamuk plak cakap “dari nenek moyang kita lagi buat benda tuh kau cakap tak betul? Kau ni memang kafir la!”. Satu lagi kebodohan orang islam MY dimana suka sebut “kau ni kafir betul la”. Walhal paling teruk seorang islam boleh dapat ialah fasik. Itupun kalau nak cakap kena cermin dulu diri dia. Betul ke cukup solat 5 waktu. Selalu bercakap benar ke? Akhlaknya macam mana? Suka mencarut atau tidak? Ha biasanya orang begini yang kononya berjihad di jalan agama tapi lupa jihad yang paling besar ialah jihad melawan nafsu. Menuntut ilmu pun jihad kalau nak tahu. So orang inilah yang menjual agama kita. So sad minda umat islam di MY dah sesat walhal Rasulullah bagi pesan “aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang jika kamu ikut kamu tidak akan sesat selamanya. Yakni Al-Quran dan hadis”. Tapi sayangnya….semua ikut sedap hati jer…..nafsu manusia….. D.F.J signing out



What’cha doing Fent??

Nothing….Imma doing nothing…totally, like a marionette sitting near the window aging with dust covered on it….Nah…life in Unisel was actually exhilarating…everyday wuz an adventure…inside the PC at least….

Like I said be4 I have 3 days of break per week…nothing to do?? No, I actually have a lot of things to do:

1. Play forsaken world MMORPG, if the lines good enough….I’m stuck till my quest finished.

2. Play games in PC, maybe it’s just a simple Sims 3 generation game….which usually took me about 1 hour to build a house….and 30 minutes to create a sim (1 sim)….and then if i’m bored I juz play Dead space 2…..the more quiet the environment, the better chance of me getting a shock when playing it….seriously not for those who have heart problems

3. Chatting with ma friends. No matter how stupid the topic is or how it almost burst our stomach due to those stupid jokes, we always stick together…in a good way…not the other one….ahh….good times…..good times

4. Eat. Yup, 75% of our nighttime wuz filled with snacking and eating whatever on our grasp. As you know that I’m called the Black Hole stomach by my friends in KML….coz no matter how much I eat…..I never gain a weight significantly….and I’m lighter than most females out there…..ehem….but I do have some abs….if I keep working out for that week.

5. Sleep…..what else, some people even add it as their own hobbies. But here….well….my Dean asked our faculty to reduce our sleep ratio….maximum is 8 hrs per day. Thanks Prof.

6. Watching movies…yup, no matter if it is a marathon of Saw movies or just a simple anime.

7. Outings: Hehe….the best one of all…..whether if it’s just to Kuala Selangor to go to Tesco and watch movies or maybe straight away to KL, the grass sometimes much greener….on the other side.

Conclusion: Weh…assignment tak siap lagi….lab report? Mak!! Test minggu depan…..sekian Tima kasih…..D.F.J crazing out!

Rev Up!!: Breaking the limits

I’d been on hiatus for a long time….finally the Unisel’s WiFi system had been repaired, still….got some downtime problem due to bandwidth issue when it’s congested. All and all, I think I should change my concurrent style of writing with the level of my current education level. So I’ve thought a bit bout changing my blog to a mixture of my hobbies and also my scientific journal as well as the usual small talk about my life which is actually done by me to improve my writing skills and also for me to release some of my stress using blog as my self expression. But I’ve also been thinking bout adding current issues to the blog. It’s a really great experience being in a university taking my bachelor degree. Most of the time I still thought that I was in my Matriculation……which is a bad experience for me but it does provide me with the skill to survive in the university….and the fact that I’m relearning all my past subjects is an A+ factor to this subject….really, I finished until chapter 6 of my chemistry class within 3 weeks of classes which consist of one 3 hour class per week. Nevertheless…..everything’s easy now and I’m really proud to be a Unisel student of Science and Biotechnology Faculty…and….enough said, that’s all for my usual shorties….D.F.J signing out for now.

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