Compendium: How to survive Malaysian University

To those who’s about to enter the university (in Malaysia), here’s some useful tips for you:

1. Choose the right courses for you, don’t take courses which you can’t handle well and have no prospects. Refer to academic counselors and professionals in education field (don’t ask your friends or seniors).

2. Orientation week?? Each university have a varied style to get you orientated with the university and it’s system….few words only….concentrate on the university systems and get to know your faculty well….Ragging?? Keep your chin’s up, it’s gonna be a tough week for ya.

3. Staying in hostel? Be extremely careful when staying with a senior students. Bullying? Your in a university so you can either A. Talk with your senior as an adult or B. Report to police…. seriously, bullying in university and several stuff’s we thought to be a small matters in your previous experience is a serious offense in university level.

4. Take a really good care of your belongings and inventories, store your laptops as smart as you can. Separate the battery and charger and store them in a good place, i.e. your luggage bag. Use a cylinder type lock for your locker as spring mechanism type is easy to be picked. Also be aware of what type of locker that you have, some apartments hostels provide you with wooden cupboard or a metal one.

5. Respect your housemates and your roommates, in case of emergency they’re the one who could help you especially if you’re studying abroad. Don’t ever have a fight with your housemates and if it happens, settle it as quickly as possible and professionally. Again, avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

6. Renting a house outside the campus? Always go to your class early. Ensure that you’re living in a place with a good transportation system for those who’re commuting. Don’t forget to pay your monthly rent.

7. Registering a subject? Make sure that you’re taking  more than the minimum credit requirement and slightly above or the same number of credit hours that you can at maximum take for a semester. Don’t drop too much subjects if you’re wanna finish earlier and don’t take too much subjects as it may clash with your timetable for certain subjects. Take the compulsory subjects that is required for you to advance to another subject in the next semester. Ask your head of program for the structure of your respective course or consult your lecturers for the subjects that you need to take for the current semester and for the next one. I need to remind you that certain courses require you to finish the specific credit hours for you to finish it within the allocated years of studies. I.E. I’m taking Biotechnology bachelor degree which requires me to finish 120 credit hours within 3 years which is equivalent to 9 semester.

8. If you’re from diploma or foundation level taking a bachelor degree, be sure to have your resumption for the credit hours. Usually you can apply up to one semester of credit resumption. That’s about 6 month’s worth.

9. Know the systems. Get to know your vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor for students affair, deputy vice chancellor for academics, your faculty dean, admins, registration officer, head of programs and the lecturers respective of the subjects that you would be taking. Never ever cause problems for them…it would be small for them and you’re the one who would suffer the consequences.

10. Apparels: Be aware that several IPTA have a strict dressing code. Avoid wearing jeans and slippers during lecture time as well as shirts with no collars (round neck and etc.) and also tight or sexy clothes except if you’re lecturer doesn’t bother you’re wearing them. But I need to remind you that slippers is a big no-no all of the time.

11. Labs: Always wear your lab coats when entering the laboratory and wear shoes with covers. If you have long hairs, tie it up and if you’re wearing tudung or selendang, put it inside your lab coats neatly. Obey the safety precautions and laboratory safety rules at all time, especially if you’re handling harmful substances.

12. Attendance: Most IPTA and IPTS need you to attend at least 80% of your lectures our you would be barred from taking the final examination. Attendance play an important role as it brings you a lot of marks for your taken subjects. Usually about 10-20% of it.

13. Coursework: Always do your assignments. Finish your tutorials (if any) and be ready for any pop quizzes or test. It brings about 40-50% of your marks to be carried on for the final markings.

14. Examinations? Usually only 30-40% at the end of your semester. But please study for it to get a good score as 3.5 and above can get you into the dean’s list and keep it up till the last semester and you would get the vice chancellor honor rolls, and a first class degree with a nice titles and such on it and you can further your studies in PhD levels directly. The first semester is the most important one, score high so that you can pass with flying colors for the next semester.

15. Don’t stress out your life, university life is enjoyable and relaxing. Schedule your time properly and don’t forget to study (^~^)b.


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  1. Thx 4 the info bang. Senior la katakan

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