Weekend at Unisel

So……empty….everyone’s gone…surfing the web at the cafe for a while.

Announcement: The Unisel WiFi service at the men’s hostel should be operational within a few days. The bandwidth had been increased from 2ombps  to 50mbps. Looking forward to test the connection tonight….if there is one…hopefully

The new and complete timetable for FASBIO and engineering faculty already uploaded at http://www.kefflee.com, kindly visit the site to get the new timetable.

For those who take Biotechnology course please refer to me if you need some notes regarding biology subjects. I have a Campbell Reece 8th edition Biology textbook that you can refer to. Lot’s of information especially for Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics subject.

—————————–end of announcement

I love my course ya kno. Most of my lectures are 3 hours….meaning only 1 lecture per week….except for Math’s tho….2 class per week…thankfully, even I don’t wanna be in a math’s class for 3 hrs in a row. But the most beautiful thing is that I don’t have any classes at all on Mondays. Mwahaha…..I guess that’s prep time for me eh?? (or a time to play games and etc.)



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