University Life

Chillin mode…..I’ve cut off my chilies supply, so I’m cool rite now….hopefully….

Life in Unisel is kinda like a mixture of toughness and also relaxing. My class schedule is not that pack (probably coz I’m a Bachelor student I guess). My holiday is from Saturday till Monday, I don’t have any night classes and only about 2 class per day (xcept for friday though, I have 2 labs session and a Math lecture.)

I’m really enjoying my course bcoz I got to use what I’ve learned before from my previous studies…and the subjects is my favorite as I love biology related subjects. For the first year my subjects is kinda so-so, but on my second and third year the subjects are totally awesome. For second year I have Industrial Microbiology, Bioreactor, Genetic engineering, Immunology and such. The third year is the best, I’ve got  to do my own research and to choose my own Major. I’m thinking of taking Industrial Biotechnology as a major as the subjects such as Nutraceutical and Medical Microbiology can help me to involve in pharmaceutical research…..but Im also thinking about taking agriculture biotechnology……maybe coz the girl I like is taking Agricultural science…wooppssss…….too much information. The last semester of the third year is where we’re having Industrial training practical for a few months to gain some insight into the industry…..if we’re doing fine the industry would love to employ us, easier for us to find job….yay… more unemployment bachelor degree students. The downside? Well not really that low….I’ve to take several Mathematical subjects such as bioinformatics and biostatistics….not to mention biochemistry…..and several miscellaneous subjects such as Marketing and Management principle…..and also Entrepreneurship….wow….sounds like biotechnology students are professionals eh?? (say something….please….)…and also the usual….Islamic studies, Malaysia studies and Technical English….. and co-curriculum…..and also….ow…that’s all I guess….

Pray that I would get vice chancellor list honor rolls….would look great on my First class honors degree….not to mention that I could further my studies directly to PhD level….and this is where my family members would say, “dik, belajar dulu bagus2 kasi dapat Dean list”. Hmmm….to maintain a score of 3.5++ for 9 semesters….guess I’ll have to do it anyway….I have to, there’s no turning back..or sideways….or diagonally….and etc…..only forward!

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