Am I dead?

Yes, I am….not!

As a freshman we don’t have enough time to rest, seriously. Luckily Im a Bachelor degree student so…..I currently have 2 days of lectures in a week….don’t know about next week though…really tired (pergh…tipu…koe jalan bukit bintang ari 2….dosa membohong tau). Im proud to announce that Im the first in my class (maybe…) to take a bachelor degree. Mwahaha…aku habis cpat dari korunx…(if I score well that is…).

Faculty: Science and Biotechnology

Program: Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (hons.)

Academic session: 1/2011/2012, First year, First semester.

Subject taken this semester:

1. BBS 1123: Cell and molecular Biology (3+0)

2. BBS 1134: Genetics (3+1)

3. BBS 1154 Chemistry 1 (3+1)

4. FMS 1113 Mathematics (3+0)

5. ZES 1133 Technical English 1 (3+0)

6. BBS 1231 Molecular Technique  (0+1)

Total Credits : 18

Some people ask me, you’re from Matrics…..why do you enter Unisel?? Owh come on dude….Unisel itself had a quality of it’s own….it’s nothing like the normal IPTA and IPTS. Tngok course aku ambik la beb! Ingat senang nak dapat Biotech?? Biotech student’s have a bright future, especially in overseas. The government needs a total of 40K biotechnologist before 2014. This course can be considered as a critical course but from what I know, the public is looking down at biotech student. Oii….tngok la kitorang punya program, ada (hons.) lagi dalam tu. There’s only a few honors course in Malaysia and most of them are science courses. Can’t wait for my third year….I want to do my thesis project…anyway, D.F.J….signing out….for today


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