White Biotechnology: An insight

What’s up with the title, had biotechnology gone racist?? (sarcasm)….No it’s not. For those who don’t know the terms in biotechnology, here is some insight on it….whether you’re interested in science or not…….wait….I thought no one reads this blog. Anyway, here’s the fact.

Biotechnology is a field of applied biology which involves the use of living organisms and bioprocess in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields which requires the use of bioproducts. There’s currently 3 mainstream biotechnology field which is the Italian flag. Sorry, what I meant is the green, white and red biotechnology. Green is agricultural whereas red is pharmaceutical and last but not least the white or the industrial biotechnology. Each of this field may overlap one another. Industrial biotech would likely involve genetically modified crops as well as the large-scale bioprocessing and fermentation as used in some pharmaceutical productions for the development of large-scale bioenergy refineries. You see the link between those three flagships right…..simple word to explain white biotech….they use cells or components of cell such as enzymes to produce industrial products….and you guessed it….biofuel. Want more information? Read wikipedia or some biology related books…if you’re interested anyway. Heck, if you’re still studying I would like to recommend this course for you. It’s entry fees is lower than eviromental science courses and the payload…well….we’re kinda short of fossil fuel these days. You might be the one who could save the world….yeah…if the world powers will give you a chance to sell it. Yet again, it might win some points with the environmentalist…but not the…umm…..well….you know biotech. got some probs with the…umm…you know….(need I tell you on that? Then you’re never read a book did you?)


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............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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