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Compendium: How to survive Malaysian University

To those who’s about to enter the university (in Malaysia), here’s some useful tips for you:

1. Choose the right courses for you, don’t take courses which you can’t handle well and have no prospects. Refer to academic counselors and professionals in education field (don’t ask your friends or seniors).

2. Orientation week?? Each university have a varied style to get you orientated with the university and it’s system….few words only….concentrate on the university systems and get to know your faculty well….Ragging?? Keep your chin’s up, it’s gonna be a tough week for ya.

3. Staying in hostel? Be extremely careful when staying with a senior students. Bullying? Your in a university so you can either A. Talk with your senior as an adult or B. Report to police…. seriously, bullying in university and several stuff’s we thought to be a small matters in your previous experience is a serious offense in university level.

4. Take a really good care of your belongings and inventories, store your laptops as smart as you can. Separate the battery and charger and store them in a good place, i.e. your luggage bag. Use a cylinder type lock for your locker as spring mechanism type is easy to be picked. Also be aware of what type of locker that you have, some apartments hostels provide you with wooden cupboard or a metal one.

5. Respect your housemates and your roommates, in case of emergency they’re the one who could help you especially if you’re studying abroad. Don’t ever have a fight with your housemates and if it happens, settle it as quickly as possible and professionally. Again, avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

6. Renting a house outside the campus? Always go to your class early. Ensure that you’re living in a place with a good transportation system for those who’re commuting. Don’t forget to pay your monthly rent.

7. Registering a subject? Make sure that you’re taking  more than the minimum credit requirement and slightly above or the same number of credit hours that you can at maximum take for a semester. Don’t drop too much subjects if you’re wanna finish earlier and don’t take too much subjects as it may clash with your timetable for certain subjects. Take the compulsory subjects that is required for you to advance to another subject in the next semester. Ask your head of program for the structure of your respective course or consult your lecturers for the subjects that you need to take for the current semester and for the next one. I need to remind you that certain courses require you to finish the specific credit hours for you to finish it within the allocated years of studies. I.E. I’m taking Biotechnology bachelor degree which requires me to finish 120 credit hours within 3 years which is equivalent to 9 semester.

8. If you’re from diploma or foundation level taking a bachelor degree, be sure to have your resumption for the credit hours. Usually you can apply up to one semester of credit resumption. That’s about 6 month’s worth.

9. Know the systems. Get to know your vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor for students affair, deputy vice chancellor for academics, your faculty dean, admins, registration officer, head of programs and the lecturers respective of the subjects that you would be taking. Never ever cause problems for them…it would be small for them and you’re the one who would suffer the consequences.

10. Apparels: Be aware that several IPTA have a strict dressing code. Avoid wearing jeans and slippers during lecture time as well as shirts with no collars (round neck and etc.) and also tight or sexy clothes except if you’re lecturer doesn’t bother you’re wearing them. But I need to remind you that slippers is a big no-no all of the time.

11. Labs: Always wear your lab coats when entering the laboratory and wear shoes with covers. If you have long hairs, tie it up and if you’re wearing tudung or selendang, put it inside your lab coats neatly. Obey the safety precautions and laboratory safety rules at all time, especially if you’re handling harmful substances.

12. Attendance: Most IPTA and IPTS need you to attend at least 80% of your lectures our you would be barred from taking the final examination. Attendance play an important role as it brings you a lot of marks for your taken subjects. Usually about 10-20% of it.

13. Coursework: Always do your assignments. Finish your tutorials (if any) and be ready for any pop quizzes or test. It brings about 40-50% of your marks to be carried on for the final markings.

14. Examinations? Usually only 30-40% at the end of your semester. But please study for it to get a good score as 3.5 and above can get you into the dean’s list and keep it up till the last semester and you would get the vice chancellor honor rolls, and a first class degree with a nice titles and such on it and you can further your studies in PhD levels directly. The first semester is the most important one, score high so that you can pass with flying colors for the next semester.

15. Don’t stress out your life, university life is enjoyable and relaxing. Schedule your time properly and don’t forget to study (^~^)b.

Selamat Hari……Khamis!! Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan!

Just finished chemistry class…so fast…about 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish two chapters…..don’t have enough good sleep in the past few days….I can’t sleep in the afternoon..and always awaken halfway through my beauty sleep…..I’m so fatigued…someone help me…

Well enough about that stuff….you noticed the title? Yup, I’m gonna talk about the Eid Mubarak….I just surf the net and spied on my friends FB (I don’t have an actual account…just a dummy one) and I noticed most of them are talking about ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ and the memories….as well as listening to the classic Raya songs….COME ON GUYZ!! Ramadhan doesn’t even started yet and you’re already talking about the day of victory??? So lame ar….this type of people doesn’t respect Ramadhan at all……we pray that our live would be long enough for us to see the next Ramadhan month and not the ‘Hari Raya’ festival. Ramadhan is one of the greatest give that the god Allah SWT gave to the followers of prophet Muhammad SAW to harvest the good deeds for the netherworld. Within the month is one night which is told to be better than a thousand months worth, the ‘Lailatul Qadr’. Therefore Ramadhan must be used to it’s full extent for which it is the month where normal sunnah practice and Ibadah rewards increased greatly besides for the fasting practice itself which the Ramadhan is all about. Qiamullail, Tilawatul Quran, Zikr, giving alms, helping one another, Solat Sunah…those are just a few of the examples of it…..but lest we forget to also Fast and to Solat….not just Tarawwih  but also the 5 main prayers. Let’s welcome Ramadhan with an open heart and a new resolve to get forgiveness from the god Allah SWT. Ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan…

P/s: Tonight we would be having a Talk given by Ust. Fathul Rahim in Masjid Umar Abd. Aziz Unisel, entitled Ihya Ramadhan Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan after the Solat Maghrib. But there’s also a ball game between Singapore and Malaysia….which would you choose….anyway, Salam from me….and D.F.J signing out for today.


Keeping life on a steady pace, Im chillin like a villain here in Unisel….life wuz really easy and pleasy ain’t im right. There’s a difference having a class taught by a normal lecturer and a lecturer with PhD. It’s like heaven and earth, you can obviously know it by the way how the Dr. or Professors elaborate and explain the topics to you and also the way how they evaluate their students. No more spoon feeding by our teachers and lecturers. They really get themselves involved in educating the mind of their students to produce a high quality students of the university which also represents it status and fame. With assignments that evolve your mind to a new level and interactions between students and lecturers, who said that university education is a one -way teaching…..they’re wrong!


Bulan posa dah nak dekat…so aku nak mengutux lagi ar…..lpas ni konfem aku tak buat lagi (iye ke?? Manusia memang x leh caya sangat)

Post ini didatangkan dalam dwibahasa, please kindly refer to your previous knowledge if your English sucks, or get a dictionary on your table right now (seriously, that’s lame ass)

Camner kawan2 aku yang nak sambung masuk IPT skang nih? Hampeh, apa pun tak jadi….cam buduh jak…(hehe tkluar ckit Sabahan ek…)

From my thorough surveys on my friends IPT courses….all that I can say is they’re futures on stake….a steep one that is. They don’t know how to make their own decisions…..following their friends….don’t know alternatives to their decision….just happily accepted their given courses like a rotten piece of meat…waiting to be decomposed.

Kepada sesiapa kawan2 yang dapat CGPA 3.0 keatas please lah….. korang jangan la terima jer course apa yang korang dapat kat UPU kalau course tu kira prospek dia tak bagus sangat. Cuba masuk IPTS, walaupun mahal sikit tapi korang ada PTPN rite?? Lagi kalau masuk Unisel which sometimes the fare is cheaper than most IPTA…..sesape yang dapat CGPA 3.0 in STPM and Matrics can get their first semester free of charge….and kalau dapat maintain 3.5 and above for each sem….duit PTPN terus masuk dalam account korang…amacam? Dapat Dean list and then maintain sampai dapat Vice Chancellor Honor Rolls pastu boleh sambung PhD level (with first sem F.O.C….cam biasa). Ini tak, semua nak jadi guru jer….yang apply course critical kena lelong….pastu tak mau blajar dah @ ambik course yang bodo kiranya……aku ANTI betul orang yang camni. Tak reti nak bina masa depan….like a rotten meat..slowly rotting on asphalt road…unless it dissipates into a soil…then it can fertilize the land.

D.F.J signing out……..<><><><><>

University Life

Chillin mode…..I’ve cut off my chilies supply, so I’m cool rite now….hopefully….

Life in Unisel is kinda like a mixture of toughness and also relaxing. My class schedule is not that pack (probably coz I’m a Bachelor student I guess). My holiday is from Saturday till Monday, I don’t have any night classes and only about 2 class per day (xcept for friday though, I have 2 labs session and a Math lecture.)

I’m really enjoying my course bcoz I got to use what I’ve learned before from my previous studies…and the subjects is my favorite as I love biology related subjects. For the first year my subjects is kinda so-so, but on my second and third year the subjects are totally awesome. For second year I have Industrial Microbiology, Bioreactor, Genetic engineering, Immunology and such. The third year is the best, I’ve got  to do my own research and to choose my own Major. I’m thinking of taking Industrial Biotechnology as a major as the subjects such as Nutraceutical and Medical Microbiology can help me to involve in pharmaceutical research…..but Im also thinking about taking agriculture biotechnology……maybe coz the girl I like is taking Agricultural science…wooppssss…….too much information. The last semester of the third year is where we’re having Industrial training practical for a few months to gain some insight into the industry…..if we’re doing fine the industry would love to employ us, easier for us to find job….yay… more unemployment bachelor degree students. The downside? Well not really that low….I’ve to take several Mathematical subjects such as bioinformatics and biostatistics….not to mention biochemistry…..and several miscellaneous subjects such as Marketing and Management principle…..and also Entrepreneurship….wow….sounds like biotechnology students are professionals eh?? (say something….please….)…and also the usual….Islamic studies, Malaysia studies and Technical English….. and co-curriculum…..and also….ow…that’s all I guess….

Pray that I would get vice chancellor list honor rolls….would look great on my First class honors degree….not to mention that I could further my studies directly to PhD level….and this is where my family members would say, “dik, belajar dulu bagus2 kasi dapat Dean list”. Hmmm….to maintain a score of 3.5++ for 9 semesters….guess I’ll have to do it anyway….I have to, there’s no turning back..or sideways….or diagonally….and etc…..only forward!

D.F.J signing out from his blog that no one bothers to read anyway…..



Weekend at Unisel

So……empty….everyone’s gone…surfing the web at the cafe for a while.

Announcement: The Unisel WiFi service at the men’s hostel should be operational within a few days. The bandwidth had been increased from 2ombps  to 50mbps. Looking forward to test the connection tonight….if there is one…hopefully

The new and complete timetable for FASBIO and engineering faculty already uploaded at, kindly visit the site to get the new timetable.

For those who take Biotechnology course please refer to me if you need some notes regarding biology subjects. I have a Campbell Reece 8th edition Biology textbook that you can refer to. Lot’s of information especially for Cell and Molecular Biology and Genetics subject.

—————————–end of announcement

I love my course ya kno. Most of my lectures are 3 hours….meaning only 1 lecture per week….except for Math’s tho….2 class per week…thankfully, even I don’t wanna be in a math’s class for 3 hrs in a row. But the most beautiful thing is that I don’t have any classes at all on Mondays. Mwahaha…..I guess that’s prep time for me eh?? (or a time to play games and etc.)


Genetics 1134 pt.1

Introduction to genetics:

The study of gene and it’s function. Basically there are 3 main branches which is Transmission genetics, Molecular level genetics and Population genetics.

Firstly, we would learn the basics of genetics in a reverse direction (back to front). We  first study about the Mendelian theories which associates most with variation. Gregory Mendel is a very observant monk which conducted his experiment on the garden pea plant, Pisum Sativum. The father of genetics choose the garden pea as it’s easy to grow and will bear results in just a few months and can be artificially fertilized. He observed the variation of the distinct characteristics in the plant and deduce that a specific characteristics is controlled by a pair of genes. These pair of genes is controlled by a different type of alleles. The alleles have a dominant and recessive trait. The dominant allele obviously is dominant over the recessive trait. For example, an allele for tall is T and dwarf is t. T is dominant over t so the dwarf characteristics can only be shown in a homozygous state (the letter is same, ie. tt). Tall characteristics remain in heterozygous state as the allele T is dominant over the allele t.

Monohybrid Cross

Monohybrid cross is a hybridization between two parents where it only consist of one characteristics. For example:

Parents: TT       x    tt

F1 Generation: All Tt

This where Mendelian theory comes in. During mating, each allele will segregate independently and fuse with another allele. But there is a few exceptions which we would discuss later.

Usually for the convenience of calculating the possible genotype from the cross, we would use Punnett Square diagram. This is essentially useful in calculating the possible genotype in dihybrid cross.

That’s what I remembered so far without even looking at any references so there’s bound to be a lot of mistake in there…..for the explanation on the scientific terms here please  kindly refer to wikipedia in the section Introduction to Genetics. D.F.J signing out for today…..

Am I dead?

Yes, I am….not!

As a freshman we don’t have enough time to rest, seriously. Luckily Im a Bachelor degree student so…..I currently have 2 days of lectures in a week….don’t know about next week though…really tired (pergh…tipu…koe jalan bukit bintang ari 2….dosa membohong tau). Im proud to announce that Im the first in my class (maybe…) to take a bachelor degree. Mwahaha…aku habis cpat dari korunx…(if I score well that is…).

Faculty: Science and Biotechnology

Program: Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (hons.)

Academic session: 1/2011/2012, First year, First semester.

Subject taken this semester:

1. BBS 1123: Cell and molecular Biology (3+0)

2. BBS 1134: Genetics (3+1)

3. BBS 1154 Chemistry 1 (3+1)

4. FMS 1113 Mathematics (3+0)

5. ZES 1133 Technical English 1 (3+0)

6. BBS 1231 Molecular Technique  (0+1)

Total Credits : 18

Some people ask me, you’re from Matrics…..why do you enter Unisel?? Owh come on dude….Unisel itself had a quality of it’s own….it’s nothing like the normal IPTA and IPTS. Tngok course aku ambik la beb! Ingat senang nak dapat Biotech?? Biotech student’s have a bright future, especially in overseas. The government needs a total of 40K biotechnologist before 2014. This course can be considered as a critical course but from what I know, the public is looking down at biotech student. Oii….tngok la kitorang punya program, ada (hons.) lagi dalam tu. There’s only a few honors course in Malaysia and most of them are science courses. Can’t wait for my third year….I want to do my thesis project…anyway, D.F.J….signing out….for today

White Biotechnology: An insight

What’s up with the title, had biotechnology gone racist?? (sarcasm)….No it’s not. For those who don’t know the terms in biotechnology, here is some insight on it….whether you’re interested in science or not…….wait….I thought no one reads this blog. Anyway, here’s the fact.

Biotechnology is a field of applied biology which involves the use of living organisms and bioprocess in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields which requires the use of bioproducts. There’s currently 3 mainstream biotechnology field which is the Italian flag. Sorry, what I meant is the green, white and red biotechnology. Green is agricultural whereas red is pharmaceutical and last but not least the white or the industrial biotechnology. Each of this field may overlap one another. Industrial biotech would likely involve genetically modified crops as well as the large-scale bioprocessing and fermentation as used in some pharmaceutical productions for the development of large-scale bioenergy refineries. You see the link between those three flagships right…..simple word to explain white biotech….they use cells or components of cell such as enzymes to produce industrial products….and you guessed it….biofuel. Want more information? Read wikipedia or some biology related books…if you’re interested anyway. Heck, if you’re still studying I would like to recommend this course for you. It’s entry fees is lower than eviromental science courses and the payload…well….we’re kinda short of fossil fuel these days. You might be the one who could save the world….yeah…if the world powers will give you a chance to sell it. Yet again, it might win some points with the environmentalist…but not the…umm…..well….you know biotech. got some probs with the…umm…you know….(need I tell you on that? Then you’re never read a book did you?)

Lost of Interest in Pop. Franchise’s

Minna san, ogenki desuka? Mou….not too good lately…..(T~T)

I don’t know what’s happening to Japan’s popular franchises but it seems they’re focusing on kiddies show these days. Im not blaming the March Incident for this but it’s really sad for us fans outside of Japan. We love Japan shows but when I look at it sometimes…I don’t think that Japanese kids want to watch childish show anyway….it’s just an excuse to sell more products of their franchise….am I wrong??

Tokusatsu retards…….enjoy your older riders…….Great Kamen Rider Shows had gone from Japan….sadly….


You see what I see right? It’s Fourze…..the third rider after the DCD series….focusing on…yeah….more mix and match. It’s supposed to be having a space theme but if you look closely on it’s suit….yeah…the belt is horrid….the face area is just a rip-off of W’s Joker Form (look closely)….the Rider even have Playstation Buttons on it…and the suit is a rip-off of W’s Fang suit (the white one…look real closely)..and it’s head….is this even a bug anymore?? It looks like an Alien sketches somewhere….even NASA don’t have spacesuit with pointy heads…the main character is a high school student (first in the entire franchise)…and it seems this is another anniversary show??? Come on…..we already have Decade about a few years ago…we don’t need any new decade clone….sigh….



Gundam new series…yeah….for kids also…what’re the Japz thinking eh…?? How can we support Japz Anime and game industries if they’re focusing on..yup….exclusive to their own people…and…yeah….abusing the mind of childrens everywhere to buy…sigh….more products…..come on….after the BIG Incident we don’t need flowers and hugs….we need Rock n Roll to go through our problem…think about it…when ur sad ur listening to sad song or happy song then the next thing u know is that ur become more depressed….and eventually Japan will face the great depression soon…if only the franchise’s think about their people…..sad….

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