Vitality Wee rumours…now confirmed!

Yo, minna san! Ogenki desuka?  Juz came back from E3…hehe…yeah E3 related blog that’s what! As a gamer myself I alwayz lookin forward for the next generation gaming xperience (if u can decode the title, man ur awesome!!). Onto this evening agenda.

Vitamin by sony…..owh…sorry…I mean Playstation Vita (code named NGP)

PS Vita Hands On


‘In previous previews, the Vita looked extremely attractive.  It boasted specs and visuals that were to rival the home console standards of this generation (PS3 and Xbox 360), also sporting a complete set of classic gaming controls and newer inputs like touch-screens and motion sensing.  Many expected that the Vita would not be able to compete in price with Nintendo’s new recent handheld, the 3DS, with such impressive tech.  Even after rumors that the system had some specs dialed down to better price compete, few expected the system to be lower than $300.  Lo and behold, at the press conference, Sony had a price (two prices actually) to give on the final Vita hardware.  A 3G and WiFi enabled version would retail for $299.99 while the WiFi only version would cost only $249.99’

The front touchscreen feels different than the touchscreens found on Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad – Vita’s screen felt a bit textured. While this did not make the screen any less responsive, it did feel noticeably different compared to iOS-device screens, and  gamers will likely need a little bit of time to adjust — for instance, I had to use a bit more pressure to slide my finger around the screen. Since Apple dominates the touchscreen landscape and people generally love how those devices feel and work, it is a little odd that Sony did not try to replicate that feel a little more closely. It was also a little odd to reach over the controls — the analog stick, buttons, etc — to use the touchscreen. On an iOS device, for example, your fingers are right there on, or very near, the touch screen. When holding the Vita with your thumbs on the analog stick or face buttons, it takes some getting used to before it becomes clear which finger(s) you want to use on the front touchscreen – and depending on the game, the finger(s) might change.

E3 Vita Little Deviants

weewooo, I mean….Wii U

Wii U Controller

Damn another 3DS updatez?? No….it’s the new wii of the decade (I don’t intend to put a pun there…u know…wee….)


Nintendo’s presentation spent very little time covering the Wii U hardware itself (which, in fact, was only displayed sitting next to a TV in one on the promotional videos), focusing instead on the system’s revolutionary controller. It remains difficult, for now, to describe the controller as anything other than iPad-like, though it certainly packs a generous amount of tech into it’s admittedly large frame. The standout feature is obviously the 6.2 inch screen. Though it will be different from game to game, Wii U can play some games exclusively on the controller’s screen — indeed, a video demo showed a child who moved the game he was playing from the family TV to the Wii U controller. Other games may use the controller as a secondary screen, say for inventory items or maps, or even as a virtual window on the action occurring on TV.  The controller features a full compliment of buttons in addition to its touch screen and stylus, including dual analog joysticks, a digital pad, the traditional Nintendo face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers. But that’s not all. The unit also includes a front facing camera, built-in speakers, and an accelerometer that allows for some interesting augmented reality possibilities.


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