Of Xbox 360, Flowers and Bluerunz

Yosshha!! Finally I get to fiddle ma shizzle wif ma dad’s camera, the new Nikon D5100….(actually I don’t really know what kinda picture to take….s’pose I shoulda taken a few pictures when I go to Bluerunz last week…but…sigh…that place had gotten worse. Sure, there’s new buildings here and there but it’s messy and kinda like an abandoned small town with rubbish everywhere in sight. Even the tree where I usually sit under it after a few rounds of mountain boardin is kinda…..ugh…enough…it ruins all my good memories about the place. A few words from me, if u have a hometown or a place that u have a lot of memories there take a very good care of it. Somedays when u’ve grown older the only thing that u will have (besides wealth, friends and supposedly health…very important) memories the only thing ur gonna bring to your grave (sounds creepy…and somethings not right with that statement but you get my point…right??).  So take a good care of our mother earth and make some good memories.

Ehem…juz like stated in the title, here’s a few amateur photography that I take today (yesterday as it’s 31 minutes past midnight)….enjoy and give a good comment…ciao…

The view of my gaming screen, Xbox 360 and ur good 'ol TV

Ma favorite games (favourite in British), Fifa 08, Lost, RE5 and Resonance of fate

Our family heritage, Tok Som's favorite rose

Another family heritage, mom's Bougainville (paper flower....mwahaha)

Heritage (again??) from my mom, her orchids...a tough one for a greenthumb!

This one perch on a tree bark, how it get there still mystifies me...

What can I say, flowers can be in a range of spectrums

Misai Kucing flower....if u want to plant it in ur home, call 013-540-****

And that is the only flower blooming rite now, watch out for the purple orchids that smells like blueberries, Hydrangeas, other range of flowers and maybe…just maybe…a few homegrown vegetables and tips on how to take care of your thumbs….I mean vegetables…might be 101 for amateur greenthumb…bye2!! No, taht dosent snoud ritgh..wargh….wath haeppn hree..evertying I tpye ol mesesd up….


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