ACGFI Updatezz….Yosh!!

Yo! Minna-san, wanna hear the latest news?? Well here we go!

CG film:

Hav ur heard about the new Malaysian CGI live action movie, Mantera (Man  transformable exo-skeleton armour) kakoii da na!! I don’t wanna comment on the CG’s stuff b4 it come out( plz god, don’t make this movie sucks like the other M’sian movie!!) But this is the one we can say a real kamen rider Malaysian style…why kamen rider u asked? Bcoz the hero can combine wif his bike (kinda like Genesis Climber Mospeada)…memang cambest…harap tak jadi hampeh lar cam filem lain…

By Flare Studios, MC: Shah Indrawan@Tomok (one in A million)

Anime: Ikoku Meiro No Croisee

Gempakstarz review: ‘Slow and steady storyline that can attract otaku’s

Storyline: In the 19th century, Yune was brought to Paris to work at Enseignes du Roy, a worksmith shop managed by Claude. A typical story that discuss about the difference of culture and tradition…well it’s a Shoujo genre but it’s worth a shot…starts in July 2011 (Jp)

Gempakstarz rating: 4 plot/ 4 OST

CG anime: Tekken Blood Vengeance

After much dissapointment from the lame holy-sh**-wood adaptation, Japan strikes back with it’s CGI anime. Every character is said to speak in their own mother language (FYI this game have characters of different nationality)…kinda cool I guess…For me it’s always weird how in anime even foreign people could suddenly speaks in Japanese, it’s pretty illogical to me…brought to you by Namco Bandai Games, Digital frontier studio and directed by Yoshinari Mizushima. A few words from me, make that US adaptation look like a piece of ________(insert what u like here)

Wow…never thought blogging is seriously tiring if ur promoting something….ehem…unto the next catagories….

Movies:  Transformers: Dark of The moon

Hell yeah!! 20 July 1969…man first walked on the moon, but we’re not the first to step our foot there….The proof? A mysterious Cybertronian spaceship. Now, the autobots have to find and uncover the secrets of it’s existence b4 the final war against the Decepticon…

It says July first..but it’s actually 29 June here in M’sia

Gamez: Shadows of The damned

Put Resident evil and combine it with Devil May Cry and you’ve got Residents may cry….no that would be weird….what I meant is Shadows of the damned, from famous v’game superstar Shinji Mikami(R.E 1-4) and Goichi Suda( No more heroes and Fatal Frame IV)..EA games brings this ass-kickin game about a hero wanting to save his girlfriend and….bla…bla…bla…got a little help from a skull demon….whatever….made by famous people….with a new style of game play this ARPG set to release in 21 June 2011…for 18+ gamers only due to blood and gores (but I play RE5 when I was 17….funny story huh…not??…then just shut up…)

Kick some zombie ass...for Xbox 360 and PS3


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