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Life 102: Apa itu troll??

Wokehh….satu lagi blog posting yang konfem orang takkan baca punyer, and if u did…tahniah! Kau dah mengeluarkan diri kau dari kepompong ‘kesenggamaan’ engkau. Ramai budak2 la ni baru umur belasan taun da blagak konon matured and know-it-all. Plz larh, orang 2a pun wlaupun dah more age and wait die sesehalf diorang tu masih kulup di akalnya….inikan lagik snobbish brat (aku translate kat google hingus jdik spitting lar plak XD baek aku pkai ayat biasak). Pada yg dah tau wutz trollz mean silahkan skip and run/read-a-bit then skip/read-a-bit then comment/skip and comment/skip/jumping skip rope….watevuh…klau korungx komen stail bloody hell pun apa ku kesah…blog ma…aiyaa itu koment poleh delete ma….lol…

Ini version kamus wiki, aku tiru dan lekat jer…:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted”. While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context. For example, mass media uses troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families

Apa senggama, nowadays trolling is juz 4 fun and x bmaksud dalam apa2 keadaan sekali pun nak mengflamekan orang…trollz can go from varieties of pictures to scams and also…(u guess it)…fake news…(trolling la 2)

But muka ia, trolling is just for jenaka ya kno these days….and what merenjatkan aku ialah budak2 baru puberb nih kdang2 x paham apa 2 troll..diorang ingat…wait…kartun troll dah xda la ni…patung2 baby troll zaman aku kecik2 dulu pun dah xder jual lagi (dalam toy story ada lar…juz a cameo)….you see…trolling nie macam kau trolling lar (memancing)…itz juz for fun and anything can be a troll walaupun ia bukan bermaksud cam gitu…i.e ‘mameshiba’, diorang x pnah nak bwat troll but publics recognised it as a genius troll…kalau nak web feymes meleis pnya yg pling best of coz is harianmetroll,  of Obefiend Blogserius. ‘Aku kaciwa gila + ketawa macam anjing kena sawan (babi and anjing not considered a dirty word in Sabah as well as Pantat which here we refer to our ass- bkan keldai tapi punggung…) = aku harus buat blog post pasal mende nih…kalau ada orang nak baca’ bila aku baca troll encik Obe Wan Ken-obe pasal adinda evans and amir raja lawak. 70% meleis yg bru puberb sriusly butthurt and annoyed of that post…ini tak termasuk golongan meleis yang bodoh out there…(wherever they are…)….so len kali sebelum korunx bca apa2 blog atau anything on da net ‘konfem’ kan dulu perkara tersebut bukan troll atau jin atau penanggal or…oopps..terlebey plak….merapu jer aku ni..sorry ek..stail penulisan aku ni stail separa monolog dalaman and separa off-the-track and somewhat cryptid…(btul ke cryptid 2??). Neway…lpas ni akan ku buat posting utk phishing scam plak…kalau ada orang baca lar…Dark.F…singing out…ooopss…signing out…

Truth: Of something you always know Pt.1

After extensive research on the internet, I had decided to open your eyes to the truth inside the darkness. To think that we’ve been misinformed all these years make me laugh on the stupidity that we all share. This is it, the truth inside the darkness part 01.


The Myth: Sugar makes kids hyperactive

Dr. Vreeman and Dr. Carroll, both pediatricians at the Riley Hospital for Children recently said: “in at least 12 double-blinded, randomized, controlled trials, scientists have examined how children react to diets containing different levels of sugar. None of these studies, not even studies looking specifically at children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, could detect any differences in behavior between the children who had sugar and those who did not.”  This includes artificial and natural sources of sugar.  Interestingly, in the study, parents who were told their children had been given sugar when they hadn’t, noted that the child was more hyperactive.  So it seems it is all in the parent’s mind.

The Myth: You lose most of your body heat through your head

A military study many years ago tested the loss of temperature in soldiers when exposed to very cold temperatures.  They found rapid heat loss in the head – and so the idea that we lose heat through our heads was born.  But what they didn’t tell you was that the soldiers were fully clothed except for their heads.  This obviously skews the statistics considerably.  The fact is, completely naked, you lose approximately 10% of your body heat through the head – the other 90% is lost via the other parts of your body.

The Myth: You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day

The origins of this myth is most likely the fact that a 1945 government agency said that the human body needed around 8 glasses of fluid a day.  This included the fluid from all of the foods we eat and drinks like tea and coffee.  Somehow over time “fluid” turned to “water” and the modern water myth arose.  This also lead to silly slogans like “if you are thirsty it is too late” – a concept that would seem to have been invented by water bottlers who have something to gain from excess water consumption in the population in general.  So, in reality, if you are thirsty, drink some water.  If you are not, don’t.

The Myth: Chewing gum takes seven years to pass through your system

I am sure we have all been told at least once in our life by a concerned adult, not to swallow gum as it will take seven years to leave our bodies.  This is right up there with the whole “fruit seed growing a tree in your stomach” silliness, but while most adults realize the tree story is a myth, they don’t realize that the gum one is too.  It is true that gum is not digestible in the human body, but it simply passes whole through your system.  It doesn’t stick to your insides, it just continues along with any food you have eaten and pops out the other end. This myth may have partly arisen from the fact that swallowing gum was once viewed as lower class and ignorant.

The Myth: Cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis in later life

The cracking sound in the knuckles is caused by the bones moving apart and forming a gas bubble – the sound is the bubble bursting.  It is quite common to hear someone warning a knuckle-cracker that they will get arthritis, but the worst that can happen to a compulsive-cracker is that their finger joints may weaken over time.  Arthritis is caused by a variety of things (such as crystal formations in the case of gout) – but knuckle cracking isn’t one of them.

The Myth: Teething causes a fever

Scientific studies have been done in the area of teething which show no correlation at all between fever and teething.  If your baby is suffering from a new tooth and they also have a fever, it is advisable to check for other causes of the fever.  The same is true of diarrhea which is also often blamed on teething in infants.  It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the health of children.

The Myth: Cancer treatment is painful and pointless – furthermore, it is incurable

While this may have been almost true thirty years ago, medical advances have meant that modern cancer treatments are far more effective and cause less suffering for the patient.  A few decades ago, 90% of children with leukemia died; today 80% survive. Many people think cancer is incurable as there isn’t a “one drug fixes all” cure, but there are many people who are completely cured of cancer.  Various drugs exist to treat different types of cancer, and many of them are extremely effective and well worth trying if you do get the disease.

The Myth: Back pain should be treated with bed rest

The opposite is actually true in this case.  Bed rest can prevent the lower back from fully recovering – or at the very least, delay the recovery significantly.  Patients who continue to engage in ordinary activities recover faster and usually have fewer problems with recurring pain and other back troubles.  Interestingly, many studies have shown that this is not just true of back problems, but also many other medical problems.  Thirty-nine independent studies found bed rest to be more harmful than good in a broad range of illnesses.

The Myth: Eating at night makes you fat

Secret snackers rejoice!  This is a complete myth.  It doesn’t matter what time of day you eat, as long as you eat only the total calories that you burn each day, you will not gain weight.  If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight, and if you eat more calories, you will gain.  It is as simple as that.  Having said that, the routine of three meals a day at the same time each day can have other benefits in life (routine is good and it helps humans work more effectively), but snacks at night are no worse than snacks in the morning or afternoon.

The Myth: It is harder to lose weight than to gain weight

Actually – once you get your head around a new eating pattern, math and science are working in your favor.  It is mathematically easier to lose than to gain.  For example, if you eat 3,500 calories more than you burn, you will gain 0.3 pounds (0.14 kg), but if you burn 3,500 calories more than you eat, you will lose 1 pound (0.45 kg).  Also, if you want to lose weight, you can expose yourself to significant changes in temperature which speeds up your metabolism.  Finally, the above information is based on a pure fat diet – variations to the math occur when you introduce other types of food.

Source: esrevtsiL

And there you have it, some of the truth to what some publics believed to be true. I will keep on researching for the hidden truth out there…either me finding most of it or the ‘governments’ would get me first. Deeper, into the darkness™.


Vitality Wee rumours…now confirmed!

Yo, minna san! Ogenki desuka?  Juz came back from E3…hehe…yeah E3 related blog that’s what! As a gamer myself I alwayz lookin forward for the next generation gaming xperience (if u can decode the title, man ur awesome!!). Onto this evening agenda.

Vitamin by sony…..owh…sorry…I mean Playstation Vita (code named NGP)

PS Vita Hands On


‘In previous previews, the Vita looked extremely attractive.  It boasted specs and visuals that were to rival the home console standards of this generation (PS3 and Xbox 360), also sporting a complete set of classic gaming controls and newer inputs like touch-screens and motion sensing.  Many expected that the Vita would not be able to compete in price with Nintendo’s new recent handheld, the 3DS, with such impressive tech.  Even after rumors that the system had some specs dialed down to better price compete, few expected the system to be lower than $300.  Lo and behold, at the press conference, Sony had a price (two prices actually) to give on the final Vita hardware.  A 3G and WiFi enabled version would retail for $299.99 while the WiFi only version would cost only $249.99’

The front touchscreen feels different than the touchscreens found on Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad – Vita’s screen felt a bit textured. While this did not make the screen any less responsive, it did feel noticeably different compared to iOS-device screens, and  gamers will likely need a little bit of time to adjust — for instance, I had to use a bit more pressure to slide my finger around the screen. Since Apple dominates the touchscreen landscape and people generally love how those devices feel and work, it is a little odd that Sony did not try to replicate that feel a little more closely. It was also a little odd to reach over the controls — the analog stick, buttons, etc — to use the touchscreen. On an iOS device, for example, your fingers are right there on, or very near, the touch screen. When holding the Vita with your thumbs on the analog stick or face buttons, it takes some getting used to before it becomes clear which finger(s) you want to use on the front touchscreen – and depending on the game, the finger(s) might change.

E3 Vita Little Deviants

weewooo, I mean….Wii U

Wii U Controller

Damn another 3DS updatez?? No….it’s the new wii of the decade (I don’t intend to put a pun there…u know…wee….)


Nintendo’s presentation spent very little time covering the Wii U hardware itself (which, in fact, was only displayed sitting next to a TV in one on the promotional videos), focusing instead on the system’s revolutionary controller. It remains difficult, for now, to describe the controller as anything other than iPad-like, though it certainly packs a generous amount of tech into it’s admittedly large frame. The standout feature is obviously the 6.2 inch screen. Though it will be different from game to game, Wii U can play some games exclusively on the controller’s screen — indeed, a video demo showed a child who moved the game he was playing from the family TV to the Wii U controller. Other games may use the controller as a secondary screen, say for inventory items or maps, or even as a virtual window on the action occurring on TV.  The controller features a full compliment of buttons in addition to its touch screen and stylus, including dual analog joysticks, a digital pad, the traditional Nintendo face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers. But that’s not all. The unit also includes a front facing camera, built-in speakers, and an accelerometer that allows for some interesting augmented reality possibilities.

青炎: フリーダム ドライブ

Aoi Honoo, Freedom Drive….blue flame and freedom drive……drive blue flame freedom….freedom flame blue drive…..yikes…when did I type that…It seems everything I thought of came into words…..whatever…onto today’s agenda

Aoi no exorcist (lit. blue exorcist)

Kakoii da na…ever since the first episode I’ve been hooked on to this anime…sugee….not only a fresh storyline of the usual good vs. evil cliche, the OP sure rocks…sure…before I watched this anime I listened to UVERworld’s Core Pride. But after watching this anime, the kakoii factor just went up…totally. Well I give this anime a 4.5….Aniplex sure did a good job like’s my version of the synopsis.

Synopsis: The world is divided into 2 sides (like a mirror). Gehenna where the demon dwells and Assiah where humans live. 16 years ago during an incident called the ‘Blue Night’ where the dark lord of Gehenna, Satan wreaks havoc upon the ‘Exorcists’ he leaves an offspring in Assiah (demon cannot live without a host outside of Gehenna). In the present time, Okamura Rin lives in a monastery together with his fraternal twin Yukio just awakened his demonic powers and were targeted by Satan. As a result, Rin’s father died and Rin becomes a demon. After his fathers death, Rin swears to kill his real father satan by becoming an exorcist. (It’s not revenge as he stated it in episode 2, but…meh…watch urself okay…Imma already giving too much spoiler ere…go find the anime sumwhere kay…!!

Naruto Shippuden OP: Freedom by Home Made Kazoku

Yeah…yeah… may already known them as the guys who sang the ED Thank You! for Bleach Anime…now they’re hittin on another big anime here. Well…I don’t blame u if J~pop x Rap not ur thing but I think that they’re always somewhat better than US mainstream rap song (which always talk about…sigh…u know…….cursing here and there like apes). Japz maybe don’t have a rhythm to it but the lyrics and the way they sang it relly moves me ya kno….for more info. on the latest charts…visit

P/s: Sorry if the Kana didn’t show up right….a thousand apologies for that….but no regret…

Matrosyka doll, Allright 2.0 & story of Pride

Feast your eyes on these lyrics for today…NICO touches the walls- Matrosyka, Asian Kung-fu Generation Allright Part 2 and UVERworld Core Pride…renjoice(rejoice+enjoy, my version)

Matrosyka by NICO touches the wall


ikinuku tame ni kikonda
kimi dake ga mieru yoroi wa
mie to gaibun ni obieta
oroka no hate no genjitsu

karada kishimu hodo dakishimete yo

isso kowashite kure yo
kara no ore no naka ni wa mata
nanno itami mo nai
sara ni chippoke na ore no kara
koko kara dashite kure MATORYOOSHIKA

riron busou kasanegi shite
yawa na bouei honnou sarashite
sameta kimi no me ni wa
ore no nani ga mieru

GIRAtsuku kotoba no NAIFU sase yo

isso hagashite kure yo
herahera waratta ore no kara
honshou abaite kure yo
kimi ni ima koe ga kikoeru nara

hikari sae todokanai kokoro no oku no oku ni wa
ikura kowashite mo kowarenai ore ga iru

bun nagutte bukkowashite kure yo
yabutte saite hikugashite kure yo
arittake kikonda yoroi o

isso kowashite kure yo
aware na ore no MATORYOOSHIKA
honshou abaite kure yo
kimi ni ima koe ga todoite iru nara

nige mo kakure mo shinai kara
koko kara dashite kure MATORYOOSHIKA


In order to survive in this world,
I show you nothing but my armor.
My frightened prestige and vanity.
The foolish result of an honest reality.

Please hug my body tightly until all my bones creak.

Just shatter them for me already!
I may be nothing more than a hollow shell,
but there is no pain inside.
Get me out of these tiny shells of mine!
They’re like a set of matryoshka dolls!

Although wearing multiple layers of theoretical arguments,
I am actually exposing the weak nature of my defense.
Through those cold eyes of yours,
what about me can you see?

Thrust the glaring knife of your words now.

These foolishly laughing shells of mine,
just strip them away already,
and lay bare my true nature!
Please, if you can hear my voice right now.

In the deepest depth of my heart, where no light can reach,
my true self is there, and will never be broken.

Sock them and crush them for me!
Smash them, tear them, and rip them off for me,
all these armors that I’m wearing.

These pathetic matryoshka shells of mine,
just shatter them for me already,
and lay bare my true nature!
Please, if you can hear my voice right now.

I will neither run nor hide,
so please get me out of my matryoshka shells!

AKFG ft. Chatmonchy – Allright Pt.2


Asa, ima no sofaa no hijikake, uzukumaru neko to
Erii to iu na no inu no mokei
Okinuke ni koi koohii wo sosoide
Katou, kirau bitaa na kotoba, kurushimagire no uso
Kedarui gogo ni wakare wo tsuge, kokoro wo tokihanate
Kuchi zusame yo

All right, All right

Sanou, shinda you ni ikiru yori sukoshi wa mashi daro
(senshi ?) no you ni jukai wo nuke
Sou iu toki ha unou ni kike
Dareka no (chikashitsu no/chikasou na ?) rekishi wo tsumekomu dake nara

Te wo nigiru kimi to hagu wo shite
Tokeru you na biito ga ai no you, inori no you
Kono yoru wo mitasu, new take wo kuchi zusame yo

All right All right
Sabita you na suteppu demo
All right All right

Rarara, hikan shita soburi no ruuru wa kechirase
Reeru wo susumu tsumori nara nee
Roopu ni sugaru jidai demo nai daro
Waon, kotoba asobi wa koko made imi wo sutete sa

Te wo nigiru kimi to hagu wo shite
Tokeru you na biito ga ai no you, inori no you
Kono yoru wo mitasu, new take wo kuchi zusame yo

All right All right
Arikitari no suteppu demo
All right All right
Sabita you na suteppu demo
All right All right


Morning, a cat crouched on the armrest of the sofa in the living room
A toy for the dog called Ellie
I get up and pour a strong coffee
Sweetened, hateful bitter words, desperate lies
Let you know I’m leaving on the boring afternoon, let my mind wander
I hum to myself

All right, all right

The left brain, living like I’m dead, a little like a monkey
Tearing down trees like a (soldier ?)
In times like that listen to the right brain
If only stuffing together someone’s (recent ?) history

I hug you who is holding my hand
A warm beat, like love, like a prayer
Completing the night, I hum to myself a new take

All right, all right
My step’s a little rusty, but
All right, all right

La la la, stick those pessimistic rules
If you were just going along a rail
We’re all past the age of clinging to a rope
A chord, the wordplay up to now takes away the meaning

I hug you who is holding my hand
A warm beat, like love, like a prayer
Completing the night, I hum to myself a new take

All right, all right
A predictable step, but
All right, all right
My step’s a little rusty, but
All right, all right

UVERworld – Core Pride


sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka
nou no BLACK BOX wo shiru sore wa kou ka
you wa LIMIT LINE wo subete ryouga
saa ikouka fumidasu sore wa kyou da

yappa hibi wa ikansen kou
sotsunaku konashitecha NO NO
STOP nagare wo mikiwamena
mazu mono tomo sezu ikouze HERE WE GO

todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni
atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa
rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shitekita
kirai de yurusenakatta ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo

doushitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga
mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo keseya shinai
sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi nurashi furiyamanaku tomo
mada kesase wa shinai kono mune no hi sore ga PRIDE

yohou toori ni furidashita ame
yosou ijou ni nakama wa atsumatta
otagai no hibi ya shourai no hanashi de
atsuku natte naguriai ni natta

juugo no koro mo fuan kara nogareru youni
onajiyou na koto de naguriatta koto
omoidashite omae ga waraidasu kara
kawattenai natte ore mo fukidashitanda

sou yatte iji hatte funbatte ikitenakucha
jikan no nagare sae mo kowaku naru
hontou ni naguru beki aite wa sonna jibun darou
tada ima wa maketakunai jibun ni makenai PRIDE

STOP nagere wo mikiwamena
mazu mono tomo sezu ikouze HERE WE GO
STOP nagere wo mikiwamena
mazu mono tomo sezu ikouze HERE WE GO

doushitatte yappa hitori no yoru wa
jibun no koto sae mo wakaranaku naru
sonna ore to wakariaou to shitekureru
kimi ga iru nara motto tsuyoku nareru

mou dounattatte ii kakkouwarukutatte ii
shinimono gurui de mirai wo kaete yaru
doushitatte kaerenai unmei dato iwarete mo
mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaetemiseru

kore ga sou PRIDE sorezore no basho de

mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo
mada wasuretakunai mune no atsusa wo
mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo
mada mada ikeruzo ikeruzo



Born into the world, each enjoying his own life, discovering the black box in his head…is this bliss?
The important thing is to surpass your limit line. Shall we go? Take your step, and outdo yourself today!

But what should we do with our days? Trying to live flawlessly is a big no no.
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

If I try to suppress my heart, which is burning hot about things that are unobtainable or constrained,
how am I different from those adults, whom I have come to despise and will never forgive
for their constant attempt to pin me down blindly without even understanding why?

No matter what I do, it’ll probably forever remain a pipe dream that will never come true,
but the fire burning in my heart cannot be doused by anyone.
Even if the black rain falling from the sky drenches me completely and doesn’t stop,
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished. That, is my “pride”.

It started pouring, as predicted. A lot more buddies gathered around than I had expected.
While talking about one another’s days and futures, we became impassioned and started a fist fight.

Thinking back about how we were also fist-fighting the same way
back when we were only 15, as a means to quell our anxiety and uneasiness,
you laughed and said, “You haven’t changed a bit…” So I ended up bursting into laughter as well.

If we don’t stubbornly stand our ground like this, even the flow of time will become a scary thing.
The only true opponent whom I should hit is really my prideful self.
But still, I don’t want to lose right now. I have “pride” not to lose to myself.

Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

No matter what I do, when I’m alone at night, I become even unable to understand myself.
When you’re with me, and we try to understand each other, then I’ll be able to become stronger.

I don’t care how things turn out, and I don’t care if I’ll look uncool,
I will desperately try to change my future.
Even If I’m told that my destiny is immutable no matter what I do,
I myself can still change, and I will prove to you that I can change myself.

This is, that’s right, “pride”, each in its own place…

Don’t perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I don’t want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.
Don’t perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I can still keep going, so here I go!

Of Xbox 360, Flowers and Bluerunz

ACGFI Updatezz….Yosh!!

Yo! Minna-san, wanna hear the latest news?? Well here we go!

CG film:

Hav ur heard about the new Malaysian CGI live action movie, Mantera (Man  transformable exo-skeleton armour) kakoii da na!! I don’t wanna comment on the CG’s stuff b4 it come out( plz god, don’t make this movie sucks like the other M’sian movie!!) But this is the one we can say a real kamen rider Malaysian style…why kamen rider u asked? Bcoz the hero can combine wif his bike (kinda like Genesis Climber Mospeada)…memang cambest…harap tak jadi hampeh lar cam filem lain…

By Flare Studios, MC: Shah Indrawan@Tomok (one in A million)

Anime: Ikoku Meiro No Croisee

Gempakstarz review: ‘Slow and steady storyline that can attract otaku’s

Storyline: In the 19th century, Yune was brought to Paris to work at Enseignes du Roy, a worksmith shop managed by Claude. A typical story that discuss about the difference of culture and tradition…well it’s a Shoujo genre but it’s worth a shot…starts in July 2011 (Jp)

Gempakstarz rating: 4 plot/ 4 OST

CG anime: Tekken Blood Vengeance

After much dissapointment from the lame holy-sh**-wood adaptation, Japan strikes back with it’s CGI anime. Every character is said to speak in their own mother language (FYI this game have characters of different nationality)…kinda cool I guess…For me it’s always weird how in anime even foreign people could suddenly speaks in Japanese, it’s pretty illogical to me…brought to you by Namco Bandai Games, Digital frontier studio and directed by Yoshinari Mizushima. A few words from me, make that US adaptation look like a piece of ________(insert what u like here)

Wow…never thought blogging is seriously tiring if ur promoting something….ehem…unto the next catagories….

Movies:  Transformers: Dark of The moon

Hell yeah!! 20 July 1969…man first walked on the moon, but we’re not the first to step our foot there….The proof? A mysterious Cybertronian spaceship. Now, the autobots have to find and uncover the secrets of it’s existence b4 the final war against the Decepticon…

It says July first..but it’s actually 29 June here in M’sia

Gamez: Shadows of The damned

Put Resident evil and combine it with Devil May Cry and you’ve got Residents may cry….no that would be weird….what I meant is Shadows of the damned, from famous v’game superstar Shinji Mikami(R.E 1-4) and Goichi Suda( No more heroes and Fatal Frame IV)..EA games brings this ass-kickin game about a hero wanting to save his girlfriend and….bla…bla…bla…got a little help from a skull demon….whatever….made by famous people….with a new style of game play this ARPG set to release in 21 June 2011…for 18+ gamers only due to blood and gores (but I play RE5 when I was 17….funny story huh…not??…then just shut up…)

Kick some zombie ass...for Xbox 360 and PS3

Im Alive!!

Domo! Minna, ogenki desuka?? Hisashiburi da na….mou…gomen ne…watashi wa chotto isogashii ne….atarashii no ‘theme’…atarashii no ‘design’ …atarashii no Darkfent-sama….wanai kana?? Eh?? Daikirai?? G  o  m  e  n……Y  E   O  U   C   H!! Im sorry….stop hitting me Eins-kun, I got your point…I’ll type in english back….

Like I juz said, new theme, new design and a brand new me. Whaddaya mean by ‘Brand New Me’ u asked?? Well it juz mean that Im gonna insert new contents and such and gonna change my writing styles or whatever ur thinkin bout rite now.

* I’m going to keep doing my best from now on so please keep rooting for me.

A glimpse of truth!

P/s: For those who’re strugglin wif live, I reckon u listen to Becca’s Im Alive song….really motivatin!

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