Weekly ACG updates…like there’s one anyway…

Yo, Hisashiburi da na!! Ogenki desuka?? I shoulda really studied russian as im goin dere to study meds.(if there’s no choice anyway…) so what kind of ACG that I shoulda Rockem™ diz week??

Anime: Sket Dance

One of the popular series in JUMP. Stories about school club sket-dan and their mission to help student’s enjoy their campus life..quite enjoyable for those whose young at heart…(cough…cough…u kno what I mean rite??)

Manga: Enigma

Yeah another JUMP series…why im so retarded of reading them….i dunno…maybe bcoz most of the top manga series in Japan published in JUMP…anyway this manga is about a game where a few people is stuck in a school and have to get outta there by using their special powers (kinda like Saw+Psyren here…)

Games: Forsaken World MY

Yet another MMO…seriously I don’t have a life… Brought to you by Cubizone…this is another game from Perfect World, if u played any of their games then diz one shouldn’t be different for u( actually….every games different…juz the system that is cloned sometimes) 

The MY version CBT will be in about a few days…for those M’sia hater on the SEA server we’re not blocked bcoz we’re  ____________(insert anything appropriate here) but bcoz we’re _______________(again)! Heck we have our own servers for some games so those people from_________(yet again…) can suck up their _____________(whatever). My, its like fill in the blanks exercises in primary school…\

And there U have it…a bit of rockem™ for diz week…actually I woulda wrote more in diz blog…if only I have the strength to beat procrastination…or get outta bed I guess…but that’s a different story™

P/s: What’s with all the trademark??? Just shut up and close ur eyes and mind ur own thoughts…


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............( The lines itself is enough right, no one bothers to know anyway) That is an enigma......

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