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Weekly ACG updates…like there’s one anyway…

Yo, Hisashiburi da na!! Ogenki desuka?? I shoulda really studied russian as im goin dere to study meds.(if there’s no choice anyway…) so what kind of ACG that I shoulda Rockem™ diz week??

Anime: Sket Dance

One of the popular series in JUMP. Stories about school club sket-dan and their mission to help student’s enjoy their campus life..quite enjoyable for those whose young at heart…(cough…cough…u kno what I mean rite??)

Manga: Enigma

Yeah another JUMP series…why im so retarded of reading them….i dunno…maybe bcoz most of the top manga series in Japan published in JUMP…anyway this manga is about a game where a few people is stuck in a school and have to get outta there by using their special powers (kinda like Saw+Psyren here…)

Games: Forsaken World MY

Yet another MMO…seriously I don’t have a life… Brought to you by Cubizone…this is another game from Perfect World, if u played any of their games then diz one shouldn’t be different for u( actually….every games different…juz the system that is cloned sometimes) 

The MY version CBT will be in about a few days…for those M’sia hater on the SEA server we’re not blocked bcoz we’re  ____________(insert anything appropriate here) but bcoz we’re _______________(again)! Heck we have our own servers for some games so those people from_________(yet again…) can suck up their _____________(whatever). My, its like fill in the blanks exercises in primary school…\

And there U have it…a bit of rockem™ for diz week…actually I woulda wrote more in diz blog…if only I have the strength to beat procrastination…or get outta bed I guess…but that’s a different story™

P/s: What’s with all the trademark??? Just shut up and close ur eyes and mind ur own thoughts…

Oricon No.1 diz week

Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo by B’Z. I juz love it when J~Rock top the chart….and there’s many of J~rock songz topping the chart as well this few weeks…maybe bcoz of the incident in Japan, people wanna boost their spirits up…”But that’s another story I guess”™ (this is my trademark)


Group photo 01

Why did they even built that huge chimney btw??

Long time no see or LTNSC, whatever…like there’s even an entity that read thro’ my blog….anyway I guess I should be a bit melancholic and post a few of my pictures in Labuan, juz 4 ya enjoyment…(damn, I really need to decide on what type of tone that I shoulda use in this blog…any suggestion??)

Pic group 1, H3T25 tour in Labuan (Thx Mr. Rudy 4 the photos)




To hell u dhe truth im gomma puth a funnyh captiomh dere buth this dere sumthing wrongf wif the stupidh toofls (sorry Im currently eating a scrumptious black forest cake right now..want some? Buy it urself dude, whaddaya think I am, a bakery or somethin??)

Mau Balik!!

Saya mau balik sdah ni, d blik Mario. Ada yong ada mike ada teq ada wan ada saya ada habuk…..saya ada habuk????

Besok blik ikut izudin, mau belasah Mr.Yahudi sblum balik. Gary blik bilik koe kasi bersih kau pnya sampah!! Macamlah dorang baca@dengar

Fent 21 y/o…damn awesome!!

 Good  bye KMHELL!!

Approx Final Exam

Even if my voice or my writings could never reach you, remember that I’ll alwayys prayed for you guyz. Good luck in the exams this 11th of April. Only a few days left for me to be here in KML, and after that everything is just reminiscent…heh…no picture to be posted…I wonder if…the light will finally shine in this darkness…cough…I got a High fever right now…this is all that I think that should be posted right now…

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