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Final’s, here we go!!!

Only a few days left for us b4 leaving KML, wish the best of luck to all of my friends. Thanks to all the lecturers for their support till the very end of our lessons. I hope that my friends(and myself) to get a good result for the PSPM. And to all my friends (and the girls that I like) I apologize for any mistakes that I had done in the past…I never hate anyone in my life(just their attitudes that’s all) and if you think that Im an outcast, one day you will regret your denial towards me…seriously, never repeat our past mistakes, that’s all from me.

Important things No.1: Belief

So you have a hard time living…you kept telling yourself that after a rainy day there’s always a rainbow…the thing is STOP DREAMING YOU FOOL…that’s not how your life works. Quit believing in those crappy internet self-help guides and take control of your sad life…clench your teeth and be more arrogant. But before that…here’s what’cha need to know:

1. Life’s like a tarot card but can’t be predicted by one!

Ok, so you start-up with “The Fool” and then met up with “Death” and then “The World” and finally you become a new “FOOL”. You start-up knowing nothing then undergoes transformation before having to met completion and after that you seek for new knowledge. That’s how your life cycle works. A castle wasn’t built-in a day (but a few exception which I will discuss later). Genius is also the same thing. Think of it as a mastery rather than a gift. People are born with talents but none are genius by default.

2. Stop Dreaming, get to work!!

Rather than trying to visualize your goals, you should write down your strategy. If you’re in a tournament you would already tasted defeat if you just daydreaming all day long. Pick up the pace, knock down all your obstacle by using the shortest and simplest step possible. The most important things is never look back again, just go with it. Don’t listen to anyone that you can’t trust. nThey’re just there to bring some dirt into your mouth.

3. Believe in yourself

Remember this till the day you die. The true arisal of your strength only comes when you believe and believe in yourself. So what if someone tells you that you can’t do something?? Believe in your own potential, there’s no limit to what you can do. Sometimes, desperate people may able to draw out hidden strength inside them

To be continued..

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